8 Easy Reminders to Prepare Jet Ski’s for Winter Storage

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8 Easy Reminders to Prepare Jet Ski’s for Winter Storage

It happens to all of us, we have a great summer on the boat or jet ski, we clean it up, toss it in storage and forget about it for a while. If you are like many of us, life gets in the way and next thing you know your recreation watercraft doesn’t get touched for months.

One of the worst things for an engine is to let it sit. Gas goes through a chemical reaction and begins to thicken, clogging important ports in the carburetor and engines. In addition, the oils and lubricants begin to breakdown and stratify over time. Filters start to deteriorate while they dry out. Batteries will run low.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be sure your investment lasts a long time. There are recommended ways to clean, maintain and store the vehicle, especially for the colder seasons. While it may require a few expenses to do the job right, it is well worth it in the long run. Taking care of your PWC will ensure a good time come time to fire it back up and keep the fun going.

With these prescribed steps for storage and winterization, the watercraft will not fail you when you get it back on the water.  

  1. It goes without saying that you should wash your PWC with soap and water, not just any soap but a product suitable for a marine vehicle. Only use a soft cloth that won’t scratch the surface when wiping it down.

  2. Those who frequent the salt water will need to use some extra elbow grease with salt water solvents to prevent any residue. It can really erode paint and corrode metal parts over time. And nobody wants that considerable expense.

  3. Double Check the bottom of the PWC to remove and eliminate any remaining grime. Dry the vehicle well and rub on a protective coat of wax. Buff for a high-shine. A good protectant is car wax. There are many fine products on the market. Ask your local dealer what they suggest.

  4. Now you are ready to drain the engine. While the craft is tilted up on its trailer, turn the handle back and forth. Run the engine for only thirty seconds when outside the water so it will not overheat.

  5. We recommend a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas in the tank from going bad. You fill it up before pouring the stabilizer into it. When you run the engine for a half a minute it will allow it to disperse.

  6. At this point you will disconnect the battery to ensure its longevity and proper functioning. Most people connect it to a trickle charger when removed.

  7. Changing the oil before storage will certainly facilitate use the next time you are ready to go out on the water.

  8. Last, but not least, keep the storage hatches open. Air can circulate throughout your watercraft and the engine compartment.

These simple steps are the key to a well-maintained PWC and will ensure a longer life and consistent functioning. Storage is part of the sport and doing it right will save you a lot of grief down the road. If you don’t store it in your yard off season, or garage, there are plenty of rental places in every neighborhood, offering complete security.

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