7 Expert Tips on Renting a Boat

renting a boat

7 Expert Tips on Renting a Boat

Renting a boat is much easier than one may think, but there are certainly some good points that are mentioned by the experts to keep an eye out for when you set out on your adventure. Whether you are looking into renting a boat near me, renting a boat miami, or elsewhere, this article applies to you.

Surely, not all of us have the financial means to own our own boat.  Not to mention, owning a boat comes with a lot of costs and maintenance beyond just the ownership fee. But if you’re like me, you dont have all this money to throw away, yet renting a boat sounds like a great idea to me.

Thankfully, many boat rental companies offer a wide range of boats, and even provide courses to make the process easier.

“We give an internet information course which may be taken before they arrive.  Also, we can provide it in the marina.” Says one operator.

“If folks are thinking about going to rent a boat, do not hesitate,” Another one says. “Pontoons are an excellent way to get folks in the water. It is a fantastic way to find out whether it’s for you or not.  Pontoons rental is simple to manage for those who have never boated. They could learn really quickly.”

Now that we know how, what will a novice need to learn to be able to rent a pontoon of their own?

Jump Right into Renting a Boat Near Me!

Peak season for renting a boat generally begins around Memorial Day weekend and runs through the summer.  Boat Rental Operators advise boaters to make a reservation well in advance. At their busiest, marinas are packed during the summer and it will be troublesome and time consuming to rent.

Boating specialists also advise that boaters get ready for the weather conditions and also prepare to be around the water for many hours.

“I’d suggest bringing in a change of clothes,” states Christine Davis, vice president of a marina, who notes the northern weather can change in a couple of minutes.  “I would also advise a cooler for drinks”.


Every area has its own laws concerning whether boat drivers need to complete a boating education course prior to driving a boat.  Though some states, such as Alaska and South Dakota, don’t have any prerequisites, many states just require a course for vessel drivers.

Boat rental shops that we talked with say they need renters to sign a waiver acknowledging responsibility when renting a boat along with the folks aboard at the boat rentals area.  Renters are liable for harm they cause to the ship but maybe not for problems like a motor.


“We suggest that the customer call their insurance broker to talk,” One operator says.  “They might have a current policy which extends coverage into the leasing boat or may buy coverage throughout the rent”.

“We want a legal driver’s permit from somebody at 18,” Another Operator proclaims.  “That individual signs responsibility. We then show them how to run it, which can be rather simple.”

Rental firms may request a deposit upon renting the boat and can continue to keep part or all the deposit, even should they decide the tenant is negligent in damaging the ship.

Pricing to Renting a Boat in Miami, or Elsewhere

Prices typically range from $50 to $300 when Renting a Boat, based on the size, quality and demand of the ship, an Operator states.  

“Before we ship the boater out for the afternoon, we clarify the leasing agreement they sign, walk throughout the ship together and note any present damage, and complete a list test,” he says.

Most leasing companies offer several cost choices and hourly limitations. As an example, a pontoon Boat Rental rents for $245 for the day, $150 for four hours or $850 for the week.  

How Old Should I Be?

The age required to rent a ship varies between leasing businesses.  For instance, you need to be 16 if Renting a Boat in Miami. Searching for Renting a Boat Near Me, will also help you find out rules and regulations of the local authorities.

Davis states that a Marina staffer will describe how to run the ship and the “manners of this water,” and supply a map of this lake.  

“It is comparable to automobile rentals, except the boats are a bit trickier to function,” states a Rental Operator.  “Boats do not have wheels like a vehicle and, as well as no brakes. Water current, wind, weather and other boaters can all play a substantial element in working the way you want it to.  We strongly suggest going with a seasoned boater to captain the ship, if the weather is unpredictable.”

All Hands on Deck!

If you are considering renting a certain type of vessel, do your homework beforehand to understand what options are offered and the price ranges.  A marina, as an instance, rents pontoon boats that can seat 12 to 15 individuals. Some marinas provide pontoons with slides!

Meanwhile, boat rental vendors may provide two dimensions of pontoons; one which fits a few individuals and yet another for nine to twelve individuals. Most Boat Rentals will provide a wide array of nearly everything:  pontoon boats, jet skis, fishing boats, and paddle boats, and sometime more.

Also, another item to keep in mind when renting a boat, is that any boat you rent must be equipped with security items like life jackets, and rental operators will typically supply those to you.

So bring your sunscreen, coolers, and poles, and get ready for a great boat rental experience no matter your experience level.

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