7 Tested Steps to Starting a Successful ATV Rental Business

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ATV Rental Business

How to Start Your Own ATV and Four-Wheeler Rental Company

Let other people’s adventures be your source of income!

A love of exploring the fantastic outdoors in the seat of a three or four-wheeler is just what people need to get a little excitement, and you can help people find it.  You’ll meet all kinds of adventurers and novices, from families, to professionals, to anyone. Here’s what you need to consider to start your ATV Rental business journey:

Location is Important

The ideal place for renting ATV’s is a place with open space and back country recreational areas where the machines are been permitted nearby.  Check with your local federal or state agency which manages the region to learn what licenses or permits are needed to allow ATV riders in your designated area.  If you’re trying to find a building to work out of, you’ll need to decide whether you will have your own garage for doing service and repairs, as well as an office space. You’ll require an automobile storage space that is covered to keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. The best place for this kind of business would be just off a highway, well away from major areas to keep your riders safe.

Client Insurance and Waivers

A good thing to do would be providing insurance to your customers, for an extra charge. This would cover collisions, damage, and any other troubles.  Be sure to explain the necessary deductible before the you charge them.  However, if you choose to do so, you can automatically include it in their charge.  If your client claims to already have insurance, request a copy of their coverage to affirm leases are also covered by it.  A waiver may also be necessary to prevent legal troubles, lawsuits, and insurance disputes.  If your clients refuse insurance altogether, they will need to sign a waiver making them legally responsible for all proceedings therein.

Buying Gear and Equipment

Buying ATVs will be the most expensive thing you do.  Begin your search with used ATVs in good condition to save you money.  Start your business with the bare minimum, then increase the number in your fleet as demand increases.  For example, you may receive requests for different kinds of vehicles, such as ones for children, double-seaters, and more. If you market to folks who will need to carry extra gear for excursion or hunting purposes, it can get even more expensive.

Managing and Maintaining the Gear

Training your clients before letting them loose is the best way to prevent accidents, damage, and other troubles.  You may need equipment to transport your fleet, or a rental service to do it for you. Additionally, leasing hitches and trailers means that you will be required to show clients how to unload the items.  Delivering ATVs and Land Rentals into the trail-head demands hiring and monitoring a seasoned motorist.

Pricing and Fees

If you are the only business in the area leasing ATVs, you have more flexibility with pricing. However, if you have local competitors, it becomes difficult.  Rentals are based on time, type, and add-on equipment. Additionally, a deposit gives you leverage to get your equipment back or pay for damage caused by the client. You can choose to charge by the day, hour, or offer package deals.  Should you lease or provide goggles, gloves or helmets, add these prices into their bill as well.

Boost Your Rentals

To advertise your new business, contact work with Rockon Recreation Rentals to rent your outdoor gear, to get the most out of your free listing. Place ads, and put out bulletins, and invest in a good website. If you persist, the customers will slowly begin pouring in! Are you ready?

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