Top 10 Guaranteed Fun Activities for Kids Near Me

fun kayaking with kids near me

Checkout these fun activities for kids near me that stimulate their interest, feed their need for adventure, and educate them on the outdoors.

If you have a child, you have to engage them in activities that stimulate their brain and help them stay active. However, finding a suitable activity for your kids can be challenging because children have a short attention span. Meanwhile, they have a genuine interest in an activity that inspires adventure, they will get bored quickly while at it.

Outdoor activity can be a solution. Outdoor activities are fun and challenging enough to capture your children’s attention. It gives your children something different to do in today’s phones and digital technology world.

If you are looking for something fascinating to do with your kids, you are in the right place!. Below are some activities that are fun for kids near me.

Dirt bike training for kids

If you are looking for a thrilling activity, consider Dirt bike riding. Aside from being one of the fun activities for kids near me, dirt bike riding has been proven to improve the cardiovascular function of the body. It is said that for every hour of dirt biking, you lose about 400 calories.

dirtbike training with kids

It can also help your children develop a good team spirit and work ethic. Also, it can be a fun time to bond with your kids outdoor. It’s also one of those perfect things to do in Orlando besides theme parks.

While you need a license to ride bikes in the US, you will not need one to ride a dirt bike. That is because dirt bikes are driven off-road, and so they are to some extent safe for kids.

As a result, you can start teaching your kids to ride from age 8 upwards.

Jet ski rentals with kids

Jet skis are for children that love wild adventures. Jet skis are like motorbikes, only that they run on water. We listed this as second in the list of fun activities for kids near me, but it must come with the proper safety measures, which you can find in our article about safety tips to follow when you rent a jet ski near me.

kids on a jet ski with family

Your child will enjoy the thrill of bursting through the wind while riding the tides. Keep in mind that there are rules for jet skiing with kids, your child has to be 14 years old before they can legally drive a Jetski. If not, they can ride with an adult as long as they are older than 5 years old!

Iguana hunting with kids

Over the years, Iguanas have become a source of concern in Florida because they do not have any known predators. Their population continues to grow such that they cause property damage and even destroy native endangered species like tree snails which are all important pieces to the ecosystem that need to be protected.

hunting with kid

So, when you go out for iguana hunting, tell your kids you are saving Florida from Iguanas! Besides, Florida iguana hunting instills a sense of personal responsibility and respect for nature and authority in your kids.

Hunting teaches patience, endurance, and how to deal with disappointment. These are all skills that your children will benefit from in the future.

There are numerous methods for hunting iguanas in Florida. That’s because iguanas can live on both land and water. However, the most common methods are air guns or air pellet rifles. This is a versatile and relatively simple method for hunters of all experience levels.

If you are looking to make things more innovative, you could use fishing bows, blowguns, crossbows, arrows, etc.

However, your child should be at least 6 years old to try this activity. At 6 years, we expect that they understand all the safety rules and you can monitor them properly. So when searching for fun activities for kids near me, and looking for a safe, guided hunting excursion, this could be a great option to consider.

Craig cat rental and riding with kids

Craig cat rentals might be a perfect idea if you are looking for a one-on-one time out with your kids. These boats are sturdy, safe and a blast to cruise around with in the water as two large floating pads support them.

You can have a fun day outdoor doing anything from cruising Mount Dora, to fishing or swimming with your child as long they are above two years old. The boats can power up to 30 mph, making them ideal for water sports activities and thrills.

Once you rent one of these, strap up and enjoy this time with your kids as they laugh and smile the entire way. If you are born after January 1st 1988, you will need a boat license to ride a Craig cat by law. But don’t worry, you can take a boaters safety course online before the trip.  

Fishing boat rentals with kids

Fishing boats are for families that love catching some fish. These boats are relatively safe for children of almost all ages. Plus, they can take as many as 3 people at a time. You can visit all the great fishing spots that regular boats can’t access, and you can do it without leaving anyone behind.

kid holding a fish on a fishing boat

So, if you are sure your children would love the anticipation and excitement of catching a fish, get a fishing boat rental and start your adventure.

Kids ATV riding

Riding ATVs is an exhilarating outdoor activity for the entire family. It’s an opportunity for your kids to learn new skills and gain self-confidence. It is also an excellent way to spend time with your children.

atv activities for kids

Learning to drive an ATV safely also teaches children responsibility, which will help them when they are old enough to get behind the wheel of a car. Also, it improves their coordination and ability to think. Like driving cars, your child will have to make split-second decisions while riding ATVs.

If you have a child who is 5 years and above and can ride a bike or skateboard, this is one of those fun activities for kids near me that you can provide for them.  

Paddleboard Rentals with kids

Paddle boarding is one of those fantastic fun activities for kids near me. The good news is it is an affordable fun activity. All you need is a paddleboard and a paddle for your kids. There are many guided paddleboard tours if you are considering to paddleboard Orlando.

paddleboard activities for kids near me

As long as you follow the necessary safety rules, the sport is safe enough for kids above 5 years. Plus, it helps build their muscles and confidence.

Kids Kayaking

If you have a child above 5 years, Kayaking might be a suitable outdoor activity for them. Kayaking is a popular sport in the US and is one of those fun things for kids near me.

fun kayaking with kids near me

The exciting thing about Kayaks is that you can use them for different purposes. You could take your kayak to a quiet river and have some bonding time. Or if you want more fun, you could do some fishing, swimming and more with your kayak.

Also, as you may know, there are tandem kayaks that fit two, such as a parent and kid, but there is also the smaller single seaters for the older kids that want to do it on their own!

Kids can swim with manatee

If you have a child at least two years old and can swim, consider taking them to Crystal River, Florida. The Crystal River manatee swim tours are home to tons of manatees, and the size astonishes kids, even though they are very kind and docile animals.

manatee swim activity

Manatees are living icons of Crystal River, Florida. The large and adorable sea cows are a significant tourist attraction in Crystal River year round, because the water is supplied by natural springs that are 72 degrees no matter the season.

Every year, over 70,000 visitors travel worldwide to Crystal River just to see and swim with the manatees. Manatees, with their passive and non-aggressive demeanor, are entertaining to watch.

Also, it can be an excellent time for you and your children to learn about the thriving ecosystem in which they live. Your children will also learn about the plants they eat and how they regulate the growth of vegetation that can clog Florida’s waterways.

Pontoon boat rentals with kids

Small children can get bored on fishing trips when you constantly tell them what not to do or touch. If your kid is finicky, consider a pontoon boat rental.

fun pontoon boat activities with kids

When you rent a pontoon boat, there’s enough room for your kids to run, play, and do whatever they like. Pontoon boats offer more stability compared with other types of boats. Plus, they have a higher seating capacity. Unlike regular boats, pontoon boats can accommodate 10 passengers or more for the larger ones.

That means you can bring your older kids and their friends or other relatives. You can tell your child to bring one of their friends from school as you explore fun places like the historic canals, beaches, restaurants, playgrounds, and more all from the water. Your child and their friend get to have fun while you also get to see what their friends are like in school. Not to mention, its fun for adults too!

Plus, these boats are more versatile, and you can use them for many water activities like fishing, skiing, etc.  

Finding fun activities for kids near me is not hard

We hope this top ten list helps you to find fun with your kids. Kids are such a sponge when it comes to trying new things, and looking for adventure. Sometimes, staying at home, reading books, watching tv, and doing chores can be a cycle that loses opportunities to learn new things.

It’s important to show your kids fun, and important for it to be affordable for the parents too. But the most valuable thing you can take out of any of these is the memories and experiences. Who knows, you may find that it helps to uncover a new interest for your child, that keeps them wanting to come back for more!

Fun Activities for Kids Near Me

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    Fun Activities for Kids Near Me

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