How to Rent a Boat in Miami Beach For Your Best Trip Ever

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Group going to rent a boat in miami beach

If you can rent a boat in Miami Beach, you can buy happiness.

Everybody wants to have a little fun in life after a stressful work week. Sometimes, to work out that 9 to 5 stress, getting a little physical can actually help you relax! Activities like fishing, swimming, water skiing, and diving are always fun, and great for a weekend adventure, as well as being great exercise.  All you need is the right machine to help get you going–namely, a nice shiny boat to get you out on the water. 

Boat rental in miami beach
Boat rental in miami beach

First thing’s first: to get your fun started, consider looking into boat rentals to save on money and maximize your time. Miami Beach is a perfect spot to start; in addition to having great vendors, this location offers beautiful islands, top quality boating services, restaurants, and almost all water sports activities you can think of. 

Before renting, however, you will want to be prepared. A little knowledge can help get you off on the right foot–or wave–so we have compiled a guide below to help get you started. Below are the basics you will need to follow to have a fun and safe trip. 

Check out options to rent a boar in Miami Beach

With having so many options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Making the right choice isn’t always easy.

So, before you start your search for a rental boat in Miami for the trip, narrow your search and limit your list to two or three rental boat companies (maximum). By adopting this strategy, you will be able to pinpoint the pros and cons of each company, and better determine which one offers the perks that best fit the type of adventure you want to have.

Photo of yacht rental and shoreline of miami beach
Photo of yacht rental and shoreline of miami beach

Still not sure how to decide? Here are a few considerations that will help determine the best rental boat in Miami for you.

  • Decide the number of people. This seems obvious, but it’s actually a crucial first step. Is this trip just for you and your spouse, or is it for an office party?  The boat that accommodates five people has a different price (and features) than the rental boat designed for 12 to 15 people. Be entirely sure about how many people are traveling during the entire journey.
  • Look for the latest offers. Many rental boat companies have coupons and discounts available that update all of the time. It’s better to keep an eye out for them. Also look around to see if renting by days or hours may be a better fit for you–tailoring your schedule can help save you money!
  • Your budget leads everything.  Always ask for a quote from the rental boat companies while you are in the process of research. It will help you to tailor your search to play within your budget and avoid unnecessary costs. You have to calculate all the major costs, such as: rental fees, food, accommodation, and transportation. Also, the rental boat cost depends upon the boat size you need, the number of people, the time you spent over the blue water, and the yacht’s luxuries. Ask rental companies to inform you about the additional charges while on the boat. When it doubt, go with the companies who have all the charges visible and up front.
  • Always check the reviews.  Reviews are your best friend when it comes to selecting a rental company. Seek out customer reviews on the rental boat apps, and take their feedback seriously. Companies with 4 stars or higher are likely to give you excellent service.  One other benefit of checking reviews is you will get to know what you need to have along your trip. Many people mentioned what they missed out or what they could have to have a better experience. 
  • Captain, My Captain! The boat owner or company dictates who is responsible for driving the rental boat. If you want to go on a boat, it’s better that you have the boating license. But renting a larger yacht requires a licensed captain and a crew. Despite their size, if you have zero experience in operating a boat, hire the captain. You have to pay approximately $50 to $200 hourly, but considering the high rise in water boat accidents this year, it’s better to make a safe trip. 

What Type of Rental Boat Is Right for You?

To enjoy your trip, you have to decide what type of rental boat is good for you. There are different types to look for if you are trying to rent a boat in Miami Beach, everything from luxury yachts to pontoons, fishing boats, jet skis, and sailing catamarans; you can rent any of these boats for rent in Miami Beach. 

Kayak Boats – Kayaks are small, slim, and used by a single person or very limited number of people. Kayaks are primarily designed for sports activities, sight-seeing, and even for fishing! If you are looking for a cost-effective option for reaching the nooks and crannies of the shoreline, or some well-hidden fishing holes, look no further than the kayak. You can easily travel around many shallow areas that big boats can’t move without spooking close-by fish. 

Pontoon Boats – Pontoons are famous for leisurely activities. This type of boat is ideal for tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, swimming, lounging, and partying with enough maneuverability and speed. The modern pontoon boat is efficient and hard to beat. They also come in different sizes and styles. You can use them for fishing and party barges. There are different types of pontoon rental boats in Miami beach.

  • Luxury pontoon boats
  • Value pontoon boats
  • Watersports pontoon boats
  • Fishing pontoon boats
  • Party barges (Or family pontoon boats)

Deck Rental Boat – These are the same as pontoon boats, but deck rental boats are more powerful and faster. You can also call them high power boats, as they can be used for the entire day. Because of high speed, they can also be used instead of Jet Skis. 

You can feel relaxed and comfortable with the luxurious seating with ski-boat-like speeds,  a perfect choice for an outing. You can take a rental boat to a sandbar to have a relaxing afternoon with your family or loved ones.

Luxurious Yacht Boats– This is it: if you want to drop some serious cash and want to have great time over the blue water, the luxurious yacht is actually for you. Cruising on a yacht is a unique experience, like enjoying the luxury of a five-star hotel just over the blue water of Miami beach. It’s a completely unforgettable experience. There are lots of fun things you can do while yachting. Almost the cruise parties, wedding ceremony, business meetup, night partying and much more! 

Moreover, cruising with family and friends while eating super delicious food and taking in eye-catching view of Miami Beach surely makes it a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Here, we also listed a few things that you must consider while chartering a yacht. 

  • Your budget
  • Inclusive or expense-based charters
  • Trip duration and destinations
  • Boat size for yacht charter

Jet Ski Boats – If you want to feel the fun of speeding over water and wind rushing through your hair, then Jet Skis are the way to go. 

Jet Skis allow you the freedom to ride over the waves and get into the nooks and crannies of the Florida Keys at blazing speed. View corners of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Side, and many inland waterways that you never knew existed! It gives you more than just a ride around Miami Beach; taking you to Miami’s watery secrets, all at exhilarating speeds and fun waves!

Rental boat  companies in Miami mostly charge around $150 for the full hour rent. Price may vary according to the company and the Jet Ski model. Prepare for a security deposit ahead of time, and complete all the  instructions provided to stay safe out on the water.

Some companies offer guide tours; other allow you to drive yourself around any prescribed area. Simply hire a Jet Ski from any rental boat company and explore blue water all around Miami Beach. New Jet Ski models are good in maneuverability and very easy to operate–the best of both worlds!  

aerial photo of pontoon beach rental miami beach
aerial photo of pontoon beach rental miami beach

Safety tips you need to follow when renting a boat in Miami Beach

Before heading out, check the weather. If you have  already chartered a rental boat in Miami, you know that it is useless to predict what weather might be doing that day. But still, you can try to prepare in advance for any bad weather (ex. taking warm clothes). So be weather-wise.

It’s better to check the weather update that will help you decide what to wear during the trip.  Keeping backup clothes is always a good idea because you don’t when the weather is stormy in the forecast. Additionally, make sure to stay close to the beach if you are not experienced riding the boat in bad weather conditions.

The storm can sneak up on you, even when the day’s weather is forecasted to be bright and sunny. It’s better to prepare yourself.

Know the rules before getting on the water – Knowing the rules and regulations is an important factor before you plan for the boating. The boating regulations can change every year, so check updates from the authentic source (official websites). 

If you are planning to pick a rental boat in Miami beach, read rules from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about boating.  These regulations may include knowledge about airboat regulations, water ski regulations, updating boat safety requirements, vessel speed restriction, reckless and careless boating operations, equipment and lighting requirements, and maximum speed limit. 

More importantly, to avoid unnecessary penalties, ask the rental boat companies about the no-wake zones. Try to read “How To” and other safety articles before you leave for the trip.  Make sure the captain and crew follow all the safety protocols.

miami beach lifeguard sign
miami beach lifeguard sign

Fill out pre-rental and post rental forms – Go through the pre-rental boating checklist before moving on. Also, read the post-rental list. These checklists are convenient; it will help you identify all the mentioned items are present and operating correctly. If any of them are faulty, inform the boat owner at the start.

Before signing, read and understand the details. Here are the few pointers you need to consider:

  • Check whether the safety equipment is working and not expired.
  • Ask the boat owner about the placement of all necessary items and use them properly.

Make sure the most recent COVID-19 protocols are followed, like having the captain and crew wear masks and gloves.

If any of the safety equipment does not work correctly, inform the rental boat company. The item must be replaced or fixed before you start your trip over the vessel. Moreover, don’t compromise on safety. If you find anything missing (especially with concern to safety), just inform the boat rental company, because safety precautions will help you in any emergency.

relaxing on a boat rental in miami beach
relaxing on a boat rental in miami beach


The more knowledgeable you are before you rent a boat in Miami Beach, the more you can enjoy it.

This article compiles all the advanced-level details you need to know before selecting a rental boat in Miami Beach. After reading it, you can be more confident about choosing the right rental boat and following safety precautions.

Comment below which part of the article helps you the most!

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