Top 10 Questions People Ask before jet skiing in Orlando

Here are the Top 10 Questions People Ask Us before jet skiing in Orlando

Orlando is one of the best places to enjoy watersports in the US. The beautiful city is blessed with different water bodies that attract millions of visitors that come here for surfing, waterboarding, and most especially, jet skiing.

jet skiing in orlando

If you have not tried jet skis in Orlando or Florida generally, there may be chances that you have a few questions relating to how they work. This can be out of curiosity, or maybe you are scared about your safety on these fast and fun machines.

For starters, riding a jet ski in Florida is probably one of the best fun activities anyone can have for vacation or relaxation. The activity is safe and allows you to rest and relax in an atmosphere of fun. Plus, Florida, particularly Orlando, is a large area with many beautiful sights waiting for you to see and explore. As you can see from the chart below, the trend of people searching for things to do in Orlando is increasing over time, and jet skis have become the preferred go-to activity to fill those time voids between bigger excursions like the theme parks, or other attractions.

Google Trends Data 08/22 United States. Past 5 Years. Web Search. Things to do in Orlando
Google Trends Data 08/22 United States. Past 5 Years. Web Search. Things to do in Orlando

As you read further, we have selected some of the top ten questions people have asked us in the past about riding jet skis in Orlando. We hope by answering these questions, we will satisfy your curiosity and relieve your fears about jet skiing in Orlando.  

1. Can you go Jet skiing in Orlando?

The first question of importance should be whether or not you can jet ski in Orlando because it sets the basis for every other question on the list. 

Yes, by all means, you can ride jet skis in Orlando. There are no barriers legally that prevent you from riding jet skis in Orlando. Although, there might be a few rules regarding how you ride your jet ski in Florida. However, generally speaking, you can ride jet skis in Orlando.

Also, there are no limitations on where you can ride jet skis in Orlando. The area has several large lakes for you to enjoy and have fun on your fast machines. 

The closest of these lakes to Orlando is East Toho. This beautiful lake covers an area of about 49 square kilometers and has been a star attraction for jet skiing in Orlando for many years. 

There is also Lake Toho, which is a sister lake to East Toho. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Orlando to Lake Toho, but it is a journey worth every second of your time. The lake is larger, covering 22,700 acres. Plus, you will enjoy the fact that the lake has some beautiful sights and scenery waiting for you to explore. So, as you enjoy your time on your jet ski, you can also enjoy the breathtaking scenery the lake offers. 

Although there are still many lakes we haven’t mentioned, the farthest lake to Orlando where you can ride your jet skis is the Haris Chain of Lakes. With a car on moderate speed, you will need about 40 minutes to reach the Haris Chain of Lakes from Orlando. 

From the name, you can easily tell that the area is a collection of lakes where you can ride your jet ski in Florida and have fun. The Harris Chain of Lakes covers a total area of about 75,000 acres which should be more than enough for you and your friends to enjoy and have fun while jet skiing.    

2. How much are jet skis in Orlando?

Generally speaking, if you wish to rent a jet ski in Florida, you should budget around $90hour – $110/hour. While this is the general price range, you may find companies that charge higher or lower.

The price of Jet skis in Orlando varies by company. Different companies have different pricing policies for their jet skis in Orlando. In addition to your rental fee, some companies may also require you to make a deposit before you can rent their jet ski. 

Depending on the company where you rent your jet ski, the fee may be called the Pre-authorization or deposit fee, and it ranges between 200 and 800 dollars per jet ski. Most rentals collect this fee to ensure that you return the jet ski after you have had fun. After you return your jet ski, the company will return your jet ski. 

The location is important because it directly affects the cost of gas. Your rental fee usually covers enough gas that will carry you for the period when you use the jet ski in Orlando. Therefore, if you rent jet skis in areas where the gas is very costly, the average price of renting a jet ski may be high in such areas.

3. What’s the closest beach to Orlando?

Beaches are great for jet skis. They allow everyone to enjoy a piece of the fun while you are jet skiing in Orlando. The children and your friends that do not want to jet ski with you can stay on the beach and watch you while you have fun on the waters. 

If you want an experience that involves beaches, the closes to Orlando is Lakefront Beach park. The park is in a central location in Florida, just about 21 miles away from Orlando. 

It is a lovely park that is open to both residents and the general public. The park and the shore lined with ancient oak trees will give you a warm welcome at the park’s entrance. As you have fun with your Jetski, you can also enjoy the beautiful view the trees give. 

 Lake Front Beach is a fantastic place since it has several amenities. The park has a wonderful playground where kids and family can play, swim, picnic, or even party! 

There are also beautiful picnic tables, four shelters, a path, and an overlook along the shoreline for walking and enjoying. If you get tired of jet skiing, you can swim on the sandy beach. There are lifeguards and a boat launch on the ground for safety. Plus, there are restrooms in the area for your convenience. 

However, you may be required to pay a fee to park and launch your jet ski at the beach.

4. Is it safe to jet ski in Florida?

Absolutely, it is safe to ride a jet ski in Florida. As you will see, hundreds of thousands of people come out and jet ski each year as a favorite activity. You won’t be the only one doing the activity. 

However, for proper safety, while riding your jet ski in Florida, ensure you keep to safety rules. Most rentals will give you some of these important rules before you rent with them. Some of the most important the safety rules include the following:

Always use a Life Jacket 

Strong swimming ability does not preclude a jet ski rider from wearing a life jacket, which keeps a person’s head above water if unconscious. Unlike boats, jet skis allow riders to fall off and reboard safely. Jet ski riders risk being ejected and knocked unconscious before entering the water.

Learn basic swimming skills  

Basic swimming skills can help prepare a person for water-related sports or activities. Confidence prevents panic if a person falls in the water. Panicked swimmers can be dangerous for rescuers.

All JET SKI drivers should avoid alcohol while on the water.

 Alcohol’s effects on the water are greater than on land due to direct sunlight and dehydration. Besides, alcohol use on the water is a leading cause of fatal jet ski accidents, especially when combined with rider inexperience.

Never ride a JET SKI alone. 

Ride as a passenger or with a Jet-Ski pilot. Keep a safe, immediate-operations distance. If you must sail alone, make a “sail” plan as a pilot does. Friends or family should know where you’re riding and how long you’ll be gone each time you go out. Stick to your plan and agree to call someone after you return safely. In case of an accident, your safety contact will call for help.

Ride responsibly

A jet ski operator is responsible for their safety, the safety of any passengers, the watercraft, and any wake damage. Follow signs and no-wake zones. Before making rapid maneuvers or crossing another boat’s wake, check for traffic right, left, and behind you. Do not repeatedly jump other boaters’ wakes; cross them at a safe distance.

5. How much is it to rent a jet ski for a day in Florida?

The cost of renting a jet ski in Florida varies from place to place. In most places, the average cost is between $300-$500 for the full day. It is cheaper to rent a jet ski for a full day compared with hourly rentals. However, most people prefer to rent by the hour from their marina. In fact, most rentals you find in Florida rent out their jet skis by the hour. 

6. How much does a jet ski cost to rent in Florida?

The cost of renting a jet ski in Florida varies based on the demand and location. Locations like Orland are hot spots for jet skiing. Since there are more people trooping in, the price of jet ski rentals in these high-demand areas can be as high as $130/ hour. The cost will also depend on other factors, such as the price of gas in the area. In some slower regions where the demand for jet skis is not so high, rentals may charge 60 to 90 dollars per hour. Keep in mind that you will still have to pay additional fees for the company as Pre-Authorization or deposit fees. Depending on the region, this can be between 200 dollars for low traffic areas and 800 for high traffic zones in Florida. 

7. How do you ride a jet ski?

If this is your first-time jet skiing in Orlando, don’t be scared. Jet skis are easy to ride, even for people without experience. 

 Start by sitting comfortably, saddle your legs on each side of the bench seat and hold on to the handles. When you are comfortable, proceed to start the jet ski from its ignition with the key on your wrist lanyard.

Accelerate slowly and cruise 5 to 10 mph away from the shore. If you are not sure of the throttle sensitivity, you can stay close to shore until you are sure of yourself. As you leave the shore, you can gradually increase the speed. 

If you intend to turn, ensure that you lean in the direction you wish to turn. If you have a passenger, have them turn in the same direction. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll likely fall while riding. The good news, though, is that jet ski falls are relatively harmless so far you keep to safety rules. 

If the jet ski capsizes while you are riding, the first thing is to turn it upwards. When reboarding, ensure you come in from the stern. Reboarding from the side is dangerous as the jet ski can flip you over.

Use the seatback handles to climb onto the boarding platform and reattach the safety lanyard.

8. Do you need a license to drive a jet ski in Florida?

Yes, you will need a boating license to ride a jet ski in Florida. Florida’s fish and wildlife department require people born after January 1st, 1988, to obtain a license before they can ride a jet ski in Florida. 

You may think the license is unnecessary, but then the rules are there for the safety of everyone riding jet skis in Florida. In the process of obtaining the license, you will learn many important lessons on how you can operate your jet ski safely without causing harm to yourself and others. 

During the process, you will also be exposed to proper riding etiquette, like what you should do in boating emergencies. This will help you during your jet skiing excursions and may also help you for future boating trips.

9. How do I get a jet ski license in Florida?

Getting a boating license is not as difficult as it sounds. In an actual sense, the license is your certificate for completing a boating safety course. This certificate also acts as an ID or license that you can present when you are jet skiing in Orlando. 

Minors younger than 14 years cannot ride a jet ski in Florida; however, they can obtain their license. However, such certification does not grant the minors a chance to ride their jet ski in Florida until they are older than 14 years. 

The online boating course is available online, so you can learn at your own pace. Your jet ski rental would most likely have one on the ground for you. There are usually two types. There is a temporary certificate course that costs about $9.9. The temporary certificate is only valid for 90 days. Most rentals offer this 90-day certificate to boaters that want to jet ski but cannot undergo the boating education course due to time constrain.

The other type is the $30 certificate that you get after completing the boating education course, and it is valid for a lifetime. After you register online, you have to complete the course in about 90 days, or you have to pay for the course again. 

The time is more than fair as most people complete the course in less than a month. After the course, you will have to write an exam to prove you understand what you have learned. To obtain a license, you must have at least 80% of the total score. That is, you must answer 48 questions correctly out of 60. 

10. Can you rent a jet ski in Florida without a boating license?

In most cases, rental companies in Florida will not allow you to rent their jet skis without a certificate. However, some rentals charge extra money for riders without a license. Although this gets you a jet ski without the required license, you stand a huge risk of getting caught and paying huge fines.

But then, certain individuals listed below may not be required to have boating licenses under the laws of Florida:

  • A person operates a vessel within 90 days of purchasing it and has a bill of sale available for inspection aboard that vessel.
  • A USCG-licensed shipmaster.
  • An operator is accompanied onboard by a person who is at least 18 and has a Boating Safety Education Identification Card, provided that person is responsible for the vessel’s safe operation.
  • An operator who is accompanied onboard by an exempt person who is responsible for the vessel’s safe operation.
  • Non-residents with proof of NASBLA-approved boater safety course or equivalency exam from another state.
  • Private lake or pond operator.

These have been the top 10 questions people ask when searching for a jet ski rental in Orlando. Hopefully this guide will help set you onto your journey loaded with knowledge and comfort to get on a jet ski today!

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