6 Ways to To Beat The Heat with Water Sports Boca Raton

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Water Sports Boca Raton are the Best Way To Beat The Heat this Summer

Summer is here. The sun is great, but the heat? Not so much. If you want to get your vitamin D while still keeping cool, then the water sports Boca Raton are right up your alley. 


But I’m not a sporty person, you may say. I’m not one of those adrenaline-seeking athletes. Water sports are just for them, right? 


Don’t get us wrong–if you do want to get a good thrill from your time on the water, there are certainly opportunities to do so. On the other end, there are water sports geared towards those who are just getting their sea legs. You can be as laid back or as wild as you choose. 


Pop quiz: what’s the easiest way to get into water sports?

  1. Watch the pros from afar.
  2. Take an online course.
  3. Get out on the water and try them for yourself. 

The answer: the easiest way to learn how to do water sports is to actually get out there and try them for yourself! 

Of course, planning is key. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before you start packing your swimsuit.


Being on the water is fun, but it can almost be dangerous. Safety is paramount, so before you book your trip, make sure to do the following:

  • If you are not a strong swimmer, we highly encourage you to take swimming lessons beforehand. You don’t need to be the next Michael Phelps, but learning how to do basic strokes–and most importantly, how to tread water properly–can save your life if the worse happens. 

  • If you are a strong swimmer, you should still refresh yourself on the proper techniques for how to tread water. This will help you save energy if something happens.

  • Check the policies and regulations on lifejackets for where you are travelling. When possibly, check with your tour guides. You may need lifejackets in situations where you do not expect them, EVEN IF YOU ARE A STRONG SWIMMER. 

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The key to getting the most out of your trip is to decide what you want to accomplish ahead of time. Don’t worry, this homework isn’t too hard! Simply reflect on the following:

  • Do you want an exciting thrill ride where you can get some speed (ex. jet ski/wave runner), or are you looking for a more leisurely ride to see nature and wildlife (ex. kayak ride to see some friendly manatees)? 
  • Do you want to explore remote areas (ex. scuba and snorkeling)?
  • Do you prefer to stay by other attractions (ex. kayak fishing in local lakes)
  • Want to learn a new skill (ex. surfing)?
  • Want to try something off the beaten path (ex. stand-up paddleboarding)? 
  • Want to try something intimate yet simple (ex. swimming in natural springs/swimming holes)?

There’s no wrong answer. Setting this goal ahead of time will help you pick the best guides, rental equipment, and location for your trip so you can optimize every second that you are out on the water. 

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If you are still not sure where to start when in comes to water sports in Boca Raton, below we will go into just a few of the options, including:

paddleboard rental boca raton


What it is: Paddleboarding takes the typical low-key sailing experience and gives it a twist. Instead of sitting in a vessel with walls, you instead stand on a buoyant board and paddle while upright.

What makes it special: This isn’t just some hipster twist on kayaking–it actually stems from ancient Hawaiian tradition! You still get to be close to water, but at the same time, you see the environment from a new vantage point. 

Pros: Paddleboarding is a an incredibly versatile activity. You can see awesome sights, take it multiple places (lakes, rivers, beaches, etc), and you still get the intimacy with nature. It is also a relatively cheap activity for newcomers. Do it alone, or for some extra excitement, you can paddleboard with a whole group.

Cons: Paddleboarding does require a degree of physical stamina in order to stand and paddle for the entirety of your time on the water. You also can’t take it on super choppy waters (unless you really want a challenge). Because of the design of the board, it can hard to bring supplies with you on the water, so overnight trips can become logistically tricky.

Average rate: You can expect around $30-$50 an hour for guided tours and equipment rentals.

Beginner to expert rating: Paddleboarding is relatively beginner-friendly, but you will want to be able to stand for a long period of time.


What it is: There is a whole other world to water sports in Boca Raton just below the surface. One way to explore this new scene is to take a trip out to a secluded spot by boat or kayak, throw on a scuba mask, and jump in feet first! If you have a craving for adventure, scuba and snorkeling are great options for you. 

What makes it special: One of the biggest perks to scuba and snorkeling is getting to see the wildlife up close and person. You can see a wide spectrum of exotic fish, plenty chubby manatees, laidback turtles, and other fauna. 

Pros: Scuba and snorkeling can get you out of your comfort zone, which leaves you with unforgettable experience. Sometimes you can sometimes touch the wildlife (such as manatees) in limited situations. On the practical side, you can get out of the sun for a time (great for those hot days!) and see spots not usually visible to the city crowds.

Cons: Scuba and snorkeling are much more logistically complex activities, which means that they can be more expensive. It requires more gear and know-how, so you will need to plan ahead. You will also want to be a strong swimmer to keep up underwater. 

Average rate: Plan for around $60-$100 per person (based on adult fares).

Beginner to expert rating: Scuba and snorkeling require a little more prep; if you are new to it, invest in tour guide. 


What it is: For those go-getters who want a little more of a thrill, you can catch a wave right on the beachfront. From boogie-boarding to full-out surfing, you learn how to flow with the water, not fight against it. When done right, it’s an amazing experience.

What makes it special: Surfing has a rich tradition for a reason. You get the rush of adrenaline and a special connection with the ocean. Not only is it a prestigious skill, but it’s a great workout.

Pros: You can take your surfing skills to other beach locations, wherever it is safe to do so. It’s also a more daring–and more challenging–skill, so if you like to live on the edge, this is perfect for you!

Cons: Good surfers can make this look easy, but surfing can be dangerous if not you are properly trained. Special equipment will be needed.

Average rate: For surf lessons, plan for $60-$100 per person. (You can sometimes get discounted rates by reserving in a group.) 

Beginner to expert rating: Beginners will have a bit of learning curve to deal with, but there are tons of experts and guides that can help you get started. It can be challenging, but totally worth it!

fishing in boca raton


What it is: For those anglers looking for some new challenges, kayak watersports can be an unexpectedly helpful venue. Using kayak rentals, canoe, or another small vessel of your choice (maybe even paddleboard, if you are feeling extra feisty), you can cruise across the water to reach fishing grounds far from the shoreline.

What makes it special: Fish generally don’t like to hang out where the people do. Luckily, kayaking fishing helps you get to more remote (and less travelled) fishing holes. You can find new species that you can’t access from shore.

Pros: Kayak fishing can be a relatively simple set-up. It’s also a low-impact workout–meaning young and old adventurers can enjoy it–and you get to see some beautiful sights along the way.

Cons: If you’re not an avid fisherman already, you will have some catching up to do. You will also need to do some research (or connect with someone who knows the area) to build up your knowledge of good fishing spots, techniques, and regulations.

Average rate: Charters can cost around $300 for a single person, with extra discounts for each additional person, These charters generally also provide rods, reels, kayaks, guides, and bait. 

Beginner to expert rating: It takes a little research (and in the case of charters, a bit more upfront cost), but you can generally find a good venue for beginner anglers to get their hooks wet. 


What it is: Looking for something a little more laidback? Try getting out in a kayak or canoe rental for the day to visit beautiful places off the road system.

What makes it special: Kayaking and canoeing are great leisurely activities that can still be fun for avid outdoorsman. There’s always something new to see, new places to explore, and even some fun twists on classes (ever gone for a moonlit kayak tour?).  That’s why kayaking is great for a full-day (or night) adventure.

Pros: Because kayaking is relatively low-impact, it can be fun for young and old adventurers alike. You can go at your own pace, and customize your location to your preference and skill (from calm lakes to choppy oceans).

Cons: If you don’t already kayak often, the necessary equipment is not usually something you have on hand. This means you may need to rent it. It also helps to have a local guide with experience to find the good places to explore. 

Average rate: The costs are generally low, from absolutely free if you are going to a state park, to about $30 per person if you are going on a tour.

Beginner to expert rating: Beginner friendly!

jet ski boca raton


What it is: If you want to go fast, then jetski and waverunner excursions are the way to go. This activity lets you zip around on the waves (sometimes near a comfortable beach, sometimes somewhere more remote).

What makes it special: Feel the wind in your hair as you pick up the speed! Is there anything that gets the heart pumping more than when you rev the engine?

Pros: These types of excursions are available to young and old, but they can be fun no matter how much experience you have with them. 

Cons: This can be one of the more expensive and time-consuming activities, so plan with care. There are also some safety concerns that you will need to keep in mind. 

Average rate: Expect around $100/person and up per hour.

Beginner to expert rating: Beginners can still have fun with some preparation. A good rental company can steer you in the right direction.  


Not sure where to start? Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning your trip:

  • What is your swimming experience, and do you have strong physical stamina?
  • How long is your trip? (Do you need day activities, or will overnight trips fit into your schedule?)
  • When you look back on your trip in the future, what do you want to remember most: the excitement you got from your adrenaline, the refreshing peace and tranquility, or a bit of both?
  • What kind of gear do you feel most comfortable wearing? (Do you want to just wear a swimsuit, or are you open to wearing lifejackets and wetsuits?)
  • Do you want to explore alone or in a group? 


Nope! Many of these Boca Raton watersports go hand-in-hand quite nicely. For example, you can take a kayak out to a local snorkeling spot. See what combinations your tour guides have in store!


You don’t need to be a well-versed outdoorsman to enjoy water sports in Boca Raton. Simply set your goal and make a call–the waves are waiting!

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