fareharbor vs. Rockon

In this comparison, we will compare and contrast the top items that matter most to activity, tour, and rental operators.


Here are the top 4 differences to consider when choosing between fareharbor vs Rockon

Both Rockon and Fareharbor provide booking and inventory management. Both have a robust array of features, dashboards, reporting, and utilities that support an experience providers business operations.

The main difference, is that Fareharbor is a booking utility, while Rockon is booking and marketing designed specifically to help your business grow.

Continue reading below, to jump into how these differences impact the outcome of your business and its growth goals.



Independence is an often-overlooked factor when growing an experience-provider business.

If the business isn’t built to attract its own buyers, and instead succumbs to the quick sales offered by groupon, and OTA’s; the profits and growth will suffer. 


Fareharbor does not provide marketing. Instead, it encourages partners to integrate with OTA’s such as viator, which take an additional 20% off each booking. 


Rockon’s experts provide marketing that focuses on enhancing the performance of your website, so you can gain the full benefit of direct bookings so you can remain free of the high cost of discounts & OTA’s. 

Rockon partners enjoy the full benefit of their earnings, so they can remain competitive AND profitable, independently.

Values we live by


Help Your Business Grow

We love small business with a passion, which is why we are on a mission to help them grow.


Simple, but Powerful

Software is powerful when its simple, and effective. We build technology with this in mind everyday.


Long-Game Thinkers

We are not in it for the quick win. We set out to join your mission to provide amazing experiences on and offline.

online reservation reinvestment marketing



Growth doesn’t happen by accident and it’s the only thing that increases profits. If you are looking to get the most out of your business, focus on your customer acquisition cost and the reviews customers leave behind.


Fareharbor pockets their booking fees without providing any actual improvements to move your business forward.


Get more done with Rockon. Rockon creates and helps execute a profitable go-to-market plan. It automates review collection, and it reinvests part of the booking fee back into the growth of your company so you don’t have to.



Software should exists to make business run smoother. The tools and features should be specific to what you use it for and not cluttered with features and flows that add to the complexity and difficulty of use.


Fareharbor provides software that is used by a full spectrum of businesses including haunted houses, salons, and a wide array of business types, which makes for software complex enough to accommodate all business types and scenarios. Its a big organization, which means growth and improvements happen very seldomly.


Rockon is built by Experience Providers for Experience-Providers. This means we have a deep intimate knowledge of what information should be super accessible, and what features that need to exist. We know what day-to-day usage looks like, and we have the agility and ability to quickly execute optimizations, and upgrades to improve the operators experience, as well as your customers experience to stay innovative, versatile, and easy.

ease of use farehabor vs rockon



In business, you want partners that are present and ready to answer questions when you need them answered.


Fareharbor operates call-centers which will connect you with specialists based on the nature of your call….when they are available. Some operators report to us that can mean weeks and months before getting an answer.


With Rockon, you get the Owners phone number, and are able to submit emails, and text messages directly to us. Think minutes and hours to respond, not weeks and months.

you get An Army of experts

feel confident to go up against your competition, or break into new markets knowing you have an army of experts by your side

rockon experts

Gain the advantage of deep expertise in all marketing and technology fields. Need help with dominating social media? We got you. Ned help with adding features to your website? We got that too.

rockon leadership

Mission driven leadership teams puts the needs of its Operators, and their customers first. Highly innovative, and empathetic, the Rockon leadership team has continued to proven itself over and over.

proven results

our partners trust us


Partner in Mt Dora

“Rockon had the digital pull, that we simply didn’t have before joining.”


Partner in Crystal River

“We’ve done more business by using Rockon than we have with any other platform.”


Partner in Gainseville

“Rockons system only took me about three days to master”

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