What you should know about Crystal River Campgrounds

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crystal river campgrounds

What you should know about Crystal River Campgrounds

If you are hoping to get the most out of your trip to the Crystal River Campgrounds in Florida, you should try camping there. Camping is an amazing way to enjoy hiking, boating, and fishing in a lovely natural location with your family and friends. 

friends at crystal river campsite

A campground refers to an open area or field where people can set up temporary housing units for recreational purposes. There’s usually some sort of confusion as regards campgrounds as the word is used interchangeably with RV Parks and RV resorts. While most people consider them the same thing, they are different. By understanding the difference between these three, you’ll have all the information you need to make better decisions as regards camping in Crystal River.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Crystal River Campgrounds. That way, you can have all the fun on your next trip to Crystal River.

RV Camping Crystal River

A campground is usually the most basic option you have for camping. Crystal River Campsites locations are typically more rustic and similar to basic camping than parks and resorts. Usually, they focus more on exposing you to raw nature and all of its beautiful views rather than conveniences.  

Generally speaking, Crystal River Campsites are of three types depending on the access to amenities in the area. The types are as follows:

  • Full hookup RV camping sites give you access to electricity, water, and sewer.
  • Partial hookup RV camping sites are the most common in Crystal River, Florida. These sites usually have electricity and water but do not have sewers.
  • The final type is the no hookup crystal River RV camping sites. These places typically do not have any access to amenities. Such places typically lack electricity, water, and sewers. They are also called dry camping sites, primitive camping sites or boondocks. Most of these no hookup crystal River RV camping sites are publicly owned. 

And if you just aren’t into the RV scene, many folks love the wonderful Plantation at Crystal River

If your family prefers outdoor activities to modern conveniences, a campsite may be the ideal location for you. At a campground, you’ll usually find fantastic hiking paths, beautiful scenery, and more privacy from your neighbors.

crystal river camping

If you will be having an RV camping at a Crystal River Campground, you should visit or have well researched the campsite first before making a reservation. That’s because not all sites can accommodate large RVs.

Crystal River state park Campgrounds

RV parks are mainly privately owned campgrounds where you can park your RV for camping. They differ from RV campsites mainly because people can stay here on a more permanent basis; nevertheless, weekend campers are still common. 

Crystal River Park camping sites typically include power and water hookups, with sewer hookups available in some cases. However, you’ll want to do your homework ahead of time because they tend to vary from one location to the next. Some park camping sites have already-paved driveways, while some others do not have. Therefore, if you would prefer paved routes, you should call ahead to book your spot. Furthermore, if you have a huge RV, double-check that they have sites that can fit it, as site sizes vary from park to park.

Crystal River Park camping park is ideal for campers that want the best of both worlds. It allows you to experience the full outdoor experience alongside the convenience of basic amenities. You can expect more trees and more privacy from your neighbors here.

Crystal River Campgrounds RV Resorts

Of all the campground types we have, crystal River RV resorts are the most exquisite. As a result, they are usually more expensive, as they might charge you more per night on average. But then, the price is usually justified since they offer many more amenities than the other types.  However, they tend to have limitations on the age and appearance of RV’s allowed into such premises.

Essential Items for RV Camping

There are several necessary items to include when packing for an RV camping. These items will help you get comfortable and make things easy for you. Many of these items may be included in your RV if you rent from a private owner. Therefore if you are renting an RV, you need to ask if these things are already provided before you get the items. Otherwise, you need to get the items.

electric connection at rv campgrounds

These important items include the following:

First Aid Kit

Outdoor activities can easily result in injuries especially if you are camping with kids. A first aid kit will help you reduce the impact of the injury when they happen and prevent the risk of infections. So, ensure you bring a good first aid kit along with you whenever you go camping to avoid infections.

rv hose and connection

RV Water Hose

Water is essential for almost everything. Even if you have all the water you need for the trip, it is important that you still have a hose for extra water hookup. However, you need to be a little careful as not all water hoses are ideal for this. Regular garden hoses for instance can contain lead and some other dangerous substances. Ideally, you should use lead-free RV hoses that are clean to avoid health issues.

Kit for roadside emergencies

Mechanical faults and breakdowns can happen at any time. Sometimes, the faults occur at times and places where you least expect them. So, you need to prepare yourself with essential roadside gear. You might not have the relevant skills to repair the spoilt RV but then, the kit will come in handy if someone were to help you. Essentials that your kit must have to include a warning triangle, car jack, tire repair kit, high visibility vest and battery jump starters.

Gauge for tire pressure

Low tire pressure is dangerous for your RV. First, it reduces the fuel efficiency of your RV. More importantly, it can affect braking and handling which may lead to accidents. Therefore, your camping essentials will not be complete until you have gotten a good tire pressure gauge. With it, you can monitor the air pressure in your tires to see if they are in a good range.

Kitchen utensils

Food is very important for your survival. However, while it’s easy to pack food, packing the right tools can be dicey. Ensure that you pack the right tools you need to do whatever cooking on your trip. Ensure you remember tiny but important tools like knives, bottle openers, and so on. Also, your list of essential kitchen tools should include garbage bags that you will need to clear away your kitchen wastes.

cooking at rv campgrounds

Items for personal hygiene

Ensure that you pack all you need to take care of yourself while you camping. The list of items in this category is inexhaustible and will depend on you. However, remember to pick the essentials which include your toothbrush, body wash, shampoo, and toilet paper. Also, ensure that the toilet paper you choose won’t clog the water tank of your RV. 

Blocks for leveling and leveling

Your RV has to level up for several things to work well. For instance, water might not work well in sloppy places. Plus, your water tanks will likely not work under such sloppy conditions. Even your refrigerator will not work under uneven terrain. Therefore, to ensure everything is working out fine, ensure you have a portable leveling block with you all the time.

elder couple rv camping

Recreational Items for the Crystal River Campgrounds

Finally, remember the reason why you are having this camping to start with. You are doing this to have maximum fun. Therefore be sure you packed all the fun equipment and tools that you need. It would be sad if you got to the Crystal River campgrounds and found out you have forgotten the main equipment for the recreation.

Make sure you have all of the equipment you’ll need for your favorite outdoor activities. You don’t want to get to your destination and realize you’ve forgotten your hiking boots or fishing rods.

family at rv campsite

There is so much to in and around Crystal River Campgrounds, its baffling. Fist and foremost, are the most popular activity which people travel from far away to see and do, which is to swim with manatees. It’s truly an exquisite experience, provided by local tour guides to help find, dive, and snorkel to get those close-up moments with sea cows. Oh, and don’t worry, due to their size some people worry about if manatees are dangerous, but they aren’t. Which is probably why the Crystal River manatees have become so famous. Check out this article if you have interest in swimming with the manatees to give you some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Another camping craze is the Crystal River Scalloping tours. These are guided tours that bring you to the best areas to find scallops, then you get to dive down and catch them. Yes, you can bring them home and eat these delicious creatures too!

Last but not least of the most popular things to do while staying at the Crystal River campgrounds is to learn to dive and explore the beautiful waters of Crystal River springs by taking an SDI Diving Course. This is a 3 part course where you can get a SDI Diving Certificate to use to dive anywhere!

Safety Tips for Camping in Florida

Whatever you do, your safety comes first. There, the following are some tips to help you stay safe and enjoy your camping experience at Crystal River. 

Prepare for extreme cold

The weather in Florida is usually stable all year round. But during the winter, especially between December and May, things can get a bit cold. During this period, the temperature can drop to about 30 degrees especially at night. Therefore, you must prepare ahead by packing some extra clothes to keep you warm during the night.

Prepare against sunburns

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a good reason. Summers here in crystal river FL can be extremely hot. So, if you are going camping here, ensure you have enough sunscreen for the trip. This is even more important if you are going for any water activities. The thing is, as the sun hits the water, the reflection tends to increase your exposure to the sun making you feel the impact even more. So, save yourself and your skin from sunburns and carry enough sunscreen.

 Prepare for rain

Rain is very common in Florida around May through October. During the afternoons the rain can disrupt your plans and reduce the fun you should have. Since you can’t stop the rain, you should plan against it. Have alternative plans for your afternoon activities just in case there is rain. Also, be mindful of bugs. Usually, when there is rain, it comes with a variety of biting insects like bugs. So, ensure you go with your bug spray to protect yourself.

Beware of bears

There are bears in Florida and a few of them have been sighted in the past. Even though the number of bears that have been sighted In Florida is not that much, you should still be careful. If you plan to explore the forests of Florida l, you might want to pack some bear spray with you. This should keep you safe in case you come in contact with the bears.

Beware of Alligators 

Bears are not the only animals to be mindful of. You might also find alligators in Crystal River. If you find one, be sure to stay calm while keeping as much distance as you can. Whatever you do, try not to disturb, tease or feed an alligator. And if you find a nest with alligator eggs or babies, stay away as mothers can be hostile.

Inspect the RV before you set sail to Crystal River Campgrounds

Before you move to the campground, ensure you go round and check the RV one last time. This might be challenging as you might be too excited to get the trip started. But then, that might be the only thing saving you from accidents on your way. Check the hookups, tires, signal lights, and everything else to be sure you are not missing anything.

florida rv driving

Have a plan for assistance

Even with proper planning, issues can still happen especially mechanical faults. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when or if these cars will break down and disappoint you. So, you must plan ahead of breakdowns. How do you intend to move the RV if you do not find anyone to help you on the road? (In most cases Yu won’t). Ideally, you should register with a towing company that supports a large towing distance beyond your destination at the Crystal River campgrounds. You might also want to pick a service that also offers repairs, lodging, and transportation so you can get discounted prices for bundles.

Check for tail swings

Tail swings happen when you move your RV in a direction and the force pushes the rear of the RV in the opposite direction. The impact of the tail swing will depend on the size of the RV. Tail swings can move as much as 30 inches in small RVs or even more in bigger vans. Usually, this could be an issue if the rear hits another vehicle besides you. So, be careful and be mindful of this.

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Piece of Mind

Finally, come equipped with what you need by making checklists in advance, and double checking them before leaving. Crystal River has a lot of different retail stores if you did accidentally forget something, but its so much easier and more convenient to come with what you need.

Enjoy the most of Crystal River, by checking our Crystal River Campgrounds, and we cant wait to see you there!

Things to do Near Crystal River Campgrounds

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    Things to do Near Crystal River Campgrounds

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