7 Optimal Features for Jet Ski Attire

Jet Ski Attire

Jet Ski Attire

You may know a lot about your Jet Ski — its operation and maintenance. If you go on Jet Ski vacations, whether on lakes or the ocean, you could be a real pro by now. We might even ask you for advice. But most aficionados of the sport do not consider the pros and cons of dry and wetsuits when it comes to comfort and water protection.

It is time to take a closer look at Jet Ski attire so you can acquire what you need for most water and weather conditions. This is particularly important in the winter or if the water is cold almost year round, such as the Pacific Ocean. Brrr. It can make the experience a little unpleasant. People who enjoy Jet Skiing or wakeboarding often wear wet or drysuits as the occasion requires. In spite of the extra cost, the benefits are well worth the expenditure. Just choose wisely and get a good fit.

Wetsuit features

Most people assume that a wetsuit is the first option since it is associated with surfers and divers alike. It is popular for maximum warmth. The principle is simple. The usual neoprene foam provides a layer of water between the suit and your body. You wear a bathing suit or shorts underneath. Looking online, we found a typical description of the features of an average wet suit.

  • 5 mm neoprene featuring heat-reflecting titanium to lock in body warmth

  • 4-way stretch exterior for unrestricted movement and soft thermal lining for extra comfort

  • Custom cut with friction-free to enhance performance and comfort

  • Drawcord waistband for better fit

  • Formfitting design restricts excess water entry and enhances the suit’s insulative properties

A suit of this type can last up to five years. It is ideal for summer fun in moderate to cold water; you are not going to Jet Ski in icy, freezing winter weather. A wetsuit won’t help in such conditions. But even in warmer climates, the wind can whip against you as you speed along. It is all about good insulation and a proper fit. As you struggle to put it on, you will get the point about contouring the body. Wimps can go all with boots, gloves and hoods. For most, a basic wetsuit will suffice.


There is an alternative if the issue is more about keeping dry rather than warm. Interestingly enough, as a drysuit keeps out water, you will feel warm—more so than in a wetsuit perhaps. Many like them because they can wear regular clothes underneath so they don’t need to change when on shore. As with most attire, the more you layer up, the warmer you will feel.

Drysuits are like a baggy shell made of a specially treated rubber paired with the same foamed neoprene found in a wetsuit. They can be awkward and bulky. The goal is to be watertight. They do their job well but they do cost more and require constant maintenance. The good news is that they last for decades if treated right.

You will chose a drysuit on colder days if you are particularly sensitive to low temperatures. They trap heat well, and therefore can a bit too much for a warm day. But if you want something easy to don that provides protection, while not limiting your range of motion or restricting your fun, this is your best bet.

You may want to consider a fully-breathable model that zips open in front. Look at the reinforced knees and seams and check for abrasion resistance in the seat. You want something durable that is properly sealed. You can get all sizes in a drysuit, including for children.

When there is a chill in the air, get out the drysuit for maximum warmth. The rest of the time, a wetsuit is enough to solve any cold water problem.

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