Ultimate Guide to ATV Rentals Orlando

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A Guide to ATV Rentals in and around Orlando 

Ever wonder what activity in Orlando is better than hanging out by the pool or even going to an amusement park? The best activity to try in Orlando is to get outside and rip around on an ATV! Florida is known for its incredible and diverse nature, and if you’re staying in Orlando and don’t get outside to explore, you’re missing out. When you dive into the world of ATV rentals Orlando has to offer, you’re in for an incredible ride. Whether you go alone, with friends, or take the whole family, there are so many ATV rentals for anyone interested in, to give it a try. Not sure how to get started on finding the ride of your life while in Florida? Then look no further than this ultimate guide to ATV rentals Orlando. 

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Who Can Ride ATV Rentals Orlando?

There are so many different types of ATV rentals Orlando has to offer, that there is an ATV rental fit for anyone and any age to get out and enjoy. Yes, even the little ones can enjoy a ride on an ATV rental.

If your little one are ages 5 and up, then they can come on out and experience what its like to ride and even drive an ATV. The little ones will need adult supervision but that is what makes the ATV rental experience an amazing activity for the entire family to enjoy.

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Young kids can either ride as double riders with adults or older siblings so everyone can join in on the fun of the, or they can drive their own mini ATV. Beginners and experts alike can rent ATVs in Orlando. Even if you’ve never ridden an ATV before, our team can help show you the ropes and even teach you how to ride your ATV rental with short tutorials or long guided tours

Wondering what types of ATV rentals are available? Keep reading to find out which ATV rentals Orlando has that is right for you!

ATV Rental Vehicles in Orlando 

There are many different types of ATVs to rent in Orlando. From dirt bikes, to single, to double riders, there is an ATV that will work for you and your group. The best part about renting an ATV in Orlando is that all you have to do is show up. No need to worry about lugging around safety gear or bringing it with you. All of the ATV rental operators come with free helmets, gloves, and other safety gear to wear.

Speaking of free, all ATVs have fuel included too, so you don’t have to worry about fueling up the vehicle throughout the day or getting stuck on a trail with low fuel. 

Anyone under the age of 16 is required to wear eye protection in addition to their helmet. Be sure to find some clear goggles to bring along for your younger riders to wear, and if you don’t have any, the ATV operator will supply you with some. 

Other optional but strongly recommended safety gear to wear include gloves, long pants and sleeves, and boots that cover your ankles. Once you get all of your gear together you are ready to go. Now it’s time to pick out the perfect ATV to take out for a ride. Ready to go? 

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Kid ATV Rentals Orlando         

To enjoy a day with the whole family, look no further than renting a small ATV for the kids. For kids ages 5 and up, the Can-Am DS 90 is a perfect choice for a kid’s ATV rental. It has less power than the bigger models and is a good size for the little ones. Adult supervision is required, but your little one will have a blast riding around and feeling like they’re in charge of their ATV.

Experienced ATV Rentals

If you are a more experienced ATV rider, there are plenty of different ATV rentals in Orlando you can hop on for an incredible day of riding.

All of our rentals have an automatic transmission, so if you want to try a new type of ATV, you can hop on and go without worrying about extra bells and whistles. For a powerful time ripping around in the dirt and mud, try going with the Can-Am Outlander Max 450. This ATV is powerful and smooth, and the automatic transmission makes it fun for experts and even beginners to ride.

The Can-Am Outlander is also a great vehicle to rent for two riders and ensures a smooth ride for the driver and passenger. If you want to make sure you can ride through any terrain Orlando has to throw at you, the Arctic Cat Alterra 400 is an incredible choice. This ATV has a powerful 366cc engine that more experienced riders can enjoy. But it also has an automatic transmission that makes it easy for anyone to jump on and go. 

Best Time of Day to Ride ATV Rentals Orlando 

Florida can get pretty hot during the day. No wonder it’s called The Sunshine State. So for the best experience on your ATV rental in Orlando, you should try to go out in the morning. In the mornings, you can get a cool breeze through the air. The safety gear for ATV rentals in Orlando can get pretty hot. You must wear a helmet, gloves, boots that cover your ankles and long pants, and long sleeves for the best protection against sticks, rocks, and mud. All of that gear can get very toasty after a while! 

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Best Time of Year to Ride ATV Rentals in Orlando 

Instead of racing your ATV rentals through the hot summer sun, the best time of year to ride ATV rentals in Orlando is in the cooler fall and winter months. Florida doesn’t get too cold in the wintertime and can even be around 50 degrees in January. This makes it the perfect time of year to ride ATV rentals around Orlando. Instead of being too warm with your safety gear, you can enjoy fast rides through parks, trails, and obstacles. This time of year is also when Orlando is the least busy, so you won’t have to deal with too many crowds at the ATV parks. 

What You Can Expect to Ride On Your ATV Rentals in Orlando 

Orlando has many different landscapes that you can ride your ATV rental on. It’s tons of fun to ride through dirt tracks at motorcycle parks and rip through mud puddles after a rainy morning. All of our ATVs have enough power to tear through any terrain. Whether you find yourself riding up hills, taking tight turns on berm tracks, spinning through sand, or cruising through wooded trails, our ATVs and dirt bikes have enough power to have a great time riding through it all. You can also expect to brave through the elements on the ATV rentals Orlando has, so be ready to splash through puddles and don’t be afraid to get a little muddy. It’s all a part of the fun! 

Where to Ride ATV Rentals Orlando 

The best part of Florida is all of the different types of nature you can ride your ATVs through. This gives you plenty of options of places to ride the many ATV rentals Orlando has to offer. You can ride ATV rentals in tons of state parks all around the state, and we have compiled the 50 top MX and ATV trails near me in Florida. You can also ride ATVs at designated ATV and motorcycle parks that offer built-out trails with berms. Motorcycle parks can be fun for those that want to try out some more extreme elements on their ATVs.

There are also ATV trails throughout the forests of Florida that you can bring your vehicles to. Some of these trails are public, while others are private. If you do happen to find a private trail of interest, just be sure to see if there is a place to pay a fee or sign up on a website. Finding public trails allows you to enjoy all different types of nature and terrain in Florida that you may not have been expecting to see.

The best places to take your ATV’s are in permitted State Parks. Some State Parks even have motorcycle riding areas in them.

You can even search for ‘ATV riding trails rentals near me’ to find the closest ATV trail to your location.

Have you ever heard of Croom State Park? For the best of both worlds, Croom State Park offers all of the amenities of a state park with all of the thrills of a dedicated motorcycle park.

Want to find out more? Keep reading to learn more about the ATV rentals Orlando has to offer in Croom State Park. 

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Riding ATVs at Croom State Park 

Nestled in the Withlacoochee State Forest near Orlando, you’ll find over 2,600 acres of off-road trails at Croom State Park. Croom State Park offers off-road trails for people of all ages, levels, and abilities.

You can also bring all types of off-road vehicles to the Croom Motorcycle Area. For young kids and beginner riders, you can take advantage of the beginner training area in the motorcycle park.

Croom Motorcycle Area offers many different types of trails for all types of riders. From the beginner area to single-track trails with berms.

croom motorcycle park


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They also have play pits for more advanced riders that want to try drop-offs or ripping through the mud. Since the motorcycle area is in the Withlacoochee State Forest, there are plenty of areas to enjoy an incredible outdoor experience.

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They even offer overnight camping, BBQs, and facilities to make your stay comfortable and fun. If you want to check out Croom ATV Rentals at Croom Motorcycle Area and rent your ATVs in Orlando, our team at Rockon Rentals can deliver your rentals right to the park!

No need to figure out how to get your ATVs from the rental facility to the park. Our team will meet you at the park and give you a demo of your rental ATV, so you know how they work. Once you’re ready to go, we’ll send you on your way to go ATV riding Orlando! Unless you decided to also purchase a tour for an extreme day of fun.

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ATV Rental Guided Tours at Croom State Park

Getting a guided tour from Rockon Rentals is the perfect way to explore Croom Motorcycle Park. Guided tours are great for small groups that want a guide through the park or large groups that need a little direction and want to see the best spots. Our tour guides will meet you with your rental at the park and then lead you on your way through the woods. Your tour must have at least two vehicles.

If you have little ones or less experienced riders, there are options to double up on the vehicles to make sure everyone has a great time. Choose from our dozens of different ATVs for the perfect tour. We offer ATV and Dirt Bike guided tours. With your tour, you will get everything you need to have an incredible ride. This includes your entry fee and park pass to ride on the trails in the park. Everyone also gets a mandatory helmet to wear for the duration of the tour. It’s also recommended that you wear other safety gear like goggles, long pants and sleeves, and boots to cover your ankles and protect yourself from the elements. 

Have Fun With ATV Rentals Orlando

It’s hard to count all of the ATV rentals Orlando has to offer! From taking the kids out for a fun little ride to enjoying the adventure of ripping around mud puddles and dirt berm tracks at Croom Motorcycle Park, if you’re visiting Orlando, you don’t want to miss out on the fun of an ATV rental. There is an ATV rental in Orlando for everyone to enjoy, and they’re even more fun when you take a big group of friends or the whole family out for a ride!

Our guided tours with Rockon Rentals make it incredibly easy to enjoy all that Croom State Park has to offer, and we will even show you exactly how to use your ATV so you can have a safe day out on the trail. There’s no better way to explore all of the natural beauty that Florida has to offer than being right in the middle of it. Whether you decide to ride a four-wheeler or a dirt bike, you’ll be able to find something new in Orlando on your ATV rental. Be sure to check out the full range of ATV rentals Orlando has to offer to find the perfect ride for you and your group. Now get out there and have the best time on your ATV rental in Orlando!

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