7 Essential Etiquette Rules for Jet Skiers

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Etiquette on the Water for Jet Skiers

Jet Skiers do not enjoy their sport alone. All kinds of boats, swimmers, fishermen, maybe surfers, and other skiers are likely to be in the vicinity, each wanting access to the water. Respecting their rights and basic safety principles will ensure a good time for all. To guarantee the best experience, rules of etiquette have been devised. 

There are several etiquette rules for jet skiers to consider

Etiquette is not just for Miss Manners, who wrote the definitive book a century ago. While we are no longer a formal society, today she would include a few rules for Jet Skiers and other extreme sports. The goal is now safety and respect instead of politeness and social standing. Let’s guess what her protocol would be for the popular sport. Especially for those of us who don’t own a jet ski, but instead take advantage of the great deals on Jet Ski Rentals, these etiquette reminders can help us fit in to the experts on the water.

The first rule

At the top of the list would be “right of way.” It is what it sounds like and as applied to cars on the road. With a variety of watercraft in your vicinity, when using a Jet Ski, you must “yield” when necessary to personal or commercial boats by staying to the right. It happens by instinct for experienced athletes. If anyone or anything is in your path, whoever is on the right has the “right of way.” Let this long-time rule of the road be your guide on the water. 

Also keep in mind, there may be others on the water who aren’t famliar with the etiquette on what they are doing, whether its boat rentals or even Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals, so taking extra precaution around these folks is a good idea.

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Be vigilant

Try to look all around you, even in the midst of your exhilaration. If you are in a busy recreational area, there will be multiple boats about. It is as simple as: watch where you are going. Collisions can be devastating. Make vigilance on a constant practice before you execute a turn or proceed a full speed ahead.

Vigilance is particularly vital if you are about to cross the wake of another craft. On the one hand, a large boat could obstruct your view, while on the other you might not be in others’ line of sight. These rules are established to spare you. It is all about agility in getting out of harm’s way.

Speed kills

Another old adage comes to mind when talking about safety, on the water or the road. There is a reason why local regulations exist. They set a speed limit, the ignorance of which can result in a stiff fine. Before heading out to your favorite body of water, check out the laws. Keep accidents at bay by being a good citizen of the recreational Jet Ski universe. If you do like to go fast, and are within the speed limits, we assume you will be wearing a helmet and eye protection.

Take precautions

You can’t be safe at any speed if you can’t see and you are not prepared for unforeseen events: like other people. Safety equipment also includes a life jacket at all times. No one is too cool to wear one.

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Safety Gear

Another tip while on this subject is to wear proper footwear and even gloves for extra protection. You will have better control of your machine, especially during Jet Ski races. Cold water necessitates a wet suit, which is a good way to spare the body in all conditions. Finally, a simple whistle around your neck or on your life jacket will come in mighty handy if you require help. When you hear a whistle sound, it signals an emergency. This is typically true for all water sports, and equipment related to Water Rentals.

Safety Lanyard

It may not be an emergency, but falling from your machine could spell trouble if the engine is still running. A safety lanyard can save the day, so bring it along. They don’t cost much and are readily available from many vendors online.


Etiquette basics

Respect on the water comes in the form of reducing noise levels when possible. It makes the Jet Ski experience more fun for everyone. No one likes to hear constant complaints. Speeding along near the shore will surely bring them in spades. Waterfront property owners and nearby boaters expect this rule of etiquette to be followed. New Jet Skiers can be oblivious, so pass the word. Let them know that custom dictates you start the engine in the water and warm it up before venturing off.

A few last words

Now that you are in tune with rules of Jet Ski etiquette, you will want to pay attention to a few more things. Spilling fuel is a big “no no” as is leaving litter on the water. If you don’t want to see floating stuff, no one else does either. In other words, “don’t pollute.”

Another point of consideration is to respect wildlife and aquatic vegetation. Don’t mess with the local habitat as an alien creature with a large metal body. Watercraft can be harmful to nature and it is possible to minimize the impact by being aware of possible damage. Keep away from designated areas to protect your surroundings—and your Jet Ski.

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