Price Flexibility the way You Want It

Easily create different pricing for different types. That can be different person types such as age, or types of vehicles, or types of equipment. Explore all the possibilities to drive you more profit.

Online Reservation Software different pricing for types

Your Customers Needs are Unique, and so Should Their Order Forms.

Gain full control over the pricing for different types of units. Units can mean people, units can mean types of equipment, units can mean delivery locations. You can set different pricing for all of these items if you wish. This gives you a lot of control to find opportunities to charge extra based upon the unit type, and differences. These days customers expect personalization. This is the ultimate personalization tool being able to tailor their tour, rental, or activity experience exactly to their needs.
Hey with simple, easy to create forms, you can utilize this feature to be able to capture a more personalized experience for your customer. From drop downs, to check boxes, to fill in the blanks; get the information you need and let the software do the pricing for you.


Yes, and it will also calculate it for you. The selections the customers make will show up in your order form that you receive after the reservation is made.

There is no limit, but we suggest up to 8 types max.

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