5 Simplified Rental Boat Tips for Beginners

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5 Rental Boat Beginner Tips

Looking for a rental boat? Maybe this is the first time renting and you’re searching for some helpful tips on what to expect and the best way to reserve your rental.  These five novice boat rentals tips will help ease your mind, so you enjoy your time out on the water.

  1. Get a Rental Boating License

If you plan on working the boat, you will have to obtain either a permanent or temporary boating license.  Anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 is needed to obtain a Florida Boat Safety Education I.D. Card prior to operating any watercraft over 10 horsepower — and this includes personal watercraft too.


2. Choose a Reputable Company

When reserving your boat, make sure to choose a reputable marina. Often, you can find reviews on Rockon, Google, TripAdvisor or other place to compare reviews.  They ought to offer you the time and attention you deserve, so you can feel confident in renting a boat and operating it out there

3. Choose the Right Type of Rental Boat

Be sure that you decide on an appropriate boat rental for the event.  For instance, a pontoon boat is ideal if you’re just looking for a relaxing ride.  Similarly, if you want to fish? You will want to book a fishing boat that’s comes pre-equipped for your fun adventure.  If speed is the name of the game, a ski-boat is a great option. Do a little research, search the type of boat and find the rental boat near me. If you’re unsure what type of boat you’ll want before booking your boat rental, talk to the rental place and they will certainly guide you.

5. Book Your Rental Early

Be certain that you book well in advance if you plan on renting a boat during the summer or on the weekend.  Rental boats in popular areas sell out very quickly, so don’t wait until the last minute. Book as soon as you know what type of boat you’ll need and when you will be in town

A Few Extra Safety Tips

You want your time out on the water to be memorable — but not for the wrong reasons.  Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the boat is equipped with all the right safety gear. For one, most if not all rental boats will come with life safety jackets, just make sure there is enough for each person. In other words, that’s a requirement by law. Especially make sure there is smaller ones for the kids, if you are bringing any along the trip with you. Also that rental boat should have a horn or whistle, anchor, and gas of course.  It’s also wise to figure out what to do if something goes wrong while boating, who do you call, and what do you do.

Hope these tips have been helpful, and if you are searching for rental boats near me, rental boats miami, or anywhere else, check out our boat rentals page.

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