Secure & Simple Stripe Integration

Receive payments and manage your funds directly in your Stripe account that is seamlessly integrated with Rockon. Stripes payment processing prowess delivers an exceptionally smooth payments engine.

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Payment Processing Setup is Easy

With a seamless integration process, your connection with Stripe is easy as pie. Simply follow the Account Setup wizard and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Setup Your Rockon Account

During on-boarding, your store setup will prompt you with a wizard to help you setup your account.

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Accept Booking Payments with Confidence

Stripe enables payments to be taken with ease and confidence. Track each transaction from your Stripe and Rockon dashboard for complete controls over your bookings.

Get Your Money Faster Than Ever

Enjoy two-day payouts from the time of transaction, not the booking. Don’t let others hold your money, it’s yours.

reservation software two day payouts


Sure can, our credit card processor works with AMEX cards all the time.

Absolutely. DCI is welcomed.

Yes. As long as the customer has agreed to the charge.

Sure can, using the card on file you can easily take pre-authorization holds such as for large equipment that can be released when the equipment is returned.

A chargeback is when a customer disputes the charge on their card. Rockon works closely with you to develop a response to the dispute, and prepares the response for you.

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