5 Perfect Events for Party Barge Rentals

Pontoon Party Rentals

5 Perfect Events for Party Barge Rentals

Floating around in the water on a celebration party barge is the perfect way to experience the water with family members and friends.  And, because party barges are made to accommodate a large of people, they are the go-to boats for parties, family reunions, and all other festivities!

We have compiled a short list of the most top used events for Party Barges for your use.

Graduation party

A party barge is a perfectly unique way to celebrate a graduation party if you are looking for something your teen will talk about for years. Not only does the party barge accommodate the right amount of people together to dance and play loud music, it is also a great way to enjoy a meal !  Bring gifts, games, and gimmicks along with the wonderful scenery as a backdrop and the graduate will remember these moments forever.

Family Reunion

Many family reunions happen in parks or backyards. Unfortunately these types of places come with mosquitoes, dirt, and unwelcome pests. You can avoid all this by renting a party barge for an upcoming family reunion instead! Just hop on the boat, and be on your way. It is easy to relax, enjoy the cool breeze, eat, drink, and be at ease. There is always something for everyone to do. For the boys, maybe they would like to fish. For the elderly, maybe they would like to relax. For the explorers, maybe they would like to drive around to the different coasts and islands. For the swimmers, well, there is plenty of water. Try your next family reunion on a party barge, get access to your hotel(s), restaurants, bars, and beaches with one vehicle.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Celebration

Bachelor and bachelorette celebrations can be even more memorable on a party barge. It’s a way to get loose, have fun, and not worry too much about getting a big party into different venues. Designate a driver for the easy to use party barge, and get to anywhere you need to go. It’s also recommended for those who want to enjoy a party with friends but with a little privacy. It is also a great way to get a bride or groom-to-be to enjoy their last single days — together with all the wind at their back and friends by their side.

Company party

Do not plan the usual drab office luncheon for your hard-working workers.  Host a business gathering on a party boat rental!  Leave your work behind and invite everybody out to the lake for a day filled with activities, games, food, and entertainment.  It’ll be a day to remember!  While it may be a party barge, it is a fantastic place for workers to relax and relieve some stress, but also the place to show your team how much you love everything they do.

Kick off the summer

There is not a better way to kick off summertime than by cruising across the lakes or ocean.  This is a not only a superb time to catch up on the lives of everyone but also a great time to relax with your loved ones.  Are you prepared to spend a day socializing, listening to music, and eating delicious grilled food?  If your response is “yes,” grab your friends and family and get ready to pull away from the coast in your amazing rented celebration barge!

If you would like to reserve a party barge for an occasion this summer, look no further than boat rental services.  Some 36′ x 12′ party boat pontoons come with a dining table, a gas grill, a full open floor plan and a lot of railed and seats decks.  Contact us! 

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