A Unique Baby Shower Venue In Orlando that is Sure to Make Waves

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Make it an Unforgettably Unique Baby Shower Venue In Orlando 

When you are getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy to the family, your baby shower venue is more than a simple party! Orlando offers a wide array of venues to help you celebrate with your family before the big day, whether you prefer a cozy and intimate affair, or even something a little more glamorous. 

What if you want to make a statement on your special day? You can take your shower to the next level by taking it offshore. That’s right: you can book a venue for your baby shower in Orlando that takes you out on the water, as well as out on the town.

Water-loving mamas, unite! Here are just a few experiences to consider when picking your next baby shower venue in Orlando.

Yacht Rentals For Your Next Baby Shower Venue

Think yachts are just for wealthy families? Think again! 

Yacht rentals have made these unforgettable experiences available to more and more families looking for a taste of the high life. Yacht rentals can be surprisingly cost-effective with larger groups. Daily rates range from a couple hundred to the low thousands of dollars, but also often come with other amenities (including a sleeping area, kitchen, and even your own captain!).

Your rental options are also way more diverse than you may think! From a 20’ Yamaha to a 90’ Azimut, you can find a boat that matches your party size AND your budget. That makes yacht rentals a customizable (and memorable) venue for your baby shower, whether you want a big party or a smaller affair. 

Brunch Boat Charter

Is there anything more relaxing than a hearty brunch with family and friends? How about if that brunch came with awesome sights out on the water?

A casual brunch is a perfect activity for a low-key baby shower, but if you want to avoid the crowd at the sit-down restaurants, consider a brunch boat charter for your next baby shower venue! 

The Boatin’ Brunch Charter offers a perfect opportunity for this type of experience. Enjoy the plethora of free music on a private boat tour out on the lakes. Your captain is included (which is good, because it also includes unlimited mimosas!) That means you get to focus on the party, and let your captain guide you across the watery landscape in style. 

This experience is surprisingly economical. You can have up to 16 people at a time, and the cost comes out to about $30 per person!

All-Inclusive Food Boat Picnic

For those who prefer to sleep in, consider an afternoon food boat picnic as your next baby shower venue. The Picnic On A Boat is sure to be a hit! 

This all-inclusive food boat charter is perfect for parties ranging from six to sixteen people. All ages are welcome, and travelers under the age of 2 sail for free! 

This charter is perfect for a low-key yet high-class affair. Your experience comes complete with fingers foods (chicken, turkey, beef, seafood, dips, veggies, and sweets), along with appetizers that are sure to please. 

Your party comes complete with a captain included (so need to worry about where to drive your vessel!). Enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendly staff as you relax on the peaceful waters of Tavares, FL. 

Private Sunset Boat Charter

For a more romantic experience, consider a sunset boat charter for extra ambiance. The Sunset Cruise Boat Charter offers a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your baby shower. You can jam to your own playlist, chat with your complementary captain, and party with your family and friends in style while enjoying this baby shower venue. 

This is a great way to soak in the natural views (including those gorgeous ruby sunsets!) while also avoiding the midday heat. It may be colder, but the fun has just begun!

Intimate Dinner Charter

Are you looking for more of a sit-down, high cuisine type of experience? Orlando has the baby shower venue for you! Try the intimate dinner charter that brings the best of Tavares to your baby shower. 

These charters are held on 40+ foot charter boats, so you have plenty of room to lounge in. Pick out your dinner menu three days in advance and sit back to enjoy the party: no cooking required! 

These charters are senior-friendly, child-friendly, and even pet-friendly! (After all, you should be able to celebrate with ALL of your loved ones!)

With an intimate dinner charter, you still get to soak in the gorgeous landscapes of Orlando’s waterways while still dining on amazing cuisine. 

Pontoon Boat Float

Have you ever considered a pontoon boat as a party venue? You may be surprised by how roomy and swanky these rentals can be! 

Pontoon boats can fit up to 12 passengers. The cabin itself is flat and open, giving you a 360-degree view of the natural scenery around you. They also can have some serious power behind them (to the tune of a 90-Horsepower Honda engine!), so you will have no trouble getting to all of the best spots. 

Rental charters are a perfect baby shower venue because they take care of all of the logistics. You have plenty of captain and first mate options, meaning you can relax and focus on the things that matter (like your gifts and your guests).  

Why Choose A Boat Charter For Your Baby Shower Venue?

Boat charters are not always first on the typical baby shower venue list, but we think that is a downright shame. These experiences give you a spacious venue for your guests, a beautiful backdrop for your special day, and countless amenities to keep you and your guests fed and happy. 

Your rental company has special connections to the local restaurants on the shoreline, which means that you will have amazing food options that you may not have found before. 

Boat charters also let you get out into the sunshine instead of being locked away inside. You can get tons of fresh air and gorgeous views. This is the perfect fit for a nature-lover! You can find stunning photography options with this kind of backdrop, which will make your baby shower pictures look like the cover of a magazine. 

These charters are also great for anyone who wants a more intimate and personal event. You can get away from the crowd and have your own soiree out on the water. No interruptions, no distractions: just you and your loved ones, celebrating the upcoming arrival of your new baby. 

What Should I Bring?

Boat charters can be an amazing baby shower venue, as long as you arrive prepared. You will want to pack a few key supplies to keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the entire baby shower. 

When packing for your boat charter baby shower, be sure to include:

  • Sunscreen (30+ SPF): Even if the weather is overcast, you can still be exposed to damaging sun rays. Bring enough sunscreen for you, and if possible, bring some extra, especially if you may have younger party guests. 
  • Sun-hat: While also being stylish and trendy, a sunhat can protect your face from sunburn. 
  • Layers: No matter the baby shower venue, there is times when you are relaxed, and times when you are all worked up. It may be colder out on the water than you think it is. Bring a light jacket, and try to have it be waterproof, if you can. This way, you are prepared for any temperature changes.  Comfortable shoes: This will help you stay steady on the boat until you get your sea legs.
  • Change of clothes: Spills can still happen out on the water. Bring a spare change of clothes just in case!
  • Bug spray: While the refreshing breeze can keep bugs down, you want to bring some bug spray in case you venture out on a particularly buggy day. 
  • Charging cord and/or battery pack: You don’t want your phone to die out on the water! Bring a spare charging cord, and if possible, bring a backup battery pack to ensure that you stay at 100%.
  • Watertight bag: You can find watertight AND buoyant bags to put your valuables in when you are not using them. That way, if they accidentally go overboard, your possessions stay safe and dry. 

What Should I Wear?

If you have not held a party out on a boat charter before, you may not be familiar with the fashion expectations. Luckily, you have a ton of choices for this unique baby shower venue!

In general, you will want to choose comfortable and lightweight clothing. You can still be stylish! Here are just a few ideas.


  • Try a light sundress, wide-brim sunhat, and flats or wedges for a timelessly classic look.
  • Go vintage with a flowy skirt, sleeveless top, and comfortable sandals.
  • For a sailor-theme, try dressy shorts, a loose blouse, and flats or wedges.
  • Try a trendy look with a romper, light button-up shirt, and low wedges or flats.
  • Lightwash jeans and a sleeveless top gives you a classic yet practical outfit.
  • If you plan to take a dip, you can always lounge in your bathing suit and a flowy cover-up.

You will also want something to hold the hair back from your face, so you can make sure the breeze won’t blow your hair in your eyes. Try a cute headband, bandana, scarf, or sunhat to add some finesse to your outfit!


For men, a business-casual look is perfect for partying out on a boat charter. You want to pick an outfit that is practical, yet still looks great in the pictures at the end of the day. Here are just a few ideas when planning for this baby shower venue:

  • Try casual slacks or shorts, paired with a polo shirt and loafers or sandals. 
  • For some versatile layering, try a sleeveless tank under a short-sleeve button up, along with cargo shorts and sandals for a laid-back outfit. 
  • If you want to swim, bring your swim trunks along as well!

No matter what you choose, try to pick lighter colors that won’t soak in as much heat from the sun. This will help you stay cool and feel great during your entire baby shower. 

Ready for your next baby shower venue in Orlando? 

Boat charters offer a unique, laidback, and customizable experience that helps you plan an amazing baby shower that the family will not soon forget. You can get away from the crowds and the stress of your everyday life, so for a few hours, you get to celebrate in your own oasis. What more can you ask for?

Well, for starter, how about complementary captains, knowledgeable staff, amazing local cuisine, and views that are sure to stun all of your guests? Boat charters offer that and more! They’re perfect for a small and intimate gathering, and with the all-inclusive rental options available, they can take away all the planning stress. 

There is a charter that suits any expecting mother’s personal taste. Whether you want a chic and boho party or a glitzy affair, there’s a rental for you. From pontoon rentals to full-out yacht package, charter boat rentals can fulfill almost any desire for expecting parents. 

Reach out now, and see what the Orlando experience can bring to your baby shower. Your special event deserves a special venue, and with a boat charter in Orlando FL, your baby shower venue can bring it to the next level.

Where has your most unique baby shower been held? Tell us in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share!

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