6 Unique Experiences For Your Next Corporate Events Orlando

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corporate events orlando on yacht rental

6 Awesome Venues For Your Corporate Events Orlando 

When you want to impress a client or business partner, we’ve got just the menu for your corporate events Orlando, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the huge list of potential events when the burden is put on you to try and impress a crowd without spending a fortune. So how do you choose a venue that will create the best experience for a reasonable price, while also making the whole event memorable and unique? 

Here is the good news: you do not need to settle for a drab hotel conference room for your next corporate event venue. We’ve put together this list of the perfect Orlando corporate events that is unique, affordable, and  offers a slew of fresh and exciting event venues and experiences. If you want your Orlando corporate event to leave your attendees refreshed and rejuvenated, consider a venue option a little out of ordinary.

We have compiled six awesome corporate events Orlando experiences that will encourage team bonding. Your attendees will talk about your event for years to come!

All-Inclusive Food Boat Charters in Orlando, FL

corporate event venue

One of our top picks for a corporate events Orlando; is the all-inclusive food boat charters. If you host your corporate event venue in Florida, you have to explore venue ideas that take you out on the water. You can find countless beautiful water features in Orlando that provide the perfect backdrop to your event. Orlando has many different pontoon boat rentals that help you make this dream a reality.  

Whether you have 16 people or just 6, this all-inclusive private charter boat  can take your group out on the water in a large pontoon boat serving you and your crew boat friendly food and drinks. If you have never been on a food boat rental before, you definitely do not want to miss this chance! The open-concept layout is stylish and perfect for networking opportunities while enjoying the depths of natural Florida. 

Many of these tours also incorporate local catering services, which makes this a perfect experience for your attendees who just want to soak up some fun with some good food and conversation for your Orlando corporate events. 

You can also tailor this corporate event venue to your event theme as well. Would your attendees prefer a brunchtime escapade? You can get out on the water before the afternoon heat. Do you prefer something more scenic and private? The local pontoon boat rental vendors can give you a private charter of Orlando’s gorgeous shorelines, all while you dine in style. 

Luxury Yacht Rentals in Orlando, FL

corporate events orlando on yacht rental

Are you looking for something a little more glamorous for your corporate events? Consider a yacht rental for that extra “wow” factor. Just a quick heads up, this is not exactly an Orlando event, but it may be worth the trip!

Renting a yacht adds a bit of luxury to your corporate event venue while still getting away from the standard conference rooms. Think of it as taking all the best parts from a high-class hotel and bringing them out in the sunshine! These vessels come in many different shapes and sizes, so whether you have three participants or thirty, there is a yacht rental for you. 

You may be surprised by how affordable a yacht rental can be for your group. Renting your yacht is already a cost-effective way to sail, and when you split the cost amongst an entire group, that price tag goes down even further. 

Many vendors offer different amenity packages. In this Orlando corporate event you can hire a captain to take care of navigating the boat during your event, and some packages even come with a fully staffed kitchen! 

Add a dose of extravagance to your corporate event venue with a yacht rental that comes with access to other water sports, much like the examples we will go into detail below. 

Jet Ski Rentals in Orlando, FL

kayak rivers as a corporate event venue on a jet ski rental

Corporate events Orlando generally are meant for professional networking, but let’s be honest: the best networking is often done while you all are having fun. This is why bonding experiences are so important during your event. Orlando offers plenty of fun water sport activities that get the heart pumping and collaborative juices flowing. 

Your jet ski rental experience providers should offer several packages that are perfect for infusing some adrenaline-fueled bonding into your corporate event. In addition to their selections of Catamaran and pontoon boat rentals, your corporate event venue can offer a variety of jet ski rentals that make for a fun-filled afternoon. 

You take a small group out on your own for some free-for-all wave riding, or for a little more structure, some vendors even offer jet-ski group tours that take you around Orlando’s gorgeous waters. 

If your corporate event has some participants who prefer life a little bit rough and rowdy, this is a great way for the group of you to blow off steam and feel that Floridian wind in your hair. Just make sure that you always stay safe and wear your safety gear, including your lifejacket. 

Guided Manatee Tours in Orlando, FL

kayak rivers as a corporate event venue

If your event attendees are not from Florida, consider a venue such as corporate events Orlando that showcases the local wildlife. There are so many natural sights that you rarely see anywhere else, including the colorful and exotic fish, hordes of wading alligators, and of course, one of Florida’s most beloved gems: the manatees. 

These adorable sea cows migrate north every year to find the warmer water of the springs, so they quickly became a local attraction. The best part? These gentle creatures are so docile that local vendors actually offer tours to see them up close and personal!

You can a wide array of experience providers that offers phenomenal manatee tours that are sure to make for a perfect corporate event venue. These tours are led by Orlando’s finest guides that know all the ins and outs of the local coves. They take you out on the water in search of the manatees in the area, and once you find them, you can actually get IN the water with them! 

Swimming with manatees is completely legal and, when done right, perfectly safe for you and the manatees alike. Where else can you snorkel as part of your corporate event venue? Your participants are sure to love this excursion, whether you go with just a few people or an entire crew. 

Guided Group Kayaking Tours in Orlando, FL

orlando corporate event kayaking

Not feeling up to physically being in the water with the wildlife? You don’t have to forgo Orlando’s water adventures altogether. Kayak rental operators give you and your group everything you need to get out on the water and soak in Orlando’s gorgeous scenery. 

No need to bring your own equipment; your guided kayak tour guide provides everything you need, whether you are a kayaking newbie or a natural out on the water. Simply gear up and get out onto Orlando’s waterways. You and your attendees will be literally inches from Orlando’s pleasantly warm water and all the wildlife within. You may even have a manatee pat your boat with its flipper!

There are plenty of fun twists on the standard kayaking tour to keep your interest. Prefer something off the beaten path? Try a nighttime group tour to the list of potential Orlando corporate events, for a whole new vantage point. You can explore the rivers after a hearty dinner at a local restaurant; see how everything comes alive at night!

Guided Group Segway Tours in Orlando, FL

segway corporate events in orlando

Until now, we have mainly been talking about water-based corporate events Orlando. However, if you are not a fan of being out on the water, there are still plenty of fun venue options for you as well!

There are plenty of fun experiences to plan for your corporate event right within the city limits! Segway tours are a unique way to explore the city in style, all while covering more ground than you normally would by walking. 

Segway tours are not only fun (how often do you get the chance to ride a segway at home?), but these segway tours offer a guided experience to show you corners of the city you may have never found on your own. Your guide can also give your group the history behind each of the attractions you find. 

Group ATV Riding Tour in Orlando, FL

atv riding as corporate events orlando

Want a chance to really thrill your guests a little more exciting than a Segway? If your attendees don’t mind having a little fun in the dirt, consider bringing your corporate events Orlando to the ATV trails. 

This is definitely not your traditional corporate event venue, but for companies that want a little excitement, the untraditional option may be a perfect fit! Central Florida has thousands of acres for riders to explore. You don’t even need to bring your own ATV; simply arrange your atv rentals, and get ready to ride in the sand for your next best Orlando corporate events. 

You don’t even need to have a full-out thrill ride. Plenty of vendors also offer group ATV riding tours on the miles of trails. You can see the inner workings of Orlando’s gorgeous forests and enjoy a ride in the shade with your fellow attendees. 

Things To Consider When Planning Your Next Corporate Event in Orlando 

How do you select the best adventurous venue for your corporate event in Orlando? Here are just a few considerations you should think on before you reserve your next venue. 

  • What corporate event venue or experience would match your company’s brand? Are you upscale and serious, or risk-seeking and adventurous? 
  • How do your workers spend their weekends? Are they out on a hike or exploring the local clubs?
  • What are the goals of your corporate event? Are you getting your workers away from the humdrum to get out of a rut, or are you looking to reward them for all of their hard work?
  • What would be the most “different” from your current work culture? Sometimes, your corporate event needs to be a bit different to inspire some creativity to bring back to the office. 
  • How large will your corporate event be? Do you anticipate everyone traveling and spending most of their time together, or will they break into several smaller groups?
  • Will this event be solely for your company, or will multiple offices meet here? What experiences could be icebreakers between different parties and encourage networking?
  • Do you want the typical “Orlando” experience (with all the tourist-focused activities that come with that), or are you looking for something even the locals might not have tried?
  • What kind of budget do you have established for these various activities? Will the attendees pitch in for their own fees, or are you offering them these experiences at no cost to them?

Your Next Corporate Event Orlando, FL Is Waiting For You!

kayaking as an orlando corporate events

Whether you want to strengthen your coworkers’ bonds or simply offer an out-of-the-box experience to impress your clients, your corporate events Orlando can make a bigger impact than you ever anticipated. Get out on the water, swim with some manatees, or toast some champagne on a luxury yacht rental; no matter what you choose, you can make your next corporate event venue is one that your participants will be excited to attend! Now, THAT’S definitely an upgrade from your typical conference room!

Networking and team bonding doesn’t usually happen as well in a typical meeting. You need something new and fascinating to make this experience foster deeper relationships and creative ideas. It’s not just fun for your team: it’s an investment in your company’s future. You’ve got to try out one of these Orlando corporate events.

What was the most fun corporate event venue (or activity) you have ever attended? Did we miss any? Tell us more in the comments below!

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