Customize Your Booking Forms & Fields

Capture an unlimited amount of information from your guests during the booking out process, and delivered to you in the order forms.

Online Reservation Software Custom Forms and Fields

Preparation is Key to a Smooth Operation

Let your staff and your customers be more prepared with information and knowledge collected during the booking process. Customize the forms types from multiple choice buttons to checkboxes and more. Include additional cost items based on a variation of selections or checkboxes as well! The options are limitless, and you are in full control.
The ability to create custom fields and forms on the booking calendar gives you the control and ability to create questions, text boxes, acknowledgments, and other sorts of communication to the customer.
This can range from acknowledgments of deposits, listing of names, height, age for fitting wet suits; notification of boater safety license requirements, and even additional charges such as selecting a quantity for how many people will be drinking mimosas on a particular cruise.
With the right booking software you’ll find the ability to create these forms and the ease to track the responses to be seamless. In the end while this seems like a minor feature, you’ll quickly adapt to the amount of information that you will have about the customer, and how much information the customers have about you, when you put these optional or required notifications, fields, and collector forms as part of the booking experience.


Nope, have as many forms as you’d like!

You can customize each experience to have its own, and yes, you can copy/paste to all of your experiences individually.

Sure will. All information collected will show in the order form.

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