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Online Reservation Software digital waivers

Automate Your Paperwork

Terms and conditions tend to apply to pretty much any experience, activity, or tour. Whether those are cancellation and refund policies, damage policy or notifications of procedures; waivers are away to get the customer signature on a piece of paper.

But believe it or not, not all booking or reservation systems include it!

Many of them, may refer you to separate waiver companies, that often will charge you a monthly fee in order to use your service. The problem is, the links that these other digital waiver companies provide you, will need to be manually sent to the customer each time somebody books. Therefore if you forget to send it to one of the customers from then may be stuck either forgetting, or finding yourself with customers that have no sign waivers when they arrive.
Based on that vulnerability, this is why it’s important to find a solution where the digital waivers or an integrated part of the checkout process. This is when you have the customers attention the most, and it can prevent a sale if they don’t agree with your terms. And while providing a sale may not sound good, the ones that disagree with your rules are going to be even worse. However if you make a sale and then have to manually send them to terms afterwards, and if they disagree, then you’re stuck either negotiating with the customer or refunding them as a whole.
The time and aggravation it may cause to do that is not worth selecting a company that does not have waivers integrated as part of the transaction process.
Online Reservation Software digital policies


Once the customers completes the document, a PDF copy of it will be sent to you, the customer, and a copy saved in the Order.

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