ATV Rentals Near Me | Find Top 10 Florida Insider Tips

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Finding ATV’s for Rent Near Me is Easy with These Top 10 Insider Tips

While searching for ATV rentals near me you probably already have in mind the type of ATV rental you were looking to find. In this article we will explore the various locations to ride ATV rentals near me in Florida, the different sizes and options, and the state laws and requirements around ATV riding.

Types of ATV’s for Rent Near Me 

To start, ATVs are used for many purposes. Depending on the type of use you are looking to use with your ATV rental, will depend on the type of ATV you’re actually looking to rent. ATVs also known as all-terrain vehicles, or UHV’s also known as off-highway vehicles can serve many purposes. Some of those purposes include: racing, pit-vehicles, recreation, hunting, ranching, military, emergency services, and industrial uses.

Utility ATV’s

Out of all these, utility is probably the most common. They are built for both strength and durability and comfort. Most ATVs will even come with racks for storage. These help if you wanted to bring things such as tent camping gear or other items like bikes bottles clothing or what have you. Utility vehicles also are commonly equipped with fully functional headlights and rear brake lights but not always with blinkers. However, a utility ATV will come with a speedometer and also a tachometer. These vehicles also typically come with high knobby tires, geared towards writing on flat pave services or even up to muddy or soft sand.

atv rentals near me camping

Sport ATV’s

Sport ATVs are built very different. First, they are typically built more lightweight. Sport ATVs are usually a two cycle engine. A two cycle engine typically fires at a higher rate and therefore gives more sensitivity and reaction to the accelerator. Two cycle engines will also require gas that is mixed with oil. Sport ATVs typically do not come with multiple seats. However sport ATVs will have much better suspension and seemingly come with smaller tires with excellent knobby‘s for gripping. Also sport ATVs Will require the use of a clutch and multiple manual gears. This type of gearing system will require more experience. Whereas, the utility ATV will come with fewer gears and sometimes no clutch. Sport ATVs can be fun and exciting, however are not as useful as utility vehicles.

atv rentals near me racing

Side by side

A side by side ATV are becoming more common. This type of vehicle well and close it’s occupants with a steel roll cage. The roll cage has the capability of having a covering or a roof, which also allows the ability for high mounted speakers and or lights. A side-by-side vehicle is a great option for touring through woods roads or other scenic type of adventure that allows the use of smaller vehicles. 

There is a large range of engine sizes and features when it comes to side-by-side ATVs. As such getting one with a great engine size and also lots of fun features, can get expensive very quick.Which is why most people tend to rent a side-by-side on their next adventure.

atv rentals near me side by side

Children ATV’s

In addition to the utility and sport ATVs there are also children’s ATVs. Children’s ATV rentals are a fantastic idea for the younger crew who wish to ride along side of their mom dad friends or tour guides. Proportionally the smaller ATVs are easier for the children to get on, and get off. They also have smaller engines and many don’t even have manual gearing. This keeps the speed low and the power of the engine subtle.

Engine Size

ATV engine size is typically measured and what the industry refers to as cc. Cc is short for cubic centimeter which is the common way to measure the combined combustion chamber size of the engine. 

Children’s ATVs will typically have a smaller Engine size of 50 cc. However, adult ATVs usually start around 350 cc, get up to 500 cc for a mid range, and go as far as 750cc, up to and beyond 1000 cc. For context, even a 350 mL ATV is powerful enough to ride to riders and even pull a light load in the back. So forward to the ranges of engine size that exceed beyond 500 mL or so, these types of engines are not only very strong, but can also be very dangerous.

Riding in State Parks, when searching for ATV Rentals Near Me

In this section we will go over some of the state public lands that are available for OHV riders. Keep in mind some of the salient rules for Florida State Parks. You must have and hold a permit and title. The vehicles must have mufflers to limit the sound. You cannot ride pets, alcoholic beverages, or carry firearms. You can visit Fresh From Florida website to learn more on the rules and regulations.

Blackwater River State Forest

8348 Redbird Trail

Milton, FL 32570

(850) 957-5700.

Tate’s Hell State Forest

290 Airport Rd.

Carrabelle, FL 32322-3059

Withlacoochee State Forest

Croom Motorcycle Area

6420 LaRose Rd.

Brooksville, FL  34602

Croom Motorcycle Area

6420 LaRose Rd.

Brooksville, FL  34602

Visitors Center

15003 Broad St.

Brooksville, FL 34601-4201

Riding in National Parks, when searching for ATV Rentals Near Me

In this section we will go over some of the state public lands that are available for OHV riders. Keep in mind some of the salient rules for Florida National Parks. You are allowed to operate within the restricted area of the parks intended and designated for use. Unlicensed vehicles are prohibited. You can learn more on the US Forest Service Trail Fundamentals website.

Apalachicola National Forest

Apalachicola Ranger District

P.O. Box 579, Hwy 20

Bristol, FL 32312-0579

(850) 643-2282

Wakulla Ranger District

57 Taff Drive

Crawfordville, FL 32327-2138

(850) 926-3561

Ocala National Forest

Lake George Ranger District

17147 East Highway 40

Silver Springs, FL 34488-5849

(352) 625-2520

Seminole Ranger District

40929 SR 19

Umatilla, FL 32784

(352) 669-3153

Osceola National Forest

Osceola Ranger District

P.O. Box 70

Olustee, FL 32072

(386) 752-2577

National Preserves, when searching for ATV Rentals Near Me

In this section we will go over some of the Nation Preserve public lands that are available for OHV riders. Keep in mind some of the salient rules for Florida National Preserves. You must have an operators permit, inspection sticker and a n annual vehicle permit. In addition you must have an orientation course in order to operate in a preserve. Call the ORV visitors center at (239) 695-1205 before bringing your vehicle in for an inspection.

Big Cypress National Preserve Off-Road Vehicle Permit System

National Park Service

Big Cypress National Preserve

C/O ORV Visitor Office

33100 Tamiami Trl. E.

Ochopee, FL 34141-1000

(239) 695-1117

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

FWC allows ATV use on some of its land on named and numbered roads during non-hunting periods. For more information, please contact the regional offices as listed below or visit the FWC website.

Northwest Region

3911 Highway 2321

Panama City, FL 32409-1658

(850) 265-3676

Northeast Region

1239 Southwest 10th St.

Ocala, FL 34474-2797

(352) 732-1225

North Central Region

Route 7, Box 440

Lake City, FL 32055-8713

(386) 758-0525

South Region

8535 Northlake Blvd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33412-3303

(561) 625-5122

Southwest Region

3900 Drane Field Rd.

Lakeland, FL 33811-1299

(863) 648-3203

Other Locations On Public Land

Suwannee River Water Management District

Mallory Swamp

9225 County Rd. 49

Live Oak, FL 32060-7056

(386) 362-1001

or 1-800-226-1066 (Florida only)

Florida Rules and Regulations

Also for convenience we wanted to include a few of the Florida rules when as it relates to ATV riding.

Safety Items

For one eye protection is required if the driver is under 16, but highly advisable no matter what the age. Typically on a trail, there is a lot of airborne debris not just from tires kicking up dirt and rocks…but also sand and dust in the air. If you have ever followed on a trail behind other ATV’s, you’ll know what we are talking about. Another super useful tip, is to bring a bandana. Not for your head, but for your mouth. While cruising down the trails, it’s very easy to breathe in all that dust and dirt, and you’ll be regretting it for days after.

Headlamps are required if you are operating the ATV in between times of sunset and sunrise or when there isn’t as much visibility due to smog, smoke, or rain.

Sound Limitations

Believe it or not Florida has a required maximum sound level as well which limits the noise coming from the ATV to below 96 dB. This measurement would be taken from a distance of 20 inches using test procedures established by the society of automotive engineers and standards J Dash 1287, if you really wanted to get technical.

While there is no minimum operator age, there is obvious concerns with an experienced drivers. And although an operator’s license is also not required there are ATV Rider training courses available online for those who are 16 or under and shall carry the certificate of satisfactorily completing an approved OHV course.

Safety helmets are required if you’re under the age of 16.

And tail lights are required to operate an image mean sunset and sunrise or when visibility is reduced similar to the examples of above.


You must have your ATV registered with the state, but if you are renting an ATV then it’s safe to assume that the company has assumed all those roles and responsibilities as part of the ownership of the vehicle.

atv rentals near me off road

In Summary

When searching for ATV Rentals near me, there are lots of considerations besides just the location. From size, to reason, and even if you want to enjoy music for the ride are important things to think about. So hopefully this article helps to consolidate all those checklist items, and gets you on your way to find the perfect ATV rentals near me.

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