Top 10 Outdoor things to do in Orlando with kids

paddleboaring with kids

Kids get bored, fast- which is why we have put together this list of things to do in Orlando with kids. In today’s world of phones, they easily lose the importance of outdoor activities. However, outdoor activities remain essential.

Outdoor activity is a natural way for children of all ages to exercise. It helps the children feel liberated, plus it is beneficial to children’s health and well-being. Being physically active expends energy and can aid in the prevention of illnesses in adulthood.

According to research, sunlight improves mood and strengthens children’s immune systems. Outdoor play also benefits children with ADHD by providing an outlet for the activity and energy that can cause problems indoors.

Also, some scientists from Harvard believe that playing outside can improve a child’s perspective about life. Some other studies show that children that play outside often tend to grow up to appreciate the environment better.

Now that you know how beneficial outdoor activity can be, how do you go about it? Remember, to get the best out of this activity; it has to be fun.

10 Outdoor things to do in Orlando with kids

To help you, we have listed below some of the best fun things to do near me with kids in Orlando. Search or click here for things to do in Orlando Florida, for a list of experiences near you.

Kayaking with Kids

Kayaking is one of those fun things to do near me with kids that can be enjoyable for the entire family. The experience allows you to teach your children new skills and confidence. It can also provide them with life-changing experiences.

kids on a kayak in orlando

A kayaking trip can be enjoyed by almost anyone, from infants to adults. However, for the sake of safety, we recommend that you take only children of age 5 and above. Also, it is crucial to have the correct number of children and adults on the trip. There should be an adult to take care of every child.

To ensure your children’s safety, ensure that you have at least one experienced kayaker with you. Aside from safety, bringing an adult along helps your children develop interpersonal skills and boost their confidence. 

Also, always remember that children’s attention span is short and dynamic. Therefore, if you have younger children, ensure the trip is short. That way, you don’t bore your children. 

Go ahead and search or click kayak rentals near me for amazing kayak experiences the whole family can enjoy.

Jet ski rentals

Jet skiing is another great activity on our list of fun things to do near me for kids. There’s no denying it; most kids love jet skiing which makes an amazing solution when searching for things to do in Orlando with kids.

jet ski tubing with kids

They all enjoy the thrill of speed and the adrenaline rush that comes with the rides. Don’t pass up a fantastic opportunity to bond with your children while having the time of your life. However, you must take some safety precautions. Take the time to plan ahead of time.

First, not all children can ride jet skis. For your child to drive, they must be at least 14 years old according to the laws of Florida. Similarly, we recommend that you only carry children about 5 years as passengers on jet skis.

For maximum safety, a child under 18 should be placed between two adults. Although putting your child in front gives them more fun, they risk hitting the handlebars. 

Also, every child requires a personal flotation device that is properly fitted and in good working order. Search or click jet ski rentals near me to find one closest to you.

Fishing boat rentals with kids

Fishing is one of those things to do near me with kids of all ages. Fishing boats are relatively safe for kids of almost all ages.

fishing with kids orlando

Saltwater fishing trips with children allows them to catch various fish in large numbers. These trips are intended to keep children busy catching so that they do not become bored.

Children as young as four years old can enjoy the thrill that comes with catching fish. Plus, there is no prior fishing experience required. The excellent part about Orlando is that it has several lakes to catch fish of different shapes and sizes. Also, who knew you could bring home a catch while jet ski fishing!

kid on fishing boat

Some species you will find in Orlando include redfish, drum fish, bass fish, ladyfish, seatrout, silver trout, pompano, permit, ad even sharks.

Search fishing boat rentals near me.

Paddleboarding things to do in Orlando with kids

Paddleboarding rentals are fantastic things to do in Orlando with kids. You get plenty of full-body exercises and fresh air and sunlight, which is beneficial for everyone.

yoga paddleboard SUP with kid

Besides, paddleboarding can improve endurance, arm, leg, and core strength and promotes balance in your kids. The balancing exercise strengthens their foot, leg, and core, while the paddling exercise strengthens their arms and shoulders.

Paddleboarding Orlando is also an excellent way for children to gain confidence. They are overjoyed when they can stand securely and do it themselves. Being on the water is also excellent for stress relief, which we could all use right now.

kayaking with kids

Different people have their policies as regards when a child can start. However, we recommend that you take children above 5 for paddleboarding. Your child is grown enough to learn and enjoy the sport at that age.

Also, ensure that the paddleboard is large enough for the kid. Ideally, the board should not be too large, so your child can paddle it. For safety reasons, all kids should wear safety jackets during paddleboarding.

More importantly, ensure you are always there to watch your kids as the paddleboard.

Search or click here for paddleboard rentals near me, and paddle away to your adventure soon!

Craig cat boat rentals for kids

If you are looking for things for kids to do near me, consider Craigcats. These boats are incredibly stable on water which means they are safe for kids of almost all ages. The hubs on the watercraft create enough space for you to bring all you need for fun. It also creates room for the safety of your kids. 

Besides, Orlando has several islands and lakes where you can take your craigcats and enjoy with your family. You can easily create a list of places to visit in Orlando and have fun all summer with your kids.

Even though Craig cat boat tours are relatively safe for children of all ages, we recommend that you only bring children above age two. At that age, you can monitor their activities and keep them safe.

Life jackets are also crucial for your children. Even if they are strong swimmers, you should ensure they wear life jackets. Also, adults that are non-swimmers should wear life jackets. Search boat rentals near me like the craig cat boat to reserve one for you.

Atv riding with kids

If you are looking for fun things to do in Orlando with kids that do not require water, ATV is the absolute perfect sport. ATV refers to All-terrain vehicles. They come with four legs, but they look like motorbikes.

atv for kids in orlando

There is no better place to ride ATVs than in and around Orlando, Florida, specifically in Croom ATV Park. Central Florida is known for its outstanding and diverse natural beauty. So, if you are in or around Orlando and don’t get outside to explore, you’re missing out.

When you explore the world of ATV rentals Florida, you’re in for a wild ride. The good news is there are so many ATV rentals Orlando it’s great for anyone visiting and interested in giving it a try. You can go with your children too.

The sweet part is, your kids can ride too. So long they are 5 years old, they can ride ATVs too. However, for safety reasons, they should ride along with adults. That way, you can monitor their activity and keep them safe. If you find yourself searching for ATV rentals near me, you and your kids will not regret this option. Or, search or click here to find atv rentals near me.

Iguana hunting with (older) kids

Iguanas are fast becoming a nuisance in South Florida. While Florida iguana hunting is several hours of driving from Orlando, we couldn’t leave this option out just because of distance. If you are searching for things to do in Orlando with kids, hunting is a great way to teach the youth about respect, and safety with weapons. We use airguns, so its much different than the powerful blast of a gunpowder gun.

The iguanas are an invasive species destroy properties and other plant and animal species in the area. Over time, killing these species has become a recreational activity in the area.

Asides from being one of the fun things for kids to do near me, this activity can help you teach your kids. Your children can learn how to handle firearms outdoor. They also learn some self-defense skills while you bond with them.

It can also be a time to teach your children about the environment. You will be helping them grow to become better adults in the future. Plus, you could eat the iguanas if you want since they are edible.

Considering the risk involved, we only recommend bringing kids 6 years and above. At that age, you can be sure that your child understands the risks involved.

Check out iguana hunting and other hunting excursions near you by clicking on hunting excursions near me.

Dirt bike training for kids

The laws of Florida only permit persons above age 16 to ride dirt bikes. However, no one said you can’t train your kids to ride dirt bikes before they are of age. Dirtbike riding is a great idea for things to do in Orlando with kids because its exciting, its a new skill, and its a ton of fun.

dirtbike training for kids

Dirt bike training under close monitoring is one of those fun things to do for kids near me before they become adults. It allows you to bond with your children in an atmosphere of fun.

It can also teach them valuable life skills help them socialize, build confidence, and stay fit. The good news is Orlando has a thriving scene for biking for people of all ages and abilities.  

However, we recommend that you only start training at age 8. In the alternative, you can wait until you are sure the child can ride safely without getting injured. 

Also, your children must wear safety gear. This will keep them safe and help them develop a sense of responsibility. If you can, ensure that you start them with a small bike for fast learning.

Another essential tip might be to start with flat roads. This will help the child learn without the risk of getting injured. Finally, ensure that your kids take water breaks and make sure they drink water and eat too. 

Swim with manatee tours with kids

The opportunity to swim with the Manatees offers a memorable experience to people of all ages in the Crystal River area. Crystal River Manatees are giant sea creatures that look like sea lions, although larger. Their skins are similar to that of the elephant, and they are huge.


But then, don’t be scared; manatees are just as friendly as dolphins which is what makes this an excellent option for things to do in Orlando with kids. The docile animals are herbivores, and manatees do not attack humans at all. That means you have nothing to worry about swimming with these large water creatures.   

Manatee tours are designed to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to anyone who can swim. Most of the time, the tours start with an educational presentation. That way, your children can prepare for wonderful and safe exploration.

Swimming with the manatees is open to children who can swim (usually at least 2 years old) and seniors of all ages. Asides that your child must be at least 2 years old, they should be comfortable in water.

It is also essential that you stay close to your kids during the adventure.

So grab yourself a reservation for dolphin and manatee tours near me.

Pontoon boat rentals

There are a few activities onshore that your kids can enjoy, like having a day on a Pontoon boat. While they’re having the time of their lives, they’re also embarking on a vital self-development process.

pontoon boat with kids

That is because pontoon boating instills a sense of adventure and discovery in children. This provides your children with exciting topics to discuss with their teachers and peers in school. 

Pontoon boating also helps children develop self-confidence by exploring and interacting with their surroundings. It helps them become more self-aware and positively minded about their environment.

Pontoon boats have large tubes that help them stay afloat better than most boats. That means they are safe enough for children of all ages. Plus, they are larger than most boat types, so they can take as many as 8 children at once. 

Asides, you can rent a pontoon boat for as many activities as you want on the water. You could use the boat to convey your kids for water sports.

Or, if you are looking for things to do in Orlando with kids like fishing, cruising, camping, beachcombing, you can use pontoon boats. And if you are devoid of ideas, you can simply hang out with family and friends on the boat.  

The beauty of these boats in Orlando is that there are a variety of exciting new locations you can try out. For example, check out the pontoon boat rental in Mount Dora to see some historic nature. In Orlando alone, there are more than 100 lakes and rivers where you can take your pontoon boats to have fun with the kids. Tavares boat rental locations get to enjoy the Harris Chain of Lakes to cruise on for hours.

You will find some of the best suggestions of things to do in Orlando with Kids in all these locations. 

However, ensure your kids have lifejackets, especially if you are boating with non swimmers, for your ride on the pontoon boats. The good news, is that all boating rental companies supply the life jackets and safety gear needed. If your kids want to drive and are over 16, make sure they take the boaters safety course to allow them to legally operate a vessel in Florida.

Search or click here for pontoon boat rentals near me.

Final thoughts on things to do in Orlando with kids

Now that you know all the fun things to do for kids near me, it’s time to explore. The question is, which one are you trying first with your kids?

As you go, ensure to keep to safety rules and regulations, so you and your kids are safe.

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