3 Basic Jet Ski Rules for Beginners

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Jet Ski Beginners’ Rules

Your first time considering to jet ski for beginners can be a real eye opener on the exciting and challenging world of water sports. Maybe you like deep sea fishing, water skiing, or just riding the waves—but this is something really different. The Jet Ski world is especially loved for those who have the need for speed, and spending time outdoors. Its especially important to find a good jet ski for beginners. We put together this article based on many requests from our users, whom have never had the experience of a Jet Ski ride, and to be a quick guide on how to ride a jet ski for beginners.. So if you are one of many folks who enjoy Jet Ski Rentals, or preparing to rent one soon, this article is perfect for you!It’s also great as a family weekend retreat, and perfect for those Instagram moments that will make your friends jealous. Now it is time to learn the basics. There are assumptions and rules when you are with other people operating machines on the water, whether it be a river, lake, or off the seashore. Safety and courtesy are at the heart of the matter. Here we summarize the most common tips for having a good time, even on your very first day.

Safety first

Experienced Jet Skiers are always mindful of safety: theirs and others’. Nothing is more important. Part of taking safety precautions includes wearing a proper-fitting life jacket and helmet (especially for kids). Every veteran skier knows the importance of the lanyard as an engine shut-off device. It must be kept on your person. In the event of any problem, it is there to rescue you before you fall into the water. BoatTests101

More rules

The next rule in this category is to avoid excessive drinking and “driving.” It goes without saying that alcohol impairs judgment. You must protect life and limb, especially if you have passengers. Never risk injures and worse by insisting on one more brew. Etiquette on the water entails operating your vehicle in appropriate locations and not disrupting local vegetation and protected areas. Noise is annoying so keep that in mind when getting close to sunbathers, fisherman, and boaters. Passing also requires vigilance and skill as others might not know of your presence. Keep plenty of space around you. Not to belabor the danger, we have to mention what to do in the event of a possible collision. If it cannot be avoided, at least you can reduce your speed. Remember that the nose of your PWC is tilted upward and that you can lift yourself as you approach another Jet Ski. Thus you can minimize impact and the consequences. It happens to the best of us. Experts know how to accelerate and turn away in a flash.

Have fun

Now that you have reviewed the basic around how to ride a jet ski for beginners, you are ready to ride. Take your cell phone in a waterproof case to document your every move. Your Instagram friends are waiting. Hold the handles of your machine with a firm grip and engage the throttle. You must learn how it works before you set out. Start at a low speed (5 to 10 mph) and don’t wander off before you master the sport. When you are comfortable, let yourself go and practice your turns. You will have the time of your life. For more reading, check out our post ‘ 5 Radical Reminders to Stay Safe on Jet Ski’s‘ to learn more about safety on Jet Ski’s.
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