Top 50 MX and ATV Trails Near Me in Florida

ATV Trails Near me Florida

It started with a quick search of ATV trails

Hello if you were looking for the best ATV trails near me in Florida then you’ve come to the right place. We spent hours upon hours of research to find the most popular parks to ride your ATVs or four wheelers. It all started when I moved to Central Florida and actually went out and bought a brand new ATV. I grew up on four wheelers and motorcycles so now that I’m a homeowner myself, with kids, I wanted them to experience the thrill and excitement of ATV riding. But you can’t get very far if you’re just trying to support Aron in a brand new four wheeler around your neighborhood. Most of your neighbors will give you some dirty looks. So it wasn’t very long before I started thinking to myself we need to find some outdoor ATV parks to ride in. This is what drove me to begin my adventure of searching out ATV parks in Florida and listing them down as almost a checklist for all the different parks I wanted to visit. And I thought to myself why don’t I go ahead and publish these for everyone to enjoy, so here we go.

All the Research, Done For You and Collected Right Here

I want to let you know that I’ve taken these recommendations from multiple locations throughout the Internet. From Facebook to Facebook groups to Internet searches to reading other peoples blogs to looking at Twitter, Instagram, medium, Quora, and multiple other locations so that I can save myself time in the future, and hopefully save you time in the future so that you can just come directly to a list of the best outdoor ATV parks in Florida especially if you are in the pursuit for the best ATV trails near me. I have to say, as I was performing the search I came across motorcycle trails, mud bogging trails, and for the most part I have included those for convenience. Provided the above, I certainly can’t make any guarantees about the accuracy of the information, because I have not had a chance to visit each one of these just yet, but I will say that the parks that I have listed all have very good reviews, and the ones that didn’t I’ve left out.

Before we jump in, I wanted to share this valuable resource that I found while compiling this information, and that is about safety and laws associated with ATV riding in Florida. To me, I always feel the best place to look is in the Florida Statutes for All Terrain Vehicles. Getting familiar with this laws, and the associated links, will sure get you in the right direction should ever be stopped and questioned by rangers and authorities that do patrol the public parks. Ok, now lets jump in.

Top 50 MX and ATV Trails Near Me in Florida

  • Croom ATV park (Rent an ATV at Croom)
  • Mud Muckers ATV park (Closed)
  • Redneck Mud Park
  • Gone country ATV park
  • Swamp off-road park
  • Florida Tracks and Trails (See Sandlot)
  • Lazy Springs Recreation Park
  • Orlando MX park
  • Mudd’n185
  • Hogwaller Mud Park
  • Hard rock off Road Park
  • Florida cracker Ranch
  • Redneck Mud Park
  • Bone Valley ATV park
  • Bartow Motocross
  • Florida Cycle Park
  • Arcadia Peace River Campground
  • Big Scrub Recreation Area
  • Bostwick Creek MX
  • Clear Creek OHV Trails
  • Crooked Creek Mud Bogg
  • Dade City Motocross
  • Extreme Kids MX Club
  • Gatorback Cycle Park
  • Graveyard Mudd Bog
  • Iron Horse Mud Ranch
  • Lazy Springs Recreation Park
  • Mallory Swamp ATV Trails
  • Mesa MX
  • Miami Motocross Park
  • Milton MX
  • MP at County Line
  • MX 191
  • North Florida Motocross Park
  • Omega Ranch
  • Osceola National Forest
  • Pax Trax Motocross Park
  • Revolution Off Road
  • Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park
  • Spyder MX Action Sports Complex
  • St. Marys Shoals Park 
  • Sunshine State MX
  • Tampa MX
  • The Swamp Off road Park
  • Waldo Motorsports Park
  • Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail
  • WW Motocross Park
  • Holopaw Suburban Estates
  • Viking Prairie Estates

ATV Trails in Florida; Address, contact, and additional information as follows:

Croom ATV park

By far, Croom ATV park is certainly one of my favorites. While they only have 5000 likes on their social media at the time of this article, and they don’t have very much social media engagement. This track really rocks. It includes over 2600 acres of a state park including everything from open areas to tracks in the woods water, hills, mines, and so much more that you would expect out of a good ATV recreation park.

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Mud Muckers ATV park (Now Closed)

  • Address: 440 Co Rd 310, Palatka, FL 32177
  • Phone: (386) 643-8042
  • ATVs, UTVs, SXSs, Jeeps (registered), Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, and SUVs allowed
  • Size: 1100 acres

Mud Muckers ATV park trails

The first one I wanted to list just to get out of the way as a Park located between Palm Coast in Daytona Beach called mud muckers ATV park. This park looks like tons of fun, with over 16,000 people liking it, showing pictures of ATVs in deep mud runs kids on ATVs people racing through tracks and side-by-side‘s sunken in the mud. On their website they claim to have a hell whole course big mud pit and play area as well as campgrounds. This they call the three musketeers, to give you the best experience that they can. Unfortunately however as of February 2018, mud muckers ATV park posted that they were no longer able to run their operation, because the property owner kicked them out. This looks like a park that was once enjoyed by literally thousands and thousands of people. However if you are finding any information about this particular park, you’ll probably want to stay clear because when you arrive, there will be no ATV riding allowed.

Redneck Mud Park

  • Address: 44570 Bermont Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982
  • Phone: (239) 476-2072
  • ATVs (except for three-wheelers and sport quads), UTVs, SXSs, SUVs, Jeeps, Dune Buggies, and Swamp Buggies allowed.

The next ATV park that I’d like to jump in to is called redneck mud park. This park is located in Punta Gorda Florida and is liked by over 263,000 people. This park looks like it put on shows four truck races monster mode horse, make up truck races, truck pools, side by side races, and much more. It is unclear from the information that I receive if it’s open for anyone to come use the park for general writing purposes, however this looks like it would be the place to go to buy tickets and watch people brace, get dirty, sink, and have tons of fun with anything that has four wheels. It appears that they do have tickets, provided for admission for different types of events. For example for a four day entrance to the park that includes camping that is a $95 charge if you buy the ticket in advance. Another package is $100 cash at the gate after 8 AM in order to get into the park and camp for three days. Another package is $40 cash at the gate with a valid ID Gets you into the park for a single day. For the main event days it appears people can start lining up for the event starting at 6 AM in the morning. Kids 12 and under are free to get in. But they are only open on the weekends when they have an event listed on their website. You can buy tickets at the gate for most events but they only except cash. They do try to accommodate those with the card by placing An ATM at the front gate for people to use. They also have a race day mega fan experience which allows you to watch this Saturday my truck races from the best seat in the house, which they referred to as a trackside tent. They include catered food with drinks and on many occasions there or meet and greet with the race drivers. In addition three stay mega fan experience will be allowed backstage on the Saturday night entertainment to participate in the meet and greet with the bands that play. Unfortunately pets are not allowed into the park during the events because they compose threats, and are prone to accidents if they get loose. Of course however service animals are welcomed as long as they have the service animal documentation and your vaccines, And an approved animal vest. Redneck redneck mud park also has campsites available. Their campsites has over 800 acres and offers lots of wood in area open fields and a family section. While they do not have hook ups for campers, all camping is primitive and generators are welcome along with 144 restroom Porta potty‘s, and hot and cold showers. To help make your campfire the best they can be, they usually have vendors out there selling wood but you’re allowed to bring your own as well. Unfortunately red neck mud park does not rent ATVs, however they do allow you to bring any TV that is rented and delivered to the park for you to ride. They do not allow sport quad vehicles, which is a 2 Wheel Dr. train driven vehicle. Only four wheel ATVs or side-by-side vehicles are allowed. Kids must bring helmets at all times. And just to emphasize, no two wheel or three wheel vehicles are allowed. When searching for ATV trails near me, this is a great pick if you live nearby.

Gone Country ATV Park

  • Address: 44570 Bermont Rd Punta Gorda, FL 33982
  • Phone: (239) 209-3773
  • Size: 880-acre

Gone country ATV park in Punta Gorda however, cause it self an 880 acre off-road park. They refer their park as the home of the jeep events, ATV events, mud and endurance runs and races, concerts, and other family friendly festivals. Tons of photos around the Internet show people enjoying their own personal vehicles on a muddy track that include kids families and adults having a great time in the outdoors. Well this particular park only has upwards of 1100 people who like it, it looks like people are posting images and experiences as recent as January 2020.


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Swamp Off-Road Park

  • Address: 3690 Mobile Swamp Rd, Chipley, FL 32428
  • Phone: (850) 326-8333
  • ATVs, UTVs, SXSs, Jeeps, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, and SUVs allowed.

I’d like to spend a little bit of time talking about the next ATV park in Florida, call the swamp off-road park. This park sports over 14,000 people liking it, and posts tons of pictures of jeeps, dune buggy’s, side-by-side ‘s, four wheelers experiencing all kinds of woes in the mud dirt and water. Located in Chipley Florida their website claims they are closer to Sunny Hills and Wausau area. It appears they charge $10 per off-road vehicle, and 10 per person whether you’re a driver, a writer, or spectator ages 12 and up. Ages 12 and under that come with a paid adult are free. Without a ton of information found on the Internet about this popular part, I was able to find some common questions when I found this place with ATV trails near me, and they are as follows. The first is that they only appear to be open from 8 AM, and closes at dark. They only take cash and no credit or debit cards. Four wheelers and side-by-side‘s are welcome but they do not allow dirt bikes and all off-road vehicles must have four wheels. They don’t give any refunds and they don’t allow any camping at this time except if they have a special event. There seems to be several well-maintained portable Johns in the main areas of the park if people needed to use the restroom. They do have wash stations and Hot showers for those really dirty days. They also seem to have food vendors they come with a variety of grilled food snacks and drinks. Coolers are allowed but glass bottles are a no-no. And they strictly enforce no littering, thank goodness.


Florida Tracks and Trails (See Sandlot below)

  • Address: 39450 Bermont Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Florida Tracks and Trails

If you haven’t checked this one out yet, it’s definitely worth looking at. Florida tracks and trails in Punta Gorda has a whole slew of different activities that you can do, which also includes the ATV riding trail. They claim to have a total of four Motocross tracks A side-by-side track and even a mud zone for the ones looking to get a little wet and wild. They have 25+ miles of one directional ATV, side-by-side, dirtbike trails in Florida. With over 80 acres of paintball fields, and speedball fields as well. After a hot day of riding they have a freshwater swimming beach with palm trees and clean water along with food and drinks available at their concession stand, which includes the most important part; a full liquor bar at the beach. Yep, they also offer overnight camping in groups as well. In addition to the ATV, UTV, dirtbike, go kart, or golf cart trails based on what I found out about this park in my pursuit of looking for ATV trails near me; the trails feature twist turns, and jumps, that make it so much better than the large flatland trails that are around. They claim, that you may also see a critter or two around the trails. If you like bogging and you should check out their mud zone as well. There are trails in writing areas are designed for off-road vehicle riders of all ages and experience levels, as long as people are wearing the required equipment. They require the goggles in writing accessories end it appears they rent them at the track if you don’t have some. All riders are required to wear glasses or goggles, while operating the vehicles on the trail system. Helmets are also required for a dirtbike and quad riders. Riders and side-by-side‘s golf carts, and go carts are not required to wear a helmet as long as their unit has a roof or rollbars. Kids under six get in free kids from 6 to 12 years old admission ranges from 10 to 30 years old depending on if they are a spectator or a writer; and admission for 12 years old and up ranges from $10-$60 in all different ranges from single day passes to two day passes. If you were looking to camp it’s $25 per night per tent or RV, and power and water hook up is $50 per night per RV.


Lazy Springs Recreation Park

  • Address: 9591 FL-82, Felda, FL 33930
  • Phone: (239) 206-9119
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, SXSs, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, Jeeps, and SUVs allowed. 

Now, let’s jump in to lazy Springs Recreation Park located in Lehigh acres Florida. With votes as high as 15,000 people liking it, I was excited to jump in to this one. Off the bat they claim that they offer the best place to ride ATVs and side-by-side’s and, the best lakes to fish for big and beautiful Bass. Similar to the others, they only take cash for entrance to the parks. They charge $20 for the day per person, but kids nine and under our free. Then they charge $10 per off-road vehicle per day, $10 per boat or Jetski per day, $10 per tent camper or RV per night, $10 off per day for active duty military veteran police fireman and EMT. I thought it was pretty cool that you can buy yearly passes for the park, and $300 plus tax per person, or $1000 plus tax for a family of four. I found when ATV trails near me, that the pass grants unlimited access to the lazy Springs with one toy per person but that does not include special events. This one looks really fun y’all. It has some thing for everyone and in the rainy seasons they claim they have plenty of water and mud to plan. Can you believe they even have zip lines and swings over the lakes and giant slides to splash down. Now that is pretty cool. They do have what appears to be some pretty standard rules, including no glass at the park all riders and passengers must wear a DOT approved helmet and goggles, riders ages five and under cannot ride alone. No drugs or alcohol, no fires except in designated areas and pets must be on a leash three will vehicles are not allowed and firearms and fireworks are strictly prohibited.


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Orlando MX Park

  • Located in: Orlando Speed World Dragway
  • Address: 19400 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32820
  • Phone: (863) 634-2742
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Orlando MX park


The next one is called Orlando MX park. With votes over 12,000, this looks like a pretty popular one. It is unclear whether the public is able to enter on the track or not but let me dig into a little more details here. The description on their Facebook page just claims it they require a motocross helmet and boots long sleeve and long pants. This leads me to believe that may be the public is allowed to just come enjoy the park. With the usual rules it’s good to keep handy so I’ve had a few of the ones that stood out here in this article. So for one, they’re very strict about signing in and signing their waivers. Riders under the age of 18 must be with an adult. They do not allow family members friends mechanic spectators or photographers to enter the track area at any time. No drugs or alcohol as usual and no swimming or fishing or no climbing on the fence. I’m not sure what required them to add that to the rules, but it must be a funny story. The usual no firearms or fireworks, including no campfires or littering. They do charge especially for different events, which is around $35 from what we can find. The documentation on their site clearly isn’t very good, unfortunately. But this does look like a fun track from the pictures that I can find that I stumbled upon when searching ATV trails near me.


  • Address: 1450 Co Rd 185, Westville, FL 32464

Next one I’d like to jump into is Mudd’n185. I know, it’s kind of a weird name but it did catch My eye. It looks like this track is located in Westville Florida. Over 6000 people have like this track, so it sounds like it’s a lot of fun. But get this, when I try to go to the website, or actually when I search for their name on Google a big headline comes up in the search results saying that this site is for sale. And when I click on the link in the search results it brings me to some qualification popup, and it looks very suspicious. When it comes to web browsing I tend to browse on the conservative side, so I did not click on the link. I just close the browser. So just relying more solely on their Facebook page and their Instagram page I’ve seen posts just as recent as December 11, 2020. Where they are claiming that they only except cash only at their ATV track. On their about us page, it shows that they have 230 acres equating to 18+ miles of trails 3/4 of the trails are dry and a quarter of the trails are mowed. $10 per person to get in and $10 per ATV. If you live in, near, or around this track in Westville Florida, sounds like something worthy of checking out. But I personally would not drive for any more than an hour to this track for fear that I might be closed down.

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Hogwaller Mud Park

  • Address: 440 Co Rd 310, Palatka, FL 32177
  • Phone: (386) 643 8042
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, SXSs, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, Jeeps, and SUVs allowed.

This next part comes highly recommended through  social media platforms, and it’s called Hog Waller. Hog Waller, located in Polatka Florida, claims it self to be the premier outdoor adventure park for off-road enthusiast. They allow trucks, ATVs, and UTV ‘s. They’re located in Northeast Florida and their park is over 1200 acres with lots of variety of different trains for the different writing styles and types. They pride themselves on well-maintained amenities including cabins, RV sites, bathrooms,  showers, a restaurant, and more. Over 58,000 people like this on social media and they seem to be pretty regular on social media posting within a week of today’s research. On their website they say that all ATVs, side-by-side, UTVs, campers, and RVs are welcome. No dirt bikes, or three wheelers are allowed per their insurance requirements. Primitive camping is always available with no reservations needed tickets will not be sold. Cash only and their pricing is a one day pass $20, two day pass $40, three day pass $50, four day pass $60. Kids 10 and under are free and all pricing is per person and cash only. No pets, weapons, underage drinking allowed. No glass bottles allowed. This is definitely a park to check out.


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Hard Rock Off Road Park

  • Address: 6849 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala, FL 34475
  • Phone: (352) 732-6697
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, some ATVs, UTVs and SXSs (on 4X4 trails), Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, Jeeps and SUVs (on rock crawl areas and 4X4 trails) allowed.

This next one, is a similarly mysterious track. I found an ATV Recreation Park called hard rock off Road Park. While they post regularly on their social media as recent as a couple days from the time this article was written, the webpage link that they have on their social media sites does not load. This one seems legit, but I would approach it with caution. This one is located in Ocala Florida and is liked by over 3500 people. The check appears to be open from 10 AM to 5 PM every single day and they are pretty active on social media posting as recent as yesterday from the day that this article was written. Well their website that is linked through social media is broken, the posts on social media make it look pretty real. I don’t know about you, but and I follow a link to a website and it’s broken, my first thought is that you must be out of business. According to my research for ATV trails near me, this parks profile was opened in January 2013, so that’s quite some time ago. I would probably do some research to call and or verify if this track is confirmed to be open before making a trip.

Florida Cracker Ranch

  • Address: Co Rd 200, Bunnell, FL 32110
  • Phone: (386) 864-3856
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, SXSs, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, Jeeps, and SUVs allowed.

Now that we’ve gotten through a few of those let’s jump into the Florida cracker Ranch. Guys, this one seems like the real deal. They have over 6000 people that like in follow it, and over 9000 people that I’ve checked in there. Located in Flagler county in a city called Bunnell Florida these people claim to have an offer families a huge array of outdoor adventures including ATVs, camping, horse trails, fishing, swamp buggy area, muddying, dirtbike area and more. Well this article is intended to focus on the best ATV parks and trails in Florida, I’ll keep it to this topic; however this particular park offers a public so much more that it’s definitely worth checking out. In terms of the ATV trails their trails are built for beginners to highly skilled writers. And they even have a peewee section. They have scenic areas that are several miles of trails that consist of hills jumps waters and of course muddying. It seems that they have Porta potty restrooms hot showers and equipment cleaning stations as well. They claim to have one of the largest mud truck areas with several miles of trails rock climbing walls and mud pit area. They have access for street legal 4 Wheel Dr. truck all the way to the custom built monster trucks. And again, if you happen to have a swamp buggy in your backyard that you’re looking to bring out, this place can accommodate it. They have hundreds of acres at the swamp buggy can go in including a mini Everglades Area. This place looks like a ton of fun, and I’m excited to check it out myself.

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Redneck Mud Park

  • Address: 44570 Bermont Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982
  • Phone: (239) 476-2072
  • ATVs (minus sport quads and three wheelers), UTV, SXS, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, SUVs, and Jeeps allowed.

The name of this one really got me cracking up, the redneck yacht club is definitely one to be considered. Officially called the Redneck Mud Park over in Punta Gorda Florida this park seems to offer at all. They’re riding trails have over 880 acres of land that accommodate ATV side-by-side‘s and even smaller trucks and jeeps. What’s very cool, is that if you get your ATVs stuck they even have an extraction vehicle that can come to your rescue. They seem very active on social media even posting as recent as a couple hours from when this article was written. This one seems pretty legit, in addition to a lot of fun. Their ticketing ranges from $95-$100 at the gate which typically seems to get you three days plus camping. Not a bad price for everything this park offers all in one area.

Bone Valley ATV park

  • Address: 10427 County Road 630 W. Mulberry, FL
  • Phone: (863) 428-0525
  • Motorcycles, ATVs, Dirt Bikes,  UTVs and SXS allowed.

The next ATV Recreation Park we should add is called bone Valley ATV park. This park is located in Mulberry Florida and if you’re like me I asked myself where in the world is Mulberry Florida? When looking further into ATV trails near me, the map it looks like it is just south of Lakeland around Winter haven, just east of St. Petersburg and Tampa. This park claims to have 200 acres of tracked that includes 8 miles of trails to practice areas an open area hills to climb, and a picnic area. This part looks like it has just over 5000 likes and they are relatively active recently posting within a month of the date of my research. Their website claims to be open from Friday through Monday, and Tuesday through Thursday they are closed. They have entry fees that range from five dollars for kids to $15 for adults annual passes for $100 for children, and $250 for adults. They also have two day and three day passes from $25-$35 per adult. The prices just quoted above are for county residence. Non-county residence have slightly higher fees that look like just about five dollars more for each of those options. From the looks of it, this park looks pretty legit, especially since this parks information was actually found on Polk County‘s own website.

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Bartow Motocross

  • Address: 1585 Centennial Blvd, Bartow, FL 33830
  • Phone: (863) 533-5302
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Now let’s hop on over to the bartow motocross. This track claims itself to be a family friendly off-road dirt race track for both dirt bikes and four wheeler quads to ride. Even kids friendly peewee track exist as well. They offer camping overnight no hook ups, clean bathrooms, a bite to eat, and tons of fun. They are social media active as recent as the day that this article was written. And check this, their website link actually works, woot woot! Their website claims to be open on Thursday from 5 to 9 PM for open practice Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM for open practice and Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM for open practice. They don’t have any regular practice on race nights. They do appear to run races and organize the race is for both bikes and quads. And they also offer classes on how to ride. They have a gate fee for $10 per person, and a class fee for $25 per class with a membership and $35 without. Their requirements show that you must have helmet goggles, long pants, gloves, and boots, if you are riding a pit bike, a peewee, how many, a big bike. It is also suggested that you were chest protectors, kneepads, or new braces and any other kinds of protective gear. If you feel like bringing a leash it looks like it’s allowed but it must be leashed and muzzled.

Florida Cycle Park

  • Address: 7543 48th St NE, Okeechobee, FL 34972
  • Phone: (970) 390-2222
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and racing ATVs allowed. 

Located over in Okeechobee, Florida, Florida cycle park is a nice wide open track with hills and jumps mostly geared for motorcycles. However because it’s an old dirt track and there’s not a lot of trails through the woods any type of ATV appears welcome. Also they welcome any range of experience from peewee, beginners, to experts. It’s got a nice mix of dirt and sand and clay for a few hard packs actions of writing as well. there are occasional motocross lessons and race events at the park as well. Membership is required in order to gain access to the park and from what I could find it looks like it’s five dollars per person as a spectator or $30 per person as a writer. If you want to camp on the park it’s $15 per day, or $50 for a full year. It looks like this track he’s liked by over 7000 people on social media and they’re pretty active on their social media sites, posting as of a couple of days from the time that this research for ATV trails near me was done.

Arcadia Peace River Campground

  • Address: 2998 FL-70, Arcadia, FL 34266
  • Phone: (863) 494-9693

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Big Scrub Recreation Area

  • Address: 11990 SE NFR 14, Umatilla, FL 32784
  • Phone: (352) 669-3153
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, SXS and UTVs (under 65 inch width) allowed.

The big scrub recreation area is primarily a camping area that is in the south central portion of the Ocala national Forest. It has 47 sites in a trail head that provides writers campsite to trail access for the Ocala Centennial Trail. Reservations are required, but it does include area amenities such as tent camping, camping trailer, picnic tables, toilets, drinking water, parking. It appears at the fees are $20 per night for camping and operators pass is needed to ride the Centennial Trail. An OHV permit is required if you want to use the trail system. All Ocala national Forest campgrounds and trails allow pets but they must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet in or not permitted in the swimming and picnic areas. For OHV camping campers with the ATVs I said to be welcome at the big scrub park in camp room where there is a direct access to the campground and the 47 mile Ocala Trail. There are no hook up or dump stations. As mentioned the big scrub campground provides access directly into the Ocala Centennial Trail for the ATV riders into the tread lightly four wheel driveway for OHV use. Parking is only available for registered campers, and the fee is $10 for a trail fee.

Bostwick Creek MX

  • Address: 1350 Sungarden Rd, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
  • Phone: (904) 284-5221
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, SXS and UTVs (if registered) allowed.

Past week creek motocross park claims to have ridge black dirt on an out door style track. The track is motocross style with lots of jumps and fun for both beginners and pro riders. They also have a peewee track with table tops bowl turns roller hills for all levels. They limit the tracks to the bikes and ATVs new bigger than 65 mL, two strokes and 110 mL for strokes. The regular trails throughout the world areas are complete and ready. It is around 60 acres a perfectly tender trail that are both motorcycle and ATV friendly. There is a bike wash area available, and there is also a Renee Camping provided with 30 amp RV hook ups that are available. As with some of the other parks past week claims that they are a drug-free family park. No firearms and no fireworks are allowed on premises. They only want you to ride on the track in the same direction with the other riders you should not do a huge turn or go into the opposite direction. Pets are allowed but they must be on a leash at all times and please clean up after your pet, they ask. All motorcycle and ATV riders Are required to sign waivers.

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Clear Creek OHV Trails

  • Address: 8348 Redbird Trail, Milton, FL 32570
  • Phone: (850) 626-3034
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, SXS and UTVs (under 65 inch width) allowed.

Clear Creek of Highway vehicle riding area, in the Blackwater River State Forest looks like a pretty official place to ride. It appears it is managed by some official resources such as the Florida forest service agriculture and conservation service. They claim that the trail was established in 2015 and has over 50 miles of trails for the writers. This includes over 615 acres. It is a natural train ranging from hardwood hammocks and pines to ravines. They caution people saying that there are unforeseen hazards that may exist, conditions are subject to constant change. Although they try to keep up with it regularly. Everyone must enter the gate located at the Redbird Trail in Milton Florida. If the ATVs are unlicensed, or not street legal vehicles must be trailered or hauled in and out of the riding area. They are open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM gates closed promptly at 5 PM. They asked that people do not leave any trash on the trails. They do not allow double riding on ATVs unless it is a two person rider as designed by the manufacture. All riders must wear DOT approved protective headgear, and all riders under the age of 16 must also wear eye protection and ankle boots. A permit is required for each ATV in the areas and they’re valid from July 1 to July 30 with no refunds. Single day use permits are also available. Mopeds golf carts, go carts, dune buggy‘s, real buggies, or other street legal vehicles are not allowed on the trail. Costs for the passes are $15 per machine per day. Also for the passes from July 1 to June 30 or $80. That is for an annual pass. And $40 for January 1 to June 30 annual pass. Trails are only one way and vehicles must be 65 inches or less in width. Campgrounds are available at the clear creek campground with four spacious primitive campsites available for camping on Friday and Saturday nights. I’ll campers must check in on the first day reservation by 5 PM to receive gate combinations. No riding after dark and campfires are only permitted in grills or designated sites. Firewood on the forest floor may be picked up by hand and used in the campground. Alcohol is prohibited.

Crooked Creek Mud Bogg

  • Addres: 201 Crooked Creek Road, Carrabelle, FL 32322
  • Phone: (850) 519-7054
  • Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, UTVs, Jeeps, SUVs, and SXS allowed.

The crooked Creek mud bog is located in Carrabelle Florida. It is an off-road park that includes deep mud pits and also A dragstrip. There is primitive camping, vault toilets, and trash cans on site. There’s also spray wash area, a concrete boat ramp, and kids playground area on the property as well motorcycles and dirt bikes, along with ATVs are prohibited. But side-by-side, YouTV‘s, jeeps, dune buggy‘s, swamp buggy‘s, and 4 x 4 trucks are allowed. It is $20 per rider.

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Dade City Motocross

  • Located in: Pasco County Fair Association Inc
  • Address: 36722 State Rd 52, Dade City, FL 33525
  • Phone: (352) 588-4697
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Dade City Motocross and ATV Trails

State city motocross, claims them selves to be a premier Florida motocross race track. They have those a riding area, but primarily they appear to be a motocross school. This includes the facilitation of races, brackets, and competitions. Writers of all levels are welcome. They have Saturday night races, they include $10 gate fee for spectators and riders. If you’re racing it’s $25 per class. They have Saturday night practice with a gate fee of $10 and practice fee of $15. They have practice every Thursday night for a gate for you $10 and practice fee of $15. They have Sunday practice $10 gate fee and $30 practice V. Motocross schools are every Saturday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, and no membership as required. No gate fee. The school cost $25 dollars. They also ran out bikes if you need them, you can rent a motorcycle at the track. The award banquets are held at the end of the year for the typewriters and all 36 level classes. They seem to be pretty liked on social media with over 26,000 people that like them they’re active on social media posting within two hours of the time I did this research.

Extreme Kids MX Club

  • Address: 16219 Citrus Way, Brooksville, FL 34614
  • Phone: (352) 628-2286
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

This club, located in Brooksville Florida, tends to the youth has its name shows. Their website claims to be a children’s riding club and practice facility. They want to provide a safe family friendly environment where kids can ride safely and get the time writing so they can be better riders and racers. Ages four years old and up that are beginner and intermediate writers are welcome, as long as all the proper gear are provided. They have a peewee ATV trail near me and intermediate track as well. Larger bikes are welcome but only beginner riders. Day and unlimited rider memberships are available, as well as private one on one lessons. They have over 1000 people that like them on social media and they seem to post pretty regularly with updates on training times and riding times. Seems like a very cool place to bring the kids.

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Gatorback Cycle Park

  • Located in: Gatorback Cycle Park
  • Address: 20525 NW 46th Ave, Alachua, FL 32615
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Gator back cycle park is located in Newberry Florida it is an off-road motorcycle park. Apparently they host several American motorcycle association motocross events throughout the year. To be honest, there’s not a lot of information on social media or on their website about their track or how it works. This appears to be more of a track used for events, then it is for every day riders looking for a place to ride.

Graveyard Mudd Bog

  • Address: 11637 SE 54th Dr, Jasper, FL 32052
  • Phone: (941) 421-6876

  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, SUVs, Jeeps, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, UTV, SXS, and ATVs allowed.

Graveyard Mudd Bog

The graveyard mud bog seems to be a pretty fun place. From what I can see over 10,000 people like this on social media, and they are very active on social media with pictures and other happenings at the track. They clean themselves to be an old-school mud bog park with over 300 acres in North Florida‘s Oak hammock‘s. This track is located in Jasper Florida. They have mud holes, and awesome side-by-side and ATV trail system, shaded campgrounds, kids area, and tons of beautiful natural Florida scenery. Their website claims to welcome all four wheel vehicles, from jeeps, trucks, ATVs, you TVs and more. There are side-by-side and ATV trail system leads to natural swamps and Springs. They even have a kid friendly mud hole for 110 mL and other bikes that is set away from the other holes. Plus they have tree-lined, shaded campsites that are included with the week ticket price that is suitable for any individual, or family camping.

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Iron Horse Mud Ranch

  • Address: 8999 US-19, Perry, FL 32348
  • Phone: (319) 283-4943
  • SUVs, Jeeps, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies, UTV, SXS, and ATVs allowed.

The iron horse Ranch seems mostly like a large vehicle muddying trail. But they pull in quite a bit of popularity with all the over 52,000 people liking them on social media. They post pretty regularly on their site, trying to promote their merchandise in gear. They claim to be a 500+ acre park for the true mud enthusiast and writer. They say they are known for having some of the best off-road parks in the country and has been a host to some of the best family reunions that I’ve ever been held. They say many people come back and visit the park twice a year to reunite and rekindle friendships over the years and people travel from all over the country including Canada to come check out the best money and barking pets. They say that the parks amenities include ATV only bogging, DOT truck bogging, vending, bounty hole, stage and tug pads. They also have a vehicle wash area, or you can wash down your ATV, buggies, and vehicles. It’s also a way to cool off on those hot summer days. They also have RV sites and primitive camping.

Lazy Springs Recreation Park

  • Address: 9591 FL-82, Felda, FL 33930
  • Phone: (239) 206-9119

Well, if you’re looking to get out and do a whole bunch of different things all in one location, lazy Springs Recreation Park seems to be the place to go. They claim that they have lakes for fishing jet skiing and wave running, in addition to mud pits for getting 30 with the ATVs, along with trails, motor crossing, hills of dirt and rocks, and much more. They even have zip lines and swings are the lakes, and giant slides to splash down. They do offer a TV, UTV, dirt bike rentals starting at 175 for three hours and 325 for six hours. They take cash only, and it’s $20 for the day per person, $10 per off-road vehicle, $10 per boat or Jetski, $10 per tent, camper or RV. Kids nine and under are free. They seem to be open from Friday to Sunday, 5 PM to 6 PM on Friday. 7 A.m. to 6 PM Saturday, and 7 AM to 6 PM Sunday. No riding after dark. And for those wanting to have yearly access they do have $300 plus tax for one person, and 1000+ tax for a family of four. The pass grants unlimited access to the lazy springs and includes one machine. I guess it does not include special events. They have over 15,000 people that like them, and over 32,000 people that I’ve checked in there. It’s located in Leah acres, Florida. They are not very active on social media, but it does look like an active park.

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Mallory Swamp ATV Trails

  • Address: 9225 CR 49, Live Oak, FL 32060
  • Phone: (386) 362-1001
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATV, UTV, and SXS allowed.

The Mallory swamp ATV trails is ran by the Malory swamp wildlife management and has about 35 miles of ATV trails that are mostly flat and wide with occasional loose sand. Some websites claim that the trails are open every day for riding except during the hunting season which generally runs from September to April. In order to figure out the exact days you may want to call the park just to confirm. There’s no fee but a daily use permit is apparently required that you can find on their website. They do allow motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, YouTV‘s but they do not allow jeeps, swamp buggy‘s, camping, or campfires.

Mesa MX

  • Address: 9550 Mesa Park E, Fellsmere, FL 32948
  • Phone: (407) 808-9420
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Mesa motocross park located in Fellsmere Florida claims to be a safe and fun motocross park located in Fellsmere, Florida with a big motocross track that is beginner friendly. They claim to provide many amenities making the trip to the park the best possible including clean and permanent restrooms, and shaded gazebos. The park consist of a main track and intermediate track for all school levels and is a division of Miami motocross park. They have over 5000 likes on social media and they seem to post pretty regularly about things going on at the park. The rates are $25 for members $35 for nonmembers and membership is $25 in a spectator is five dollars. They appear to share updates regarding their track and their upkeep pretty regularly on their website. Definitely want to check out if you were in the area.

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Miami Motorcross Park

  • Address: 16665 Krome Ave, Hialeah, FL 33018
  • Phone: (786) 975-4024
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Miami Motorcross Park

Miami motocross park is in open area track of dirt prepared more specifically for track writing. They do offer lessons but they also allow people to ride freely, it appears they primarily run dirt bikes, and motorcycles. It is near the heart of Miami and they welcome all ages and skill levels. But they do confirm that no ATVs are allowed. They have three tracks available for writing; a peewee track for the youth, and intermediate tATV trail near me with a track for beginners, and a competitive motocross track from experience riders. They have over 10,000 likes on social media and they seem pretty active as well. I feel pretty confident showing up to this place and it being open.

Milton MX

  • Address: 6039 Fairlands Rd, Milton, FL 32583
  • Phone: (850) 313-3470
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Again a little more geared towards motocross, this park offers you know Sandy motocross track and separate peewee tracks for several miles in of woods and trails. The main track is about a mile long and can accommodate people of all skill levels. The park is typically open on the weekends weather permitting. They do allow ATVs at their park but they do not allow side-by-side ‘s, jeeps, dune buggy‘s, swamp buggy‘s. They charge $20 per rider and $30 for a family. They do not have a lot of information about the track online but they seem pretty active and social media with over 1,500 people that like it.

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MP at County Line

  • Address: 2516 County Line Rd, Fountain, FL 32438
  • Phone: (850) 722-7616
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Well this particular track has a present online but they have no social media interaction or engagement. They do have a profile that simply says that they’re open five days a week and will attempt to accommodate riders at the requesting to write on Tuesday or Wednesday. They have zero people following their page, and they have zero posts. But they say that their page was created in July 2010. The link that goes to the webpage is broken and does not lead to any webpage at all some websites say that the last nine statuses track is that it’s open. It is a $30 per rider fee $40 per rider for the quads, $l25 for the peewee track, camping tent is $20 and camping with an RV is a $30 fee. I will definitely check in and call this park before traveling any significant distance before arriving. Based on their very minimal internet presents, I would proceed with caution.

MX 191

  • Address: T D Garrett Rd, Milton, FL 32570
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

The MX 191 Trail located in Milton Florida has a track that’s designed for all skill levels. It’s 1 mile long and 30 foot wide it is a mix of different clay and sand for all types of rides. They have a peewee track. They have over 2000 people that like this and they have a pretty regular social media presence but they do not have a webpage to check in on that I can see. Again I would proceed to this track with a little bit of caution.

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North Florida Motocross Park

  • Address: 554041 US-1, Hilliard, FL 32046
  • Phone: (904) 504-2310
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes allowed.

The north Florida motocross track seems to be a pretty good one. They claim to have 35 acres of motocross racing and practicing for all ages including kids beginners novices and experts. Two Jack’s and a third one is also coming soon in the year 2021. They have about a mile of clay and sand track on their ATV trail near me, a quarter mile mini track for beginners, 2/3 a mile outback track that they were working on. Their fees are $30 a day if you’re riding with adult, $25 a day riding each child, $30 overnight camping with hook ups, $15 primitive camping with no hook ups. Over 4000 people like this on social media and it looks like the post pretty regularly as well.

Omega Ranch

  • Address: 790 Omega Ranch Rd, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
  • Phone: (855) 718-3325
  • No ATV’s, Motorcycles, Dirtbikes

This ranch does not have a lot of information online, but it claims to have over 5 miles of land dedicated to recreation and relaxation for all ages. They’re very basic website talks about firearm training, survival training, events and media but claims that ATV riding is no longer available at their site.

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Osceola National Forest

  • Address: 24874 US-90, Sanderson, FL 32087
  • Phone: 386-752-2577
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTV, SXS, Jeeps, SUVs, Dune Buggies, and Swamp Buggies allowed.

Osceola National Forest ATV Trails

The United States department of agriculture runs the Osceola national forest, and that includes 0 HV road riding, as well as many other outdoor things to do. They claim on their website that motorized vehicles are allowed on some of the roads and vehicles are permitted on numbered roads and share the roads in some cases with off highway vehicles and other vehicles are like. They claim that the roads are clearly marked with the forest service numbers signs and that motorized vehicles are not allowed on unmarked roads, so if you don’t see a road sign stay off the road is a good rule of thumb. They say if you’re riding an unlicensed vehicle such as an ATV, or OHV, or motocross bike you must stay on the roads designated for unlicensed vehicles. They recommend looking for road signs marked with the symbol of a jeep, motorcycle, and ATV, indicating that the road is for mixed use. The roads are numbered and are open till license vehicle. Off-highway vehicles are not allowed on and more trails. There is lots of maps that you can download for free in PDF form that you can print and bring along with you if you were going out into the area. You’re allowed to ride the unlicensed vehicles in the daylight hours including 90 minutes before sunrise and 90 minutes after sunset. If you’re interested in riding in this area I would certainly recommend heading over to the USDA for a service for Osceola national forest, and look up oh HV riding and camping recommendations. Seems like they have A plethora of information that is available for the riders in preparation for the trip.

Pax Trax Motocross Park

  • Address: 2535 North St, Bunnell, FL 32110
  • Phone: (386) 437-7191
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes allowed.

The pecks tracks motocross park it’s going to be a rapidly upcoming track in Florida motocross. It’s located in Northeast Florida about a half hour north from Daytona Beach in about an hour south of Jacksonville. They have a host of amenities including restrooms, showers, bike wash, camping, and on premise motorcycle parts and service center. In addition there’s a snack shop for food and drinks as well. Their fees are pretty reasonable with only being $30 for a one day pass for a two wheeler and $25 for club members. The bad news is that quads are no longer allowed on the track. Did you have a fully lit peewee track available for the young riders with motorcycle sizes of 150 mL max. They also have intermediate and advanced level tracks as well. Over 5000 people following on social media, and they seem to post pretty regularly.

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Revolution Off Road

  • Address: 4000 FL-33, Clermont, FL 34714
  • Phone: (352) 400-1322
  • ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, SUVs, SXS, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies (no personal vehicles) allowed.

Revolution Off Road ATV Trails

Revolution Off-road is a location that provides motorized and on motorize experiences. They claim to be a unique off-road adventure park it is not far from the popular locations of Orlando. The aim to be the one offering the best value for the money for the entertainment. They now call themselves revolution adventures, since they are now offering more than just motorized adventures, they do have ATVs at the location, mucky duck Rental that goes through water, buggies which are basically side-by-side’s with multiple seats. I don’t see that you can bring your own ATV or motorcycle here. It appears they only offer to use their own equipment. The non-motorized adventures include fishing archery, and clay shooting. They have over 7000 people that like it on social media but they don’t post very often, the last post I seen is about a month from the time of this research.

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Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park

  • Address: 39450 Bermont Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982
  • Phone: (877) 743-3767
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, SXS, Jeeps, SUVs, Dune Buggies, Swamp Buggies allowed. 

The sandlot off-road adventure park looks to be like quite the place. Located in Punta Gorda Florida this place seems to offer it all when it comes to off-road. They claim on their website that they’re the only part of its kind in East United States that allows pros to peewees, ATVs, motocross, RVs, campers, beach goers and family members of like to experience over 25 miles of off-road trails and six professionally designed motocross tracks. There is on-site camping with swimming lake including white sand beaches tiki bars and all. Best thing is, it’s open to the public. Their field holds over 6000 vehicles plus fiber optic infrastructure for great Internet traffic. This place seems to have open riding tracks that includes High speeds, big jumps, technical sections, Talladega corners, and more. Four jumps in over 110 feet, a triple step up, and 135+ foot triple. They have open pro track every weekend, and they do not split practices on the track if you’re high level rider or above you can move to more of the advanced track. The ATV trail near me has 80 foot table Into 100 foot table, this track will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. If you see Max around in his X.3 ask him for a thrill ride. They’re working on different layout changes and playing with different materials to figure out what will hold a best so they can do a the races helmet are required to ride this track. As mentioned they also have amateur tracks, beginner tracks, peewee tracks, and pit bike tracks. Their camping park is open to the public for five days a week from Wednesday over to Sunday. On Wednesday Thursday and Sunday they’re open from 9 to 6 PM and Fridays and Saturdays are open from 9 AM to 9 PM. no pets are allowed, and no alcohol is permitted on the property. Do have over 8000 likes on their social media and it looks like they post pretty regularly.

Spyder MX Action Sports Complex

  • Address: 4222 US-301, Wildwood, FL 34785
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATV, UTV, SXS allowed. 

This track looks like it’s mostly geared to the motocross, as the name implies. Their website and their social media shows a bunch of pictures of motocross, including competitions, nationals, and brackets, for all different types. It does appear however, that you can buy passes to ride motocross, and off-road vehicles. Utility quads and off-road park are allowed only. Do you have over 6000 likes on social media and they seem to post pretty regularly. Check them out if you’re anywhere near Wildwood Florida.

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St. Mary’s Shoals Park

  • Address: 7867 Odis Yarborough Rd, Glen St Mary, FL 32040
  • Phone: (904) 259-3613
  • OHV, and Equ-pedal allowed
  • ATV, UTV, and SXS allowed.

This pretty park is closed currently due to flooding. As of the time of this research. However their website shows that they have over 2500 acres of facilities and trail systems for OHV operators. The park has preserved authentic Florida, and it was opened in 2009 and has operated through grant funding through the Florida communities trust. The property is located along the Florida Georgia border, next to the St. Mary’s River. They are fishing pond pavilions restaurants. Their website claims to have over 2,500 acres consisting of separate facilities and trails systems for OHV and Equ-pedal visitors.

Sunshine State MX

  • Address: 5577 FL-6, Jasper, FL 32052
  • Phone: (850) 559-7112
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes allowed.

Sunshine State MX Trails

This track does not appear to have a website, but on their social media they claim that they are an amateur style track for every rider to enjoy. Two wheel practice on extract only, quads me may ride the same track. And they charge $30 to ride. They do have camping with 50 amp plug-ins, with weekly and monthly rate available. Over 2000 people follow this park and like it on social media. Through the photos and videos that they post on social media pretty regularly it looks like these guys are up and running. But I would probably call before making a trip out there.

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Tampa MX

  • Address: 6334 Burts Rd, Tampa, FL 33619
  • Phone: (813) 909-0948
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes allowed.

Tampa MX, is located near Tampa Florida. They have over 15,000 people that like them on social media. They appear primarily to be a motocross racing track. Their website it’s just a one pager that basically points you to their social media site. Beyond that there’s not much information to be found about this track and its information. I would probably proceed with caution before heading out to this track. They have gate fees at $10, ride fees for $15, membership fees for $10 daily and $25 annual. MX school is $30 no membership required.

The Swamp Off road Park

  • Address: 3690 Mobile Swamp Rd, Chipley, FL 32428
  • Phone: (850) 326-8333
  • ATV, UTV, SXS, Jeeps, SUVs, Dune Buggies, and Swamp Buggies allowed.

The swamp off-road park located in Chipley Florida claims to be a family friendly off-road park something for all. They have over 14,000 people that like it on social media at the time of this research and it looks like they post on their website very regularly. They charge $10 per off-road vehicle and $10 per person driver that is ages 12 and up. Children 1203 with a paid adult. Four wheelers and side-by-side are welcome but no dirt bikes all off-road vehicles must have four wheels. No camping allowed on site. They do have wash stations and a covered snack area with food vendors that come for food grilled food snacks and drinks for sale. You can bring coolers, but no glass bottles are permitted.

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Waldo Motorsports Park

  • Address: 16258 NE US Hwy 301, Waldo, FL 32694
  • Phone: (352) 284-4230
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed.

Now what happened to the Waldo motor sports park. Located in Waldo Florida their website claims to be a motocross track, a straight rhythm track, and a camping site. With membership fees for $50 includes the first ride. The practice fee of $25, weekly practice for you for $125. And the monthly practice fee for $350. Your peers to be mostly geared for motorcycles. But it does look like they have events for Trucks, buggies, and UTV’s. Did you not have a lot of information on the web about this particular track, other than it is for motocross practicing and racing. They have over 8000 people that like it on social media but they’re not posting very regularly their most recent post I was over a month ago as of the date of this research.

Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail

  • Address: 48816-49524 County Rd 445, Altoona, FL 32702
  • Phone: (850) 523-8500

  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and SXS (maximum 50 inch width) allowed.

This trail provides a 17 mile loop for motor cyclists, ATV riders, and I like throughout the south east corner of the Ocala national Forest. It Manders through hilly Longleaf Pine habitats and through the Alexander springs. Operation hours are dawn to dusk, and right now toilets are closed due to the COVID-19. A permit is required to ride oh HV trails. If you want to get a pass you should go through the United States department of agriculture forest service for the wondering Wiregrass OHV trail head.

ATV Trails Button

WW Motorcross Park

  • Address: 1439 Otis Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32220
  • Phone: (904) 318-4096
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes allowed.

This motocross park claims to be working on becoming the national caliber facility in Jacksonville Florida. They hosted round five of the 2019 pro motocross championships. They have over 15,000 people that like them on social media and seem to post pretty regularly. This check does appear to be more geared for the motocross racing circuits, competitions, etc. But if you were looking for this place to ride ATVs you should probably look elsewhere.

Holopaw Suburban Estates

  • Address: Holo Paw Groves Rd, St Cloud, FL 34773
  • Phone: (863) 336-5522
  • Access Deed Required to Access.
  • ATV’s, Swamp Buggies, SxS, Track Vehicles, 4×4 Trucks, Jeeps, 6×6’s, and Monster Trucks are Allowed.

This park claims to have over 10,000 acres for ATV and four-wheeler use. It runs about 5 miles at its widest points, and 5 miles. In order to ride here, you must own land (access deed). From what I could find on their website, access deeds start at $1,100 and come with a gate key, and recording fees. Other lots go for $4,400 – $10,500. This land can be used for camping, hunting, ATV riding, target shooting and more. Trails, mud pits, streams and more are on the properties. Owners can invite as many guests as they wish.

Viking Prairie Estates

  • Address: Holo Paw Groves Rd, St Cloud, FL 34773
  • Phone: (863) 336-5522
  • Access Deed Required to Access.

While similar to the Holopaw, you must own land in order to ride on these properties, there appears to be on going litigation against the local Sheriffs department who has been ticketing individuals who are riding on the private property. If you know of any resolutions make regarding this matter, kindly let us know at so we can update this item. For the time being, it does not look like this is a great place to ride.

Summary of Findings when searching ATV trails Near me in Florida

Well that about does it for the ATV trails near me in Florida. But don’t get me wrong, it looks like there is much more, from the research I found there are a lot of people who run out personal land for people to ride, and even some people ride on vacant lots illegally. Whatever your comfort level is, there’s places to ride all over Florida. But I keep it safe, I would probably stick to some of the parks that are listed above. It’s worth doing your homework, by searching around in local Facebook groups related to the type of activity you are looking to do.

ATV riding is such a blast. When I move to Central Florida, one of the first things I did was purchase an ATV. I couldn’t wait to take my daughter out on some trails. But I was quickly disappointed when I couldn’t find resources to help point me in the right direction to find tracks to ride on. I literally drove to tracks that were shown on a Google map somewhere, that must have been out of dated, and I would show up pull off the ATV and start riding and get yelled at by property owners. In fact it was such a disappointing circumstance, I literally turned around and sold my ATV and I don’t think it had more than 50 miles on it.

So hopefully this research has been helpful, so that others don’t have to make the same mistake I did, thinking that there were no trails nearby. The good news, is that trails exist everywhere, but especially the official ones, may just take a little bit of driving to get there.


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