Top 9 Tips when renting a Jet Ski on South Beach

south beach waters with jet skis

Be adventurous when renting a Jet Ski on South Beach

Renting a Jet Ski on South Beach is an exhilarating and exciting affair. The expanse of the sea, the beautiful beach and the ride itself is perhaps the most amazing combination of aesthetics and experiences. However, there are a lot of ways by which you can make your jetski south beach time even more thrilling. Here are some tips that you can use to make your jet skiing south beach session even more adventurous.

First, be sure to follow all the guidelines provided by the rental company

If you want to have a good time, you need to first make it proper and legit. In other words, when you are planning your jet skiing south beach trip, you should take care to follow all the rules and regulations related to the matter.

Firstly, you must complete each and every bit of documentation required for renting or driving a Jet Ski. Each rental has its own policy and you must be sure to check the details in order to meet the criteria they have set. This involves a Boater License, boat safety card etcetera.

Secondly, don’t take your own safety and safety of those around you lightly. You should always mind your surroundings when driving a Jet Ski and you should carry the necessary safety equipment.

Don’t stray in the shallows on a Jet Ski on South Beach

When driving a Jet Ski, you should not come too near the shore. Jet Skis are hefty machines and their entire mechanism revolves around suction since the Jet Ski sucks up the water from below and throws it out behind it to propel itself. This does not matter in deep water since there is only water there. However, if you come too close to the shore with the engine running, the intake grate can suck up sand, rocks and other bits that you definitely don’t want getting pulled in.

The best way to understand and tackle this is by pushing your Jet Ski out in the deep water and then starting it. On the way back, you should kill the engine well before the shore and dock it in using the momentum or some other manual means.

jet ski for rent on south beach
jet ski for rent on south beach


Don’t be afraid to fall down

This is something you will hear a lot about Jet Skis. When beginners and novices use Jet Skis, they are bound to fall down often. There is no issue in this but there are some things one should do in order to avoid more serious developments. This mostly happens with passengers who are new to the whole thing. You should not be afraid to fall down and you should brace yourself for it so you don’t hurt yourself too much. There are some things one can do to deal with this:

Safety Lanyards: The safety lanyard is a safety measure one should take to avoid getting hurt if one falls down. The lanyard is attached to the person and to a sensor on the Jet Ski. The way this mechanism works is that if the person sitting on the Jet Ski falls off, the lanyard is pulled and the engine is shut down. This allows the person to get back up again. If this is not done, then the Jet Ski would continue running and it may cause some implications.

jet ski miami south beach
jet ski miami south beach


Know how to get up: While it is okay to fall down, you must know how to get back up on the Jet Ski. In most designs, there are footholds on the back of the Jet Ski, which you can use to hoist yourself back up. It may seem tricky considering the rocking motion of the vehicle but it is safe and easy to do if you know how.

Always have a professional with you: You may fall off a lot but the professional will have a lesser chance of doing so. If you are alone and you fall off your Jet Ski, it is all the more worse. But if you have a professional or even just another person with you, they can help you get back up and commandeer the Jet Ski for the brief period after you fall down.

Keep your eyes peeled and look ahead

When riding a Jet Ski on South Beach, you must remember to keep your eyes open and keep looking ahead. Looking far ahead helps your sense of steering and direction. If you keep your eyes screwed up or if you just keep looking at your immediate surroundings, you will find it difficult to steer correctly and you will miss your destination. Keeping your eyes fixed further away on the sea will give you a better sense of control. Doing this will enable you to have fun since you will feel more in control.

south beach jet skis ready for rent
south beach jet skis ready for rent


Understand the working of the Jet Ski

Understanding how Jet Skis work is essential for you to avoid accidents and stay in control. The best example for this is to understand the throttle system. This concerns the steering and accelerating mechanics of the Jet Skis. Jet Skis use water from beneath to propel themselves. The steering is done by the tube which shoots the jet of water. It goes left and right to turn. This means that there is no mechanism for steering other than the tube that shoots the jet of water. This tube is used for both accelerating and turning. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to turn to avoid something, don’t make the mistake of letting go of the throttle. This will stop the acceleration but it will also take away your ability to turn. So, if something is coming at you and you have to veer to avoid it, go full steam ahead. If you instinctively let go of the throttle, you will go stationary. Normally, in any other vehicle, you should always let go of the throttle when turning but in Jet Skis, it is not so.

Such mechanics set Jet Skis apart from other vehicles. It may cross your mind that if you can drive a motorcycle, you can also drive a Jet Ski without any training but don’t entertain this idea. Take all the necessary tips and training before driving a Jet Ski.

south beach waters with jet skis
south beach waters with jet skis


Don’t be reckless a Jet Ski on South Beach

Bikes and cars have a way of erasing a part of the driver’s caution. When going at high speed, nothing seems difficult and all sorts of stunts and antics cross your mind. Similarly, it is like that with Jet Skis. When you are speeding along the waters, you may be visited by a desire to become reckless and try some dangerous acts like crossing a passing boat or something. It is important to not do anything of the sort. You must drive Jet Skis in a reserved manner, something that is often called ‘defensive driving’. Most importantly, don’t drive in an intrusive manner when riding a Jet Ski on South Beach. There can be a lot of other people on the waterfront as well and it will not suit you to be a nuisance.

Better safe than sorry

Being adventurous does not mean in any capacity that you should negate the safety laws and rules. In addition to the rules and regulations concerned with commandeering a vehicle, there are also many rules regarding the proper conduct at sea. You must familiarize yourself with all the rules and all the safety measures. No fun is worth getting seriously injured and you can only enjoy yourself if you are in the right state to.

Having a boater license is necessary in order to ride a Jet Ski but it also means that you keep in mind all the things you have been taught. One must not neglect any sort of responsibility when it comes to Jet Skiing on South Beach. By taking the proper care of the relevant rules and regulations, you will be able to have fun and be a considerate customer at the same time.


Take care of the Jet Ski like its your own

This step applies to not your own Jet Ski but the one you take on rent from a facility. Most rentals ask for a safety deposit that they keep as a type of collateral. Upon returning the Jet Ski safely, you can get the deposit back but in case you are not able to do so, you will suffer that financial blow. Therefore, it is best to treat it with care. This will also help you since you will avoid reckless behaviour.

These are some tips that can help you enjoy Jet Skiing on South Beach even more. With the proper understanding of the rules and regulations, you can have fun while being a considerate person for people around you. Understanding the working of the Jet Ski is also conducive to caution and can help you be aware of the finer details surrounding the whole matter. Taking proper safety measures also is a good way of keeping yourself safe and away from any sort of Jet Ski or water related accident.

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