21 Sensational Experiences at Wekiwa Springs

Natural Water Phenomena just minutes from downtown Orlando

8a.m. to Sundown
$6 per Vehicle
1800 Wekiwa Cir.,
Apopka, FL 32712

Wekiwa Springs Experiences 

Just a few minutes from Downtown Orlando, Wekiwa Springs State Park offers you the perfect opportunity to witness abundant wildlife, with its ethereal springs feeding the Wekiwa River and its tropical hammocks.

Since the mid-19th century, Wekiwa Springs is Orange Country’s longest-running tourist attraction. It is without any doubt why this park has always been visited and wildly enjoyed by both Floridians and travelers! Floridians hold Wekiwa Springs close in their hearts. It has always been a special place where people spend their weekends observing crystal clear spring waters, paddling canoes and wekiwa springs kayak rentals past the blooms of pickerelweed, and exploring the majestic scenes of the sand hill uplands and wildlife. It’s a perfect destination if you are looking for Things to do in Florida.

  • Bicycling

Guests can enjoy numerous off-road bicycle trails at Wekiwa Springs. The bicycle trail is approximately 9 miles long, but bicycles are also allowed on the 8-mile horse trails, since Wekiwa Springs Park offers multi-use trails. Rent bicycles from our Land Rentals page.

Park highly recommends wearing of helmets. (Note that Florida law requires helmets for cyclists age 16 and under) While cycling, guests may encounter people hiking, horseback riding or a cruising in their vehicles.

You are strictly advised to stay on designated trails, to ride responsibly and to respect the park and wildlife.  Plan your rides accordingly as the park closes at sundown.

  • Bird Watching

Wekiwa Springs is part of the Great Florida and Birding & Wildlife Trail. Its sand hills, scrub, hardwood hammocks and waterways houses a large number of birds, varying in species, offering guests an opportunity witness birds in their natural habitat.

  • Camping

Wekiwa Springs feature accessible camping sites. Each campsite features water and electrical hook-up, a fire ring with grill and a picnic table. While some sites have sewer hook-ups, an accessible dump station can be located at the campground. Two restrooms (with showers) are also located in the camping area. Firewood is available at the Ranger Station. Well-behaved pets are allowed in the campground (please refer to our Pet Policy for further information). Find Camping Tent Rentals here. 

 Since the park is abundant in wildlife, note that you may encounter animals during your stay with us. For your enjoyment and safety, please review our Bear Awareness or ask a Park Ranger for more information.

Guests can reserve online at Reserve America or by calling 800-326-3521.

  •  Camping Equestrian

Guests can camp with their horses at Big Fork. The spacious site can accommodate up to 10 people. Guests are advised to bring water, a compass and a map. In order to be permitted to camp, campers are required to be at the primitive campsite at least two hours before closing. Note that vehicles aren’t allowed at these sites. Pets are allowed (please refer to our Pet Policy for further information). Guests are required to make their Reservations (can be made 60 days in advance). Information about Reservations can be obtained by calling the park at 407-884-2009. Find Horse Rentals on our Land Rentals page.

  • Camping Primitive

 Hike out and camp at Camp Cozy (approximately 3 miles) or Big Fork (approximately 1 mile) and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of Wekiwa in seclusion.  Each site accommodates up to ten people. Both campsites feature a fire pit, benches and a picnic tables. Pets are allowed (please refer to our Pet Policy for further information).

 Guests should check out wekiwa springs kayak rentals in the area and can paddle their way to Otter Camp, which is located at the beautiful Rock Springs Run. Sites feature fire rings and can accommodate up to ten people each.

Wekiwa springs kayak rental inside Wekiwa Springs State Park at other liveries along Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River. For more information on overnight canoe or kayak rentals, call our canoe rental stand at 407-884-4311 or by visiting their website, Nature Adventures.

 Campers have no vehicle access to these sites. Reservations are required (and can be made 60 days in advance). In order for guests to be permitted to camp, campers should be present at the campsite at least two hours before the park closing time.

  • Camping, Devel. Group

 The youth group cabin area can be used for environmental education. Please be advised that upon reserving the area, camping groups must meet eligibility requirements. The camp accommodates up to 160 people. There are thirteen youth cabins that features bunk beds, each accommodating 10 people. Six leader cabins accommodates up to 30 people. The camp features a pavilion, recreation hall, a kitchen and a dining hall.

 Make sure to book your reservations early since most cabins are booked months in advance. Park requires a minimum nightly charge (this includes the first sixty (60) people). An additional charge is required for each additional person. Please be advised that a deposit is required for all reservations and will be applied to the final balance. For more information and reservations, call the Park at 407-884-2009.

 Please be advised the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs(FFGC) has a summer camp program during June and July. This renders the youth campsites as unavailable for guests during the stated months. For additional information about the FFGC program, please go to the Wekiwa Youth Camp website.

  • Camping, Primitive Group

Wekiwa Springs Park has three primitive youth group camping sites. Each site can accommodate 20 people. Sites feature ground grill, picnic tables, a restroom and an open-air shower. Each site is limited to 5 vehicles.  Refer to our ATV Rentals page for info about renting quads.

  • Fishing

 Guests can go fishing at Sand Lake and Wekiva River. All fishing activities within the park must follow the park regulations concerning size, number, method of capture and season.  Guests may be required to present their fishing license.

  • Geo-Seeking

 An outdoor game using hand-held (GPS) devices, allows guests to learn geography in an inexpensive, interactive way, since it is a high-tech form of treasure hunting. Participants use location coordinates to find caches. Geocaching is an eco-friendly activity with minimal impact to the environment. Participants should exercise conscientious land use while engaging in Geocaching.

  • Hiking

Wekiwa Springs State Park features several trails ranging in length from .8 of a mile to 13.5 miles. The shortest trail has a boardwalk that allows an opportunity to observe the majestic beauty of a river hammock. For more adventurous guests, they can hike the park’s longest trail, which provides guests an opportunity to see several plant communities ranging from river swamp to dry sand hill.

Hikers may encounter animals such as the Florida black bear, white tailed deer, bobcat, gopher tortoise, turkeys and many other bird species. Some of our trails are designated as multi-use, so also be prepared to encounter the occasional bicyclist or horseback rider. 

 Hikers are advised to bring with them water, snacks, insect repellent, map, compass and cell phone. A trail map is available at the park Ranger Station and at the trailheads.

  • Picnicking

Guests can enjoy several picnic areas in the park. Picnic grounds include picnic tables and grills, playground, volleyball court and horseshoe pit for entertainment and leisure. Consumption of alcohol beverages is strictly prohibited.

  • Swimming and Snorkeling

 Guests can choose to swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Wekiwa Springs. Please be advised that children and non-swimmers are required to be accompanied by an adult swimmer at all times. The swimming area is open from 8 a.m. until park closing time. Diving, jumping, and other forms of horseplay are not allowed. Flotation devices are allowed in the swimming area. Snorkeling is not allowed in Wekiwa Springs Run, Rock Springs Run or the Wekiva River. Note that there are no lifeguards, so guests are to swim at their own risk.

A swim lift is available at the water’s edge. The lift aids visitors who need assistance entering and exiting the spring water. Also, check out our Paddle Board Rentals, and Canoe Rentals especially for those looking for Wekiwa springs kayak rental.

  • Wildlife Viewing

Guests are given the opportunity to witness various types of majestic wildlife throughout the park. You may encounter animals such as the Florida black bear, white tailed deer, bobcat, gopher tortoise, turkeys and many other bird species.

Amenities at Wekiwa Springs

  • Horse Equestrian Trail

Guests can go horseback riding and can enjoy the Tram Bed Horse Trail (approximately 8 miles long and is divided into two loops). Park trails are multi-use, hence, be prepared to encounter the occasional hiker, bicyclist, or park vehicle. Please be advised that horses and riders are required to stay on the designated horse trails.If you want water for your horses, they are available at one location—Camp Big Fork. Find Horse Rentals at our Land Rentals page.

  • Proof of negative Cogginsis required.

  • Ride responsibly

  • Respect other guests and wildlife.

  • All park guests must exit the park at that time, so please plan your ride accordingly.

  • Accessible Amenities

Wekiwa Springs State Park provides accessible amenities to all guests.  Hence we offer:

  • Chair lift for spring entry

  • Ramp for spring entry

  • Accessible campsites (4)

  • Paddling

Wekiwa springs kayak rental

Wekiwa springs kayak rental on the Wekiva River or Rock Springs Run. Check out a map of the river launch sites at the Wekiwa Wild & Scenic River website.

Guests can rent Canoes and kayaks at our concession, Wekiwa Springs State Park Nature Adventures. See Nature Adventures or call 407-884-4311 for more information.

Distances between points of interest (to help you plan your trip)

Note that these are approximated distances. For GPS coordinates of the various points please see the Paddle Wekiva Brochure on the Wekiwa Wild & Scenic website. 

 Typically a canoe with 2 people and 25 lbs. of equipment can average 3-mph on still water.  Consider water current to estimate travel speed (traveling with the current will be faster than against and a kayak will be slightly faster as well).

  • Wekiwa Springs to Wekiva Island (Wekiva River) – 1 mile

  • Wekiwa Springs to Otter Camp (Rock Spring Run) – 3 miles

  • Wekiwa Springs to Indian Mound (Rock Springs Run) – 3.5 miles

  • Wekiwa Springs to Buffalo Tram (Wekiva River) – 3.5 miles

  • Wekiwa Springs to Big Buck (Rock Springs Run) – 4 miles

  • Wekiwa Springs to Kelly Park (Rock Springs Run) – 9.5 miles

  • Wekiwa Springs to Katie’s Landing (Wekiva River) – 10 miles

  • Playground

A small playground for children is located in the picnic area near the pavilions.

  • Restroom Facilities

There are three restrooms at Wekiwa Springs State. One is available at the picnic area, one at the rear of the park’s concession and one above the swimming area. The swimming area restroom contains changing rooms.

Restroom with shower facilities can be found at the family campground loop. These are ADA accessible. Sand Lake has an ADA accessible restroom facility.

  • Meetings and Retreats

 Guests may rent the Recreation Hall ($200) and Dining Hall ($300) of our Youth Camp when the full Youth Camp is not in use. Both buildings can accommodate up to 150 people, and have full restroom facilities and ADA accessibility.

These buildings can be rented for the day as well as during normal park operating hours. Park entrance fees are not included. Contact the park on 407-884-2009 for more information.

  • Pets

Wekiwa Springs State Park allows pets. Please be advised;

  • All pets must be on a hand-held with 6-foot leash

  • Do not leave them unattended.

  • You may walk your pet/s along the trails, and in use areas

  • They are not allowed in the swimming area.

  • Guests must pick up after their pets and properly dispose all droppings in trash receptacles.

  • Service animals are allowed

  • Picnic Pavilion

There are two pavilions at the park available for group of people. Each pavilion holds up to 100 people. Electricity, water, a double charcoal grill and picnic tables are available at each pavilion.

Reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance (cost of $75 per day). 

  • Interpretive Exhibit

The Nature Center located above the parks main spring features wildlife that occurs within the Wekiwa River Basin as well as some historical artifacts.

Guests are given the exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with snakes, turtles and an alligator.

  • Concession and Restaurant

The park concession is open daily from 9am-5pm.  Snacks and cold drinks are always available. On busy summer weekends, hot dogs and hamburgers are sold as well. 

Insect repellent, sunscreen, an underwater camera, towel or snorkel masks are also available at the concession stand. Guests can also pick up a souvenir items to remember their visit.

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