Ultimate Guide on Where To Go During Your Honeymoon In Florida

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Where To Go During Your Honeymoon In Florida

The cake is cut, the vows are exchanged–now the real party begins! Your honeymoon in Florida is an unforgettable opportunity that you both have been looking forward to, and can help you decompress from the stressful logistics of wedding planning. It’s also the first time you get to celebrate wedded bliss with just the two of you! Woohoo!

Now, you don’t need to go through the hassle of an overseas trip in order to plan a spectacular getaway. You can create an incredible experience right here for an unforgettable Orlando Florida honeymoon! Nature lovers, foodies, Disney-lovers; there’s something for everyone.

Looking for the best honeymoon spot in Florida? These ideas to start happily-ever-after off on the best foot possible, will surely deliver. Check out our handy guide to your best Florida honeymoon that will make you want to come back for more. 

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For A Luxurious Experience

When you think Florida, what comes to mind? You likely think of pristine beaches, hot weather, and the glitz and glam of the cities. You don’t need to be a celebrity to get the luxury experience in Orlando. 

If you are craving a lavish experience, look into Orlando’s premium selection all-inclusive hotels to get the royal treatment for your Florida honeymoon. You’ll find sophisticated, modern design that comes with all the amenities you can dream of. 

You’ll stay close to shopping centers, mouth-watering cuisine, and red-hot nightlife. Hang by the pool, go dancing in your best outfits, or lounge in five-star spas; the choice is up to you!

Honeymooning at The Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

The Ritz Carlton is the epitome of luxury. You will have plenty of space to stretch your legs on the 500-acre property, which will make your hotel stay feel like your own romantic sanctuary. 

While your stay will be a bit of an investment, every penny is designed to bring you an all-star experience around every corner. You can pamper yourself to a stay in their award-winning spa (includes a salt water pool and spa restaurant) and extravagant suites. 

honeymoon resort suite

The knowledgeable staff are also a great resource when you are ready to venture out into the city. Find out the best nightclub and the best exotic cuisine. For a more natural experience, you can also take advantage of the jet-ski rentals, boat rentals, or even ATV rentals in Orlando’s gorgeous landscape. If you are new to ATV riding, be sure to check out our safety tips for your first ATV ride.

Orlando Florida Honeymoon at Waldorf Astoria

Do you want some of the luxurious amenities of an all-star hotel, without the corresponding price tag? If the Ritz Carlton is not your taste, the Waldorf Astoria may be a perfect fit. The rate is a bit cheaper (although still on the luxury side), and you still get access to all the perks you want on a lavish trip. 

You still get plenty of space, as the Waldorf Astoria is located on a pristine 400 acres. The rooms are both gorgeous and comfortable. If you ever want to leave your room, you can explore the full golf course, the swimming pools, lazy river, and spas. 

Want a special outing? The Waldorf Astoria also offers free transportation to the Disney parks! Or plan a trip outside the pricey theme parks, and try some local adventures; such as the lovely, and super popular swim with manatee tours.

Saratoga Springs (Disney Springs, Senses Spa) Honeymoon

Are you more interested in the spa experience that your actual resort on your honeymoon in Florida Senses Spa and Disney Springs are both amazing options for a day trip. 

The ambiance helps you shed all the stresses from the wedding. Lose all of your cares in the calming music, elevating aromas, and gorgeous green landscapes that let newlyweds explore in wedded bliss. 

Disney Springs also has some of the best dining options in Orlando. Treat your taste buds to premium options such as the Boathouse, a nautical-themed restaurant by the lake where you can see Hollywood Studios fireworks on the horizon. Boats for rent are such an easy way to enjoy a day, without any of the hassle of ownership.

Ready to dance the night away? Check out Mango’s Tropical Cafe, Cowboys on Orange Blossom trail, or the Cuba Libre Restaurant and Bar. Or better yet, your Orlando Florida honeymoon can be as relaxing as the views on these memorable sunset cruises, as mentioned in our article about the perfect events for pontoon boat rentals. Not sure about how to rent a boat, we got you covered.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Walt Disney World Resort

How can we bring up honeymoon ideas in Florida and not mention the Walt Disney World Resort? Take a walk down memory lane with a stay at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando.

You can certainly visit some nostalgic childhood memories at the Walt Disney resort, but don’t be fooled–the Four Seasons Resort is an all-out adult-friendly option. You get amazing food, incredible viewed, unbeatable service, and your own grown-up amenities like an adult-only pool, golf course, a 5-acre water park, and of course, a mind-blowing spa service (including couples massages). 

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Florida honeymoon ideas for Adrenaline Seekers

Florida is not just for dazzling city escapades. There is a whole other side of things for those who prefer the less-beaten path.

Couples with a taste for adventure will love the exciting eco-tour options. Choose from a wide array of outdoor adventures, including kayaking, camping, paddleboarding, rafting, snorkeling, wildlife tours, exotic fishing boat rentals, and even off-roading! (Is there anything more romantic than riding side-by-side on his and hers ATV rentals?) Dont forget about these memories! Be sure to capture all of your ATV fun for your instagram page!


Want to get the thrill of sky-diving without, you know, that whole jumping out of a plan thing? iFly is a unique and unforgettable experience that lets you do exactly that. 

Most people might not think of this when they think about a honeymoon in Florida, but this is an indoor skydiving is actually a very popular, and memorable thing to do. You heard that right–indoor, skydiving. That means it’s safe, controlled, and still incredibly fun. 

The knowledgable staff will suit you up, get you into a powerful wind tunnel, and let you enjoy the life. Just another memorable honeymoon spot in Florida. Try new positions, get a few laughs, and fly for an afternoon–what other newlyweds can say they’ve done that?

Universal Orlando

This is a national favorite, and for good reason for an Orlando Florida honeymoon. Universal Studios Florida puts you right in the midst of your favorite cinematic worlds, from Marvel to Men in Black. Ride the Incredible Hulk coaster, say hi to Spiderman, and revel in amazing tech shows that are sure to wow you. 

The best part yet? You can totally fit this into a day trip. 

Best Florida honeymoon for Nature Lovers

Sometimes, you don’t want the loud shows and modern frills. All you want is to get away from the crowds and get back in touch with nature (and each other).

An Orlando Florida honeymoon gives you a an experience that you can’t get anywhere else, especially when you get out into nature. Leave the bustle of the busy work life and people drama behind: instead, focus on relaxing in sweet, quiet solitude with each other.

Swim with manatee tours, kayak rentals or learn some new together with a lesson, or how about a beautiful and peaceful ride on a horseback riding rental–now that’s what we call romance. 

Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove

Get right into the water with some of Florida’s most amazing creatures in Discovery Cove to make your honeymoon in Florida spectacular. This park is is a great honeymoon spot in Florida, and is

specifically designed to help you interact with nature on a more intimate level. Enjoy the beach, snorkel in clear water, or even come face to face with dolphins!

Wekiva Springs

You don’t need to go too far to see the wild side of an Orlando Florida honeymoon. Wekiva Springs is a well-known local secret, and for a spring swimming adventure, you won’t find a better location. You can explore the trails or just soak in the gorgeous spring water. Whether you want to ride in a canoe, dive right in, or just dip your feet in, it’s a great honeymoon spot in Florida to get away from the city. 

Blue Springs State Park 

One of the most unique experience in Florida is the chance to swim with manatees. If your honeymoon falls in the winter months, you have the perfect timing to see these beautiful critters. Manatees flock to Blue Springs State Park during the winter to stay warm, so if you want to see a sea cow in person, it’s only a short trip away. Swimming is not allowed, but if you want to get closer, you can take a boat tour to see these animals up close and personal. Dont worry, we’ve answer the most common questions people have before swimming with manatees.

Memorable honeymoon spot in Florida for Urban Explorers

Orlando is a perfect palace to release your inner nerd. History buffs and Disney-magic seekers alike can find their own oasis. You can find rich local history around every corner, with inspiring, dramatic, and sometimes even sordid histories.

Orlando is also a prime destination for Disney lovers. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, Disneyworld has that same lovable charm. Is there anything better than sharing that magic with the one you love?

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

No love potion needed here. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a theme park that takes you right into the heart of the world of Harry Potter. Explore the halls of Hogwarts, shop along Diagon Alley, and see your favorite parts of the book series come to life. It’s sure to cast a spell on bibliophile newlyweds!


Want to visit an amusement park with an extra twist? The Wheel at ICON Park is a favorite among couples who want to revel in the prettiest parts of Orlando’s urban landscape. The Wheel is a beautiful ferris wheel with rainbow lights and extraordinary views that show off the best parts of the city for your instagram-able shot on your honeymoon in Florida. 


Newlyweds can’t miss the classic Lake Eola experience. This lake is tucked away downtown among a whole array of bars and restaurants that are sure to please your taste buds, so no need to travel too far away from the city. 

One of the most popular experiences is to rent the swan-shaped paddleboats and ride around with your special someone. Enjoy the gorgeous water, the amazing cityscape, and spectacular views. A must-see for newlyweds!

Orlando Florida honeymoon for The Budget-Conscious

Weddings are great, but they are expensive. For that reason, you may be torn on whether to even go on your honeymoon in the first place. It’s surprising how many things there are to do in Orlando, honestly.

You don’t have to spring for top-of-the-line services if you don’t want to. You can find clean, safe, and comfortable hotels that help you relax without the frills. 

You can also plan free or inexpensive activities such as jet-ski rentals, or maybe an airboat ride that get you out and about without draining your budget. These are still just as pleasant, and they’re extra versatile since you can stay in town or go into the outskirts. You don’t need to “pay to play” in order to have a good time!

Hilton Grand Vacations at Tuscany Village

The Hilston Grand Vacations in Tuscany Village is a gerat option for those who want a comfortable stay that still lets you save money for, you know, the rest of your trip. You’re not “trading down”; every inch is still designed to be chic and modern. 

Soak in the outdoor pools, lounge on the balconies, or check out the shopping mere minutes away from the resort. You’re less than 10 minutes away from Disney, SeaWorld, Universal, and a whole host of other honeymoon in Florida adventure ideas. In terms of locations, you can’t beat it. 

California Grill

Sometimes all you need for a good evening on vacation is tasty food, a good view, and good company. 

We assume you have the third one covered, so meet the other two by taking a trip to California Grill. Not only is the food spectacular, but you even get a fireworks show nearby as a free added bonus! Its a perfect honeymoon spot in Florida. 

Leu Gardens

Theme parks not your style? You can ditch the busier side of Orlando and take a trip to Leu Gardens which is a fantastic honeymoon spot in Florida. There’s nothing like taking a leisurely stroll with your beloved through a beautiful botanical garden. 

There’s a lot to see here–Leu Gardens is over 50 acres! Full of gorgeous flora and aromas, the backdrop is naturally romantic. Explore the rose gardens hand-in-hand, no additional fee required. 

Want a little something extra? Enjoy the musical shows occasionally set in Leu Gardens, such as Jazz Evenings. Music, roses, and solitude–it’s like a romantic movie come to life. 

Orlando Florida honeymoon, not just for “new” newlyweds

Let’s be honest–sometimes, it’s just not in the cards for newlyweds to honeymoon right after the wedding. If it’s been a few years since you married your spouse, let this be your sign to treat yourselves to the honeymoon in Florida you deserve. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a year or 20 years; there’s no time like the present!

All of the above honeymoon ideas are great for “new” newlyweds and couples that have been together for decades. A quick search for things to do near me this weekend will certainly give you tons of ideas on ways to recapture the magic, and show each other how much your love has grown by having a little fun with each other. It’s never too late!

Are there any that we missed?

Orlando is full of honeymoon ideas, so if there are any suggestions on the best honeymoon spot in Florida that we missed, let us know in the comments below!

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