5 Promising Reasons to Rent a Pontoon Boat

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Pontoon Boat Rentals

5 Promising Reasons to Rent a Pontoon Boat

Floating around in the water on a pontoon boat rental e is the perfect way to experience a the water with family members and friends.  And, because pontoon boats, sometimes called party barges‘ are made to accommodate a large of people, they are the go-to boats for parties, family reunions, and all other festivities and the primary reason to rent a pontoon boat!

Listed below are five great reasons to reserve your party barge or pontoon boat rental this weekend.

Graduation party:

Several high schoolers and college students are preparing for, or celebrating because of graduation, and if you’re a parent of one, we have the perfect venue for you!  Summer is the best time to celebrate the achievements of your grad by heading out onto the lake with family, friends, food, beverages, presents… plus a luxurious ship!  However, not just any ship –a celebration barge pontoon boat large enough for your treasured students.

Family reunion:

Many family reunions happen in parks or backyards. These come with mosquitoes, dirt, and unwelcome strangers. You can avoid this by renting a party barge for an upcoming family reunion!  Hop on a ship and be on your way. Eat, drink, and be merry. Enjoy the view of the water and have a lovely time!

Bachelor/Bachelorette celebration:

So long as you’ve got a designated responsible boat operator, go ahead and rent a party barge to your best friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party!  This is a great way to get a bride or groom-to-be to enjoy their last single days — together with all the wind at their back and friends by their side.

Company party:

Do not plan the usual drab office luncheon for your hard-working workers.  Host a business gathering on a pontoon!  Leave your work behind and invite everybody out to the lake for a day filled with activities, games, food, and entertainment.  It’ll be a day to remember!  While it may be a party barge, it is a fantastic place for workers to relax and relieve some stress, but also the place to show your team how much you love everything they do.

Kick off the summer:

There is not a better way to kick off summertime than by cruising across the lake.  This is a not only a superb time to catch up on the lives of everyone but also a great time to relax with your loved ones.  Are you prepared to spend a day socializing, listening to music, and eating delicious grilled food?  If your response is “yes,” grab your friends and family and get ready to pull away from the coast in your amazing rented celebration barge!

If you would like to reserve a party barge pontoon boat rental from Rockon Recreation Rentals for an occasion this weekend, look no further than the pontoon rental. These boats likely comes with a dining table, a gas grill, a full open floor plan and a lot of railed and seats decks.  Contact us! 

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