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    Stand up paddleboarding rentals is a great way to introduce yourself to the fun of be on the open waters. Its great for those who love water sports. Typically, paddle board rentals will cost $20 an hour, $40 for half a day, and $60 for a full day, any of which work great for those who are looking to enjoy quick vacation adventures. Renting a paddle board while on vacation works well even for those who already own them, because carrying a ten to twelve foot board is not just very hard to do, but also very expensive if you were trying to check it in at an airport.

    Rent Paddleboards Near You

    If you are considering to purchase a stand up paddleboard (SUP), it is highly recommended to take paddle boarding tours while renting one out, to see if the purchase makes sense to you. Often times, people find that renting paddle boards are more convenience, less of a hassle, and can save a lot of money without sacrificing the experience you get to enjoy. The SUP tours are a kind of combination rental/tour targeted towards beginners and newbies so you get the added benefit of exploring a fun new SUP adventure. 

    Use Paddleboard Renting to Learn

    Another great reason for paddle board rentals prior to purchase is to move through the learning curve. Especially for larger boards, spending a full day enjoying the experience will help you get acquainted enough to then growing into a board that is ideal for your size and skill level, and the application you plan on using it for. Rent one (or get a friend and rent two) for a weekend and take it out every day to see how you like it. As an added benefit, you will be expert in no time and will be in a much better state to make an informed decision if that’s the route you wanted to go. Some people use them just as a paddleboard kayak, and love peering into the depths of the waters.

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