21 Tips on How to Find the Right Boating Rental Company

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Tips on How to Find Right Boating Rental Company

Long ago, it was common for people to be interested in purchasing a boat in order to enjoy sailing at sea. But with the connectivity of technology these days, people no longer need to bear that burden. Boating rentals is becoming one of the most common recreation activity around, and for good reason. In this article we will review the benefits, things to look out for, and other items to consider when searching for a boating rental.

When to rent the boat

Once we have decided that we are going to rent a boat, it is best to get going as soon as possible, to find the right boating rental company. If we know in advance the dates of our vacation, it is recommended that we do not leave it for the last minute. If we do we have a slimmer chance of picking the best boat for the best price.

If we leave things for the last moment we will have to settle for the boats that nobody has wanted. Sometimes we will have to change the destination or choose a type of boat that was not the one we initially wanted. There are indeed last minute offers where you can find good opportunities, but they will not always fit our preferences.

Many boating rental companies apply discounts by hiring more than a week (from about 5% to 10%) and try to build customer loyalty that has already rented with them, offering interesting discounts if they repeat in successive seasons.

Legal aspects

When renting a boat, the client and the charter company sign a contract that commits both parties.

What do you have to consider when renting a boat?

  • Read carefully all the clauses of the contract. Letting go of abusive or unclear clauses thinking that nothing will happen can bring us dire consequences if any mishap occurs.
  • The majority of boating charter companies agree on the general conditions of their contracts. Normally fifty percent payment of the rental amount is required upon booking and the rest is paid one month before boarding. Subsequently, the rest will be due in addition to any extras you may have opted for.
  • In the event that a member of the group is going to assume the duties of the captain, they must provide the company with the supporting documentation that they have a boating license that enables them to navigate the selected boat. Get a Temporary Florida Boating Safety Course here.
  • The person who rents the boat, that is, the one who signs the rental contract with the company, is responsible for those losses and / or damages that the vessel may suffer during the rental period.
  • Different companies have different requirements, but its not uncommon to for companies to require the vessel to be delivered with broom swept clean, with a full fuel tank, at the day and at the time agreed in the contract. The lessee, that is, the person who rents the boat, must return it on the last day of the period rented with the full tank, and with all the items included in the boat the day, it was delivered.
  • Mooring costs are borne by the renter, except those generated at the base port of the vessel.
  • The costs of fuel, food, and all those not included in the rental contract will also be borne by the lessee.
  • The company can require the payment of a deposit, prior to boating. The amount of the deposit is reimbursed the day the boat is delivered, once the company’s employees verify that everything is in order.
  • The contract must specify the amounts that, both lessee and lessor, must deliver to each party as compensation if the vessel is not delivered or returned on the agreed date and time.
  • When renting you have to be very clear about the insurance conditions that is: who will be responsible for the payment of the damages if there are any. Therefore, check the possible franchises that may exist in the conditions of the insurance, which could economically harm the rental.
  • In case you hire the boat with captain, make sure that all the professional fees and extras that may be produced are well specified.
Boating Rental Yaht
Boating Rental Yaht

Top ten tips when renting a boat

Imagine getting up every morning at a different port or anchorage, with an island to explore, and new places to see.

Sunbathe on a deserted beach, or on the deck of the boat in the middle of the ocean. Clean water perfect for depth diving, without the burden of tourist crowds.

At night, go dancing or have drinks, have dinner somewhere nice with water views. Or, simply stay on the boat enjoying the sounds of the sea, until you fall asleep, dreaming that when you wake up you will enjoy again.

If this is your idea of a vacation, you are not alone. Over the past 30 years, billions of people have experienced it. And, generally those who get to enjoy it, keep going back for more.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind so that your vacation goes as you want. The ten best tips when renting a boat.

1- What dates to choose?

Book as far in advance as possible. Depending on the dates, the prices and availability of the boats can vary greatly. It is not the same to rent the boat in the middle of December  or in the month of June.

2- What kind of vacation are you looking for?

Family vacations are not the same as vacations planned by a group of couples or friends. This will largely determine the type of boat, the required crew, and the destination.

3- Where do you want to go?

Today, there is wide selection of boating charters and rentals on the market. You can rent a boat in many areas of the planet. Choose your destination carefully, read everything you can about the sites and destination you have in mind.

4- What is your budget?

Logically, it will determine the type of boat, destination, and days of boat rental. Keep in mind that the best boat is not the cheapest one. A “cheap” boat can be outdated and poorly maintained. In the long run, it will be a source of problems.

Boating Rental View
Boating Rental View

5- What type of rental do you prefer?

There are three modalities:

1st- Boat with crew.

The boat has a professional captain. Sometimes there is also a cook. Sometimes, in luxury charter, everything is included (food and drink, diving equipment, auxiliary boat, and other extras). Meals can be adjusted to the tastes of the crew if they have expressed their preferences before sailing.

2nd- Square to square, with captain.

The boat has a professional captain. Crew members may or may not know each other. Meals and drinks are usually bought together. The itineraries and navigation plans are decided among all, following the advice of the employer and under his supervision. A good option to meet new people.

3rd- Boat rental without captain

At least one crew member must be in possession of the title legally required for the government of the boat we rent. Normally, the company will ensure that in addition to the title, we have sufficient experience in handling boats of similar length to the rented boat.

6- What kind of boat do you want?

There are several options. The prices and the way of navigation can be very different, as we choose a sailboat, Jet Ski boat, paddled boat, kayak boat, a motorboat…

7- What do people think they have rented before?

Thanks to the Internet, today we have the opportunity to know the opinion of people who have rented before. Some companies work better than others. Collect information in boating forums and websites dedicated to the subject.

8- What is the condition of the boat?

The wear and tear of a charter boat can range widely. It is assumed that a boat dedicated to renting for three years may be in similar conditions to a private one with a use of 10 to 15 years.

A poorly maintained boat can be a source of unforeseen events and breakdowns, turning our vacation into a nightmare.

9- What do I have to take?

Will I need a passport, plane tickets, hotel or vehicle reservations to get to the point where the boat is. What equipment do I have to carry to navigate? Can I sleep on board the first night, before leaving? It is convenient to review all the details and ask the rental company for advice.

Boating Rental Night Scene
Boating Rental Night Scene


10- What will happen if things don’t work out?

You have to read the contract carefully and ask the charter company if something we do not understand or consider that any additional clause has to appear in the contract.

We must admit that sometimes things go wrong and we want to be sure that those responsible are going to take care of the damages that may cause us. So it makes sense to go with a reputable company, with great reviews, and easily accessible customer service.

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