Recover Abandoned Carts Effortlessly

Abandoned carts are a real thing. But don’t worry, Rockon will automatically detect a cart with no activity, and send a personalized email to the customer with a button to continue to checkout.

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Abandoned Carts are a Common Thing

Did you know that an average number of customers that come to your site versus the ones that actually make a sale are the in range from less than 1% to only three or four percent? It’s a really scary, but the signal that the statistic is inferring is that the majority of people that come to your site will not make a sale. 

However it’s not that black-and-white. There is a spectrum of purchase-intent that ranges from low to high purchase intent. And then there are some that are right in the middle.

Most of the time, we see people shopping prices, whom will add an item to the cart, glance at the total, then jump to a competitor. This shopping behavior is not uncommon at all. But what we call this in the industry is cart abandonment. That’s when the customer had the experience in the cart but does not proceed to checkout. 

There are lots of science and experience that has shown that you can recover some portion of cart abandonments.

One way to do so by sending an email to the person or a series of emails reminding them of the experience that they left in the cart. This may help refresh their memory, and re-ignite the interest they once had. Plus it shows good follow-up.
Depending on your booking or reservation software, they may have integrated functionality that helps provide this utility and can automate emails to those potential customers to attempt to revive those abandon carts. If these attempts are automated and run in the background, then it literally takes zero effort on your part.

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