7 Tips for the Best Boat Rentals in Miami

Imagine you want to hang out with friends in perfect location, or celebrate an incredible achievement, but have never rented a Boat Rental Miami before. No worries, we got you covered with these helpful tips.

Miami is a perfect spot for a boat rental, it is an ideal spot for boating enthusiasts, having miles of eye-catching coastline, and trouble-free seas to roam about.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to have to be a millionaire to enjoy this lifestyle in order to cruise over the waterways because now it’s easy-peasy to have all this fun and enjoyment in the beautiful waters of the city of Miami.

It’s simple to just charter a boat from a boat rental company, and enjoy the most affordable way to shine over the waterways.

Renting a boat is a great way to create memorable experiences in a relaxed way that removes all the hassle and cost of ownership. 

We’ve combined the best ways to select a boat rental in Miami. So, let’s get started.

Why do you need a boat rental in Miami?

You have to define why you need to charter a boat in Miami.

In other words, before renting the right boat, you must know why you need it; like celebrating a birthday party, spend quality time with the family, planning a trip summers vacations, partying with friends, enjoying a romantic dinner, night parties – snacks and beer over the waterways.

Many people like fishing, and a few want to enjoy the fascinating view of sunsets. Tell each detail about your plans to boat rent company, why you desire a boat rental, how many people will travel in the yacht, what type of things you will want to bring along, whether you need to bring food, drinks, and any stuff along the way for the party.

This helps with the selection of the boat, in addition to finding the boat rental for the right cost. 

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Check the online reviews before finalizing boat rent company

Reading reviews is always helpful in selecting the right boat rent company for your trip. By reading them, you have all the nitty-gritty details about how good is the companies at offering service for boat rent service in Miami. Moreover, you will know the onboard crew, customer service, safety, cleanliness, and many more attributes. 

In short, the reviews can be one of the major deciding factors in selecting the best boat rent company in Miami. If the negative reviews are more than 20% don’t go for that boat rent company because if a boat rental company is not offering a good service, then no need to waste your money. 

How much does it cost for charter boat rental company in Miami Beach?

Boat renting prices in Miami beach depends upon several factors; like a number of people, how much time you spend, what type of boat rent you are looking and much more.

The great thing about renting boats is that you can split the cost with the rest of the crew. For example, if the boat is $600 per day, when you bring along just 8 friends, that comes to only $75 per person. That’s a pretty killer deal for the experience that everyone will get out of it.

Mostly basic pricing package for the boat rent company is the same for each company. So, you don’t need to worry about it. Sometimes, it costs more, including launch, hiring staff, deep-sea fishing charters, and making different boat arrangements.


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What a luxury boat rental look like?

Comparing the luxurious boat in Miami with a 5-star hotel is a great way to approach the comparison.

Luxury boats are specially equipped for larger groups. A neat and clean crew on the boat will keep your trip planned and organized, and this feature is not uncommon to be included in the price. Luxury boats are very lovely and modern boats, and Miami looks even more beautiful from the water.

You will have an unforgettable experience at the Miami beach; the luxurious yacht is magnificent, very clean, ideal for enjoying special moments like birthday parties, night parties, or some more fun stuff.

The ultimate miami yachts can be found on Rockon Recreation Rentals, with big luxury you want to experience. Some of the best boats have a party area, nice little bar area, massage table, and salon. 

Luxury boats have all kinds of things that you may have never imagined. You can ask the crew to prepare what you want to have for food, and they’ll have it ready for you. One great feature of the newly designed yachts is that it can be driven with remote controls.

There is a lot more fun like you can practice Fishing Trips, jet ski, enjoy DJ and equipment on luxury yacht for rent in Miami.

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Booking a boat rental in Miami, online or a call

Now you are just the a step away from renting a boat in Miami’s beautiful beach and having more fun than ever before.

It’s time to book a boat rental company. Let us show you a couple of tips to finalize a rental boat in Miami. 


  • First, save your self time and risk, but going with a reputable rental company. Not all rental companies are alike. So check their google reviews, and try reaching them by phone. You know if they dont answer, or if they have poor reviews online, that you better not waste your time.
  • Search the boat rental directory for prices and selection options that match your budget and size of party.
  • Select the time & date that you wish to sail, and your done!
  • A good rental company will provide you with confirmation emails and receipts and contact personel should you need to cancel.

A few things more things to keep in mind are;

The location you want to go for boating, the number of people, mention company about your budget of the trip, and all the requirements they ask you for like you need a boat with or without the captain. It will help you to choose the best boat for your trip.

Boat Rental booking Apps

Shopping online is the best and super-fast way to find and get connected with a boat rental company. 

A reputable company provides boat rentals all day long, so typically they will have a very fast and convenient process to follow.  A boat rental directory online booking shows you booking places, images, and more options — The best part about online booking is convenience of all the important information consolidated into one place, and a simple way to make a reservation.

It’s a better way to planning your trips according to your budget.

Quickly find boats for rent in miami on Rockon Recreation Rentals app. They offer boats in Miami, Florida and  different rentals such as jet skis, simple boats, luxury boats, yachts, and sailing ships. 

They can help plan vocational trips, tour to different sceneries, and under deep sea trips. The boats are provided with and without captain.

Rockon Recreation Rentals app helps select the right boat for different sizes of families, friends, and budgets. 

The best part is providing quick information, easy booking, lesser prices, and a secure environment on phone or online services. They offer boats with gas and total gas prices. Also offering pick and drop services for some boats.

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COVID-19 Precautions – Safety must be your 1st priority

Everyone should follow these safety guidelines because covid-19 is still very contagious.


The Covid-19 is easily transmitted from person to person; therefore, caring about personal hygiene, self-protection, and facial masks is a must in public places.

You also must follow all the instruction recommended by the world health organization;

  • Keep distancing, as mentioned, for buying tickets and food items.
  • Try to avoid close contact with people because covid-19 is a spreadable and fatal disease.
  • Wear a mask to cover face when you are in a populated place.
  • Wash your hands in the whole day three times according to WHO guidelines. Wash hands mostly with soap and water at least 20 seconds when you free from the toilet, cough and sneeze, and public places. Before touching your face, eyes, and nose. 
  • Before handing and making food and use hand sanitizer must contain 60% alcohol.
  • Daily clean the surfaces you in contact with germicides and disinfectant solutions are available because the covid-19 virus lives for a few hours and several days.
  • When you cough and sneezes, keep your arm around your face. 
  • Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the handle of the door.

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It’s better if you follow all these tips as a result, your trip will be more comfortable and more enjoyable; you know all the information before chartering boat rental company in Miami beach.

No one wants to waste money or time. So, check all the necessary details about the boat rental  company, read reviews, and check their multiple packages.

Most importantly, follow the above covid-19 instruction as it could help you and your family from this infectious disease because it is essential.

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