How to Take a High-Quality Photo of Your ATV for Instagram


Take a High-Quality Photo of Your ATV for Instagram

In the age of social media, the most popular images tend to be clear, eye catching images. This article helps for fine tuning that perfect  Instagram ATV shot.  An ATV Rental can be an excellent prop for the perfect Instagram photo. Even without a high-quality camera, you can shoot stylish and cool ATV Instagram photographs.  Use these methods to get the most out of your own time with an ATV and find out how to take great ATV photos.

Avoid Over-Exposure

Normally, ATV pictures are taken outdoors, where the sun is bright. The light will drown out everything in your photo and your vehicle will be nothing more than a dark blur. Go into your phone or camera’s photo settings while you’re shooting, and adjust the exposure, also known as ISO.

Pick a Fantastic Pose

Obviously, you can simply have a photo of your cool ATV by itself, but if you want to show off your new toy, you’ll want proof it’s yours. Here, we’ve listed some pose ideas for you to try:

  • Sitting on the ATV, in any way you wish since it isn’t moving
  • Leaning against the side of the ATV
  • Standing next to the ATV
  • Shooting an ATV selfie
  • Organize Your Shot Beforehand

All the favorite Instagram influencer’s agree that great photographs do not occur by accident. Aiming for the best and snapping a lot of photos through the day won’t necessarily work. Since you aren’t a trained photographer or influence, you’ll need some help knowing what to do.

Use the rule of thirds:

Many of the best photographs are arranged with the subject to the side instead of the center, because it’s more pleasing to the eyes.  Imagine that there are horizontal and vertical lines dividing your field of view and place your ATV to the right. This will draw the attention to it, making it the star.

Color Coordinate your Photograph

The best photos are organized. If your Instagram ATV pictures are bright color, like red, include another red prop in the photo, like a red chair or shirt. This will make the color pop. Your other option is to put it on a contrasting background, where nothing the color of the ATV exists, like a red ATV in a lush, green forest.

Prevent a Busy Backdrop:

Prevent a busy background: Keep in mind that Instagram photos are intended to be looked at on a mobile phone display.  A snap of an ATV at a park full of people, dogs, and bikes is just going to seem too active and overwhelming. Stick to simplicity like a road, lake, woods, or building.

Find Good Lighting

A well-lit shot is an essential step in figuring out how to shoot great ATV pictures.  This does not indicate you must shoot all pictures with a photographer’s expensive equipment.  As the sun moves along in the sky, your lighting will change. Shadows at dusk, a gold sunset photograph that was backlit, a bright midday photo, or a photo that was moody lit at night could look cool by artificial lighting.  An overcast day will be perfect for photos.

Edit Your ATV Photo

While Instagram may have some great filter options, they’re by no means comprehensive. Your best bet will be using a software on your computer, or an app on your phone. Skilled editing doesn’t need to involve making any massive changes.  Instead of messing around with filters or photograph effects, tweak the brightness, contrast, temperature, and saturation to emphasize all the features of your ATV.

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