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Vendor Operators get More Profit with Less Effort, by effortlessly Exploding your Online Exposure, Automated Reservations, and a Streamlined Customer Experience.


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How is Rockon Different?

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What Makes Rockon Operators So Successful?

Designed to Help Operators Grow

Top 8 Ways on How We Do It:

1. Increase Your Exposure

We flood the Directory with Outdoor Enthusiasts

Rockon Recreation Rentals sets out to appeal to Outdoor Recreation Rental enthusiasts, and we make it easy for people to search, compare prices, and book rentals near them all in one place. Removing barriers to sales always leads to more.

2. Online Booking Calendar

No more Double Bookings. We fill your Rockon booking calendar, so you can focus on serving your Customers

Never have a Double Booking Again. Dedicate more of your time to yourself, and to your customers, and allow this software to organize and automate your operations. From marketing, phone inquiries, availability reporting, email marketing, social media posting, content creation, and more.

3. Same Day Setup & Launch

We will setup your profile, add your listings, adjust rental costs, and equipment availability for free and launch on the same day. We will train you and your team until you are 100% comfortable.

4. Protected Payments

Deposits to your bank account within 24 hours. We Collect your Money Safely and deposit on time. 

Stripe Processor is Trusted by:

5. Live Support & Training

24/7 Customer Service Phone & Live Chat Support as always available to serve you. We are Always On.

6. Automated Follow Ups

Our system automatically sends reminder emails to your customers to be sure they show up on time with everything they need.

7. No Experience Necessary

Our Award Winning Platform is intuitive, simple, and User Friendly. Plus, we provide any and all support to help you.

8. Free & Paid Memberships

We align with your business model. Prefer no monthly plan? We have that. Prefer no Booking Fees? We have that too. Choice is yours. Select a Plan that Works for you.

Automate Work. Have Fun!

Effortless Marketing & Booking Software

  • No More Double Bookings
  • Substantially Less Phone Calls
  •  Instantly Gain More Exposure Online
  • We Deposit Payment in 24 Hours or Less
  • 24/7 Support & Training
  • Free Same-Day Setup & Launch
  • Membership Plans to Fit You
  • Integrate with Quickbooks, and others.