Employee Appreciation Day Activities In Orlando Florida

Employee Appreciation Day Activities In Orlando Florida

Your employees have worked hard this year and its time to show some Employee Appreciation Day gratitude! Sometimes, a little extra appreciation goes a long way. If you are looking for a great way to show just how much you appreciate your employees for all of their hard work, a team outing is a perfect way to leave the stresses of the office behind. 

Need some Employee Appreciation Day activity inspiration? Here are just a few ideas to make this Employee Appreciation Day the best yet!

A Day of ATV Riding to Show Employee Appreciation

A Day of ATV Riding to Show Employee Appreciation
A Day of ATV Riding to Show Employee Appreciation

Do you love getting behind the throttle and feeling the need for speed? Consider a team-wide outing to the local ATV trails. You and your team can explore the local trails at high speed with ATV rentals. No need to buy your own equipment; the local ATV rental companies can get you out ASAP, no matter what experience level your team has. 

You also don’t need to stick with an ATV or 4 wheelers, either: some parks offer dirt bike rentals and UTV rentals to meet any rider’s fancy. ATV trail rides make for an exciting Employee Appreciation Day as the riders play on rolly hills and sandy courses, all while staying close to picnics, camps, and hikes in the same park. 

Not sure where to start your ATV adventure? Check out our handy trail guide here to see the top 50 MX and ATV trails near you in Florida

Appreciate Employees using Jet Ski Rentals

Employees using Jet Ski Rentals
Employees using Jet Ski Rentals

Looking for the fun of an ATV ride, but without all the uncomfortable dirt and sand? Take your adventure offshore and out onto the water! Jet ski rentals are easy to access and fun to try. They are also a great cost-effective way to get a group of fun-loving riders out on the waves for an afternoon. Your rental company provides the equipment and a quick safety orientation, so everyone can enjoy the water safely. It’s an exhilarating experience that never gets old, and encourages team bonding like a charm! 

Guided Kayak and Manatee Tours

Guided Kayak and Manatee Tours
Guided Kayak and Manatee Tours

Are your office mates nature lovers? Get out for a breath of fresh air with a plethora of guided kayak tours and swimming tours! Your tour guides can assist you if you want to hop in the water to swim with the manatees up close and personal. If you want a little more instruction for swimming in the waters or deep diving, check out the dive tours and lessons

Natural Theme Parks

Are your office mates nature lovers, but prefer to see the wildlife at a bit of a distance? You can still see the awesome (and sometimes exotic) wildlife without ever stepping foot in a boat. Try out the natural theme parks! Attractions such as Gatorland are great for any team to see Florida’s reptiles face to face. They’ll also love the Gator Wrestlin’ Show and Gator Jumparoo, which feature demonstrations by the park’s expert trainers. You can join the “Trainer-for-a-day” Program to feed baby alligators, or even try to 30 mph zipline that stretches over the Nile crocodiles’ enclosure!

Iguana Hunting Thrills as Employee Appreciation

Iguana Hunting Thrills as Employee Appreciation
Iguana Hunting Thrills as Employee Appreciation

Looking for a unique souvenir? Try taking your work team out on an iguana hunting day trip! No need to bring your own firearms, boats, or even permits; the local charters take care of everything behind the scenes. All you need to do is show up with a willingness to try something new.

Iguana hunting is actually part of a conservation effort looking to minimize the impacts that feral iguanas have on the local wildlife. Certain types of iguanas are actually harmful to the ecosystem of Florida, and the Florida Fish and wildlife support the eradication of these species to protect Florida native habitats.

Rent a Yacht for Employee Appreciation Day

Think yachts are just for the CEOs? Think again! 

Yacht rentals have made these unforgettable experiences available to anyone looking for a taste of the high life. They can also be surprisingly cost-effective with larger groups. Daily rates range from a couple hundred to the low thousands of dollars, but also often come with other amenities (including a sleeping area, kitchen, and even your own captain!).

You can keep it close and cozy or as glamorous as you like. From a 20’ Yamaha to a 90’ Azimut, you can find a boat that matches your company size AND your budget. That makes yacht rentals a customizable (and memorable) venue for your Employee Appreciation Day, whether you want a big party or a smaller affair. 

Employee Appreciation Day on a Brunch Boat Charter

Is there anything more relaxing than a good work lunch? How about if that brunch came with awesome sights out on the water?

Boatin Brunch Charter

The Boatin’ Brunch Charter offers a perfect opportunity for this type of experience. Enjoy the plethora of free music on a private boat tour out on the lakes. Your team gets to focus on the party, and let your captain guide you across the watery landscape in style. 

This experience is surprisingly economical. You can have up to 16 people at a time, and the cost comes out to about $30 per person!

All-Inclusive Food Boat Picnic

For those who prefer to sleep in, consider an afternoon food boat picnic as your next Employee Appreciation Day venue. The Picnic On A Boat is sure to be a hit! 

This all-inclusive food boat charter is perfect for parties ranging from six to sixteen people. All ages are welcome, and travelers under the age of 2 sail for free! 

This charter is perfect for a low-key yet high-class affair. Your experience comes complete with fingers foods (chicken, turkey, beef, seafood, dips, veggies, and sweets), along with tasty appetizers. 

Your party comes complete with a captain included (so need to worry about where to drive your vessel!). Enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendly staff as you relax on the peaceful waters.

Show Appreciation by taking Employees Out On The Town

You don’t need to always head out of the city to make a fun Employee Appreciation Day trip!

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

There are plenty of attractions within city limits that you can’t find anywhere else. For those with their heads in the stars, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex lets you gaze upon the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Saturn V moon rocket, as well as other artifacts from NASA’s many ventures. 

Ripleys Believe It Or Not

Those with a taste for the strange and unusual should check out Ripley’s Believe It Or Not on International Drive! Adults can rediscover that childlike wonder over some of the strangest sights on Earth. At first glance, the building looks like it is falling into a sinkhole; this is just one of the many visual illusions that this attraction has to offer. Your employees can spend all afternoon perusing the 16 galleries of unforgettable exhibits, from shrunken heads to celebrity portraits made out of candy.

Employees Love Theme Parks to Show Appreciation

How could we mention Orlando without mentioning the theme parks? There are four Disney theme parks in the region ALONE. 

Disney Hollywood Studios

For those with an undying love for the silver screen, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a must-see. It’s been called one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Orlando, and it well lives up to the title! Stroll through uncanny replicas of Sunset Boulevard, Toy Story Land, Echo Park, and even Hollywood Boulevard. 

The Animator space gives your employees a sneak peek into Disney’s beloved animators and their process, while the nearby MuppetVision 3D Show offers a good dose of comedy and nostalgia. 

Want to give your team something a little more exhilarating? Check out the Twilight Zone Tower of terror, the 3D Star Wars simulator (“The Adventures Continue”), and even a live performance of the Beauty and Beast Live On Stage, just like it’s from Broadway!

Magic Kingdom Park

If you have not been to the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort or the Magic Kingdom Park then now is the time! This is an unparalleled team bonding experience (because who doesn’t love Disney?). Visit your favorite characters in person, check out the extraordinary parades, and of course, don’t miss the fireworks at the unmistakable Cinderella Castle!

These parks are HUGE, and actually include two water parks and four theme parks within their walls. Disney-lovers will be right at home.


If your team loves amusement parks, you need to stop by ICON Park on your trip. We hope no one is afraid of heights, because this park to home to The Wheel: at 400-feet high, it’s the largest observation wheel on all of the East Coast! 

Orlando StarFlyer

Not tall enough for you? Check out the Orlando StarFlyer for an extra exhilarating experience for your employees. This is the world’s tallest swing ride at 450 feet, and it gets up to 60 mph. Meet that need for speed for your Employee Appreciation Day!

If your employees prefer to stay with both feet on the ground, ICON Park still has a ton of things to do. The In The Game ICON Park offers a plethora of classic arcade games, prize games, virtual-reality exhibits, a 7-D Motion Theater, and so much more. 

Madame Tussauds

If they prefer something a little more cultured, take your employees to the world-famous Madame Tussauds Orlando. This experience is perfect for those who love all things related to cinema. Meet replicas of your favorite stars from film, television, sports, music, pop culture, and history–even members from the DC Entertainment’s Justice League!

If any of your employees love the old-fashioned roller coaster, you need to take them to the Fun Spot America. This family-owned amusement park offers all the classics, from carousels, go-karts, fairground food, and more You’ll love the White Lightning wooden roller coaster with a 20-meter drop and the SkyCoaster ride that stands almost 80 meters tall. Best of all–it’s free admission!

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal’s Islands of Adventure features themed attractions and rides based on pop culture hits, from Jurrasic Park to Marvel. It is also home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which even Muggles will enjoy!

Nona Adventure Park

If you’re looking to beat the Florida heat for your Employee Appreciation Day, consider taking your team to Nona Adventure Park, one of Orlando’s exciting water parks. This park features an inflatable obstacle course that is a ton of fun. Try your hand at the cable park to test the pulley-system wakeboard course that gives you all of the fun of surfing without all that pesky sand. 

Employee Appreciation Day Conclusion

Employee Appreciation Party
Employee Appreciation Party

Your Employee Appreciation Day doe not need to be cookie-cutter. After all, your employees aren’t cookie-cutter: they are fun, vibrant, and have something unique to offer. Also, who doesn’t love to be the cool boss that gives their employees an experience they wouldn’t have otherwise?

Employees that feel appreciated are more willing to work harder. And we mean really appreciated; your team sees right through the occasional pizza party. (Everyone usually loves pizza, but come on–let’s get a little creative!)

Experiences like the ones we talked about perfectly complement a cutting-edge, modern, and fearless work culture. Check them out today and see how you can make this Employee Appreciation Day one to remember!