5 Easy Steps to Jet Ski Fishing


Jet Ski Fishing: double the fun

Can’t decide whether to go fishing this weekend or drag out the Jet Ski? You don’t have to. Why not do both and try jet ski fishing? You can cast a rod from your personal watercraft wherever the fish are jumping. But wait a minute! You first need a few pointers to handle the unique challenges of this hybrid sport to make it even more exhilarating.

Once you have a spot in mind, you can start making plans for a special day. Likewise, it an added benefit if you are going with family or friends. Sensing hesitation? Tell them it’s fish-fry for dinner and there will be plenty of beer, and they will be there for sure. 

People like you are trying out  jet ski fishing for the first time around the world, from Africa to Australia and beyond. Overall, it sure beats the cost of renting or buying a boat, and there is no storage problem involved. You just need a trailer and a rod, and you are off. You can even enter shallow water where fish abound.

There is also the positive of fuel savings for anglers on a budget. You know that gas prices are rising. Plus, we can tell you that jet ski fishing from a modern four-stroke PWC is easier and more flexible. If you have been using your Jet Ski for water recreation, you already know the ropes. Now you just need to grab some bait and your new rod.

Jet Ski Fishing Rack

There is some minor adaptation to your watercraft if you are going to fish regularly. As such, you can add a crossbar and cooler rack with as many rod holders as you like. I suggest a VHF radio and GPS fish finder (with deep-cycle battery) to be a real pro. In addition, you can add a glass windshield and custom canvas based on outfitted models we have seen. If the family insists on going along, you can always upgrade to a three-passenger PWC rigged with an extra fuel tank for your jet ski for fishing.

Get the Jet Ski Fishing Fever

Watch videos, look at pics and read articles and it won’t take long to get the fishing fever. This is a hugely-popular extreme sport and it even has tournaments and clubs. The lust for Jet Ski fishing is growing worldwide. Meanwhile, with a fish-friendly vehicle, it is more conducive to get a good catch and have great excitement. In other words, be the next one with a great fish story and a host of Instagram photos. Real aficionados have their YouTube channels full of videos from their jet ski fishing experiences.

You  don’t have to go far for adventure. If you are not near the ocean, there must be a lake. A few hours’ drive may be required but it will be well worth it. PWCs are flexible and easier to maneuver and maintain. In other words, you can get into small spaces no matter whether you are in a lake, river, or ocean. Plus, try getting a rod holder, which allows you to work the throttle, and an insulated storage bag, to hold your catch while you return to shore.

Jet Ski Fishing Accessories

There are many Jet Ski fishing accessories on the market, including jet ski fishing rack, jet ski fishing rig, jet ski fishing rod holder and everything needed for a wonderful day on the water. Google the words for “Jet Ski fishing” and you will find more than enough sites to start looking and comparing prices. 

Similarly, there is no end to the choices on watercraftstuff.com or fishmaster.com, or many other websites. For example, these are online stores where you can find a rod and removable cooler rack or clip-on fish cage.In addition, find gas cans, baitwell tubes, livewell tanks, and radar and antenna equipment are available elsewhere as are aluminum arches that can be bolted on your deck. We have seen attachable exterior pods for PWC to increase vehicle stability and more fish storage.

Jet Ski for Fishing

With a few reminders and a bit of proper equipment, you are ready to hone your fishing skills. Newbies are welcome to the sport, but it helps to have some expertise with a rod. However, it takes time to learn to drive, cast a rod and reel a fish in at the same time, especially if you are dealing with larger catch. Likewise, dealing with ocean swells can be a challenge too, but it is easily met. You are in for the time of your life when you go jet ski fishing —and good eats too!

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