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Best Things About Boca Raton Kayak Rentals

People think that the party is always in cities of southern Florida, but when it comes to kayaking, Boca Raton is the wild jewel of the Sunshine State. Kayak rentals in Boca Raton are a great way to see the sights from a new watery vantage point. Whether you are a novice paddler or a well-seasoned sailor, we have the 10 best things about Boca Raton kayak rentals that will make you want to jump right in!

9: Lake Ida West Park in Boca Raton

A lot of Floridian kayakers focus on the state’s natural rivers, and understandably so. But the best part of kayaking is how you can maneuver almost anywhere, and Lake Isa West Park is no exception. 

To enjoy your kayak rental in Delray Beach, Lake Ida is a great place to start. This urban watering hole is actually the second largest lake in Palm Beach County at 189.26 acres. Don’t let the size intimidate you though–this lake has beautiful water for an easy-going kayak trip, with an average of 9.5 feet depth and clarity of 3 feet on good days. 

There are a ton of things to do here: boating, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and shore swimming are often popular choices. Lake Ida is also unique for being a dedicated urban fishery, and to any fisherman’s delight, there are many different species to catch in this area, including common carp, peacock bass, largemouth bass, clown knife fish, bluegill, spotted tilapia, pickerel, oscars, and sunshine bass (which are specifically stocked at Lake Ida). The fishery is year-round due to the balmy weather. 

Is fishing not your idea of fun? That is not a problem–Lake Ida West Park is close to all of your favorite urban amenities, which makes it great for sporty and non-sporty people alike. (You don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack your lunch, with lots of businesses nearby, although if you do remember to bring it, there are great picnic areas!)

This park is Fido-friendly, too. Check out the Lake Ida dog park, the playgrounds for the little ones, picnic areas complete with grills, public restroom facilities, boat launching ramps, canoeing and kayaking access points, and the walking/bicycling path to round out your trip. There is something for practically everyone!

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8: Deerfield Island Park Kayak Rentals

For those who want a more rugged experience, your kayak rental in Deerfield Beach can take you somewhere with a completely different vibe than Lake Ida. Deerfield Island Park is a 53-acre nature-oriented refuge and is much more out of the way, located on the Intracoastal Waterway at Hillsboro Boulevard and accessible only by boat.

This park has a much bigger focus on environmental education and outdoor recreation. You can plug back into nature and find yourself immersed in the true beauty of the Floridian backcountry. Instead of concrete and steel, this park surrounds you with mangroves, swamps, a lovely marina, and more flora and fauna than you could ever count. 

Once you step off the shuttle from the mainland (which runs from 10 to 3 every Friday through Sunday), you can certainly explore the marina via kayak, which helps you take in the sights in style. Exchange the hotel for rugged group camping and shelter rentals for an even more organic experience. Of course, this area is not without some homey amenities–you can play in the volleyball area, climb on the playgrounds, meander down the observation boardwalks, and even party in the rentable pavilion with water and electricity.

7: Low cost Kayak Rentals

Becoming outdoorsy can get really expensive, but it doesn’t have to with kayak rentals in Boca Raton. Compared to other water sports, kayak rentals are relatively inexpensive, which can really open up the realm of opportunities. 

Those who are not die-hard kayakers probably do not have their own personal kayak, oars, and gear ready to go. Before you go out and buy up your own personal stock, however, you should know that renting your equipment can actually optimize your experience on the water. 

For one, renting equipment cuts out a lot of the direct cost to you. You don’t need to purchase equipment for home use, so no need to budget for personal storage, maintenance, and transportation. The kayak rental companies themselves are responsible for making sure that each vessel is clean and safe for use after use, which saves you labor and energy as well.

In terms of actual rates, you will generally see rates between $40 and $100 a day. If a deposit is ever required, these are also relatively low. When you are making your reservation, that rate can be all-inclusive, so make sure to check what perks you are getting. Remember that you are saving time, gas money, and a giant headache by renting your equipment instead.

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6: Kayak Riding Meet-up groups

Kayaking can be enjoyed alone, but much like a good bottle of wine, it is also immense fun to share with friends. The social aspect of the kayaking community is wildly underrated but incredibly rewarding. 

Of course, you can always go with family and friends–that’s practically a no-brainer. But if you want to make new friends, you can connect to other enthusiasts via online communities that feature newcomers and old-timers alike. Sites like Meetup have helped these communities grow and organize large-scale events more easily. 

Kayaking groups in Delray Beach are a good way to stay safe, explore new territories, and ultimately just be a bit social. Not sure where to start? Kayak rental companies can help you connect with other like-minded adventurers that will love to join you on your journey. 

5: Great for beginners and experts alike

While some of us may love the idea of rock-climbing, actually scaling a mountainside can be a bit intimidating. Thankfully, kayaking does not require that you be a rockstar athlete or a sporty daredevil. Paddlers young and old can enjoy a good time on the water. It is a low-impact workout that can be accessible across the spectrum, and only takes a bit of preparation to build the stamina for it. At the same time, if you are the type of person who climbs up mountains (which if you are, good for you!), there is always an exciting side of kayaking as well. You can seek faster waters, good snorkeling holes, and much more–the options are endless. 

4: Access remote sites on a Kayak Rental

One of the best parts of kayaking is its versatility. Your vessel is narrow and lightweight, which means you can go practically anywhere with water (and a bit of determination). You can take your time cruising on a local lake, paddle your way down winding rivers, explore the Intracoastal Waterway, or even take things up a notch and try a seaside kayaking trip. 

Because you can navigate just about anywhere, your kayak rental can take you to see uninhabited islands or well-groomed parks–whichever you feel like that day. Some of the more remote places also offer some great add-ons like snorkeling and swimming (which we will talk about a bit later), which means you can find some distant snorkeling and swimming holes off the beaten path. 

One more perk about your rental: in a kayak rental, you can specifically reserve vessels built for exploration (including sea kayaks),  so you might feel a bit safer–and a bit more ambitious–in equipment that you know is curated for the task at hand. 

3: Unique experiences in Boca Raton

Kayak rentals in Boca Raton open up a whole array of unique, quirky experiences as varied as the community itself. You can try a night tour at sunset or under the moonlight, people-watch on the mansions on the luxurious shores, join a local history tour, or even find some gorgeous snorkeling and swimming spots far away from the crowds. 

You can certainly try some of these on your own or with friends, but rental companies can also introduce you to some new niche communities if you are looking for something a little different. 

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2: Gorgeous wildlife around Boca

How can we talk about the Floridian backcountry without mentioning the gorgeous wildlife? Boca Raton (including Deerfield and Delray Beach) has some thriving ecosystems that are a wonder to behold in person. When you are in a kayak, these encounters can become much more personal. It hits you much differently when the animals you regularly see in nature magazines are mere inches away from your paddle!

The type of fauna you can see depends on the season, your location, and the time of day. Regular visitors include manatees, exotic fish, armadillos, gopher tortoises, migratory birds, and maybe even a gator or two! 

1: Knowledgeable guides

Kayak Rental companies often have special connections–sometimes even all-inclusive packages–with dedicated tour guides that are experts in their field. They can guide you through the basics with a quick orientation, lead you to places you may not have considered before, and advise you every step of the way so you can focus on the actual experience. 

There really is no replacement for local knowledge. If you want something not so “touristy”, these guides can give you a specialized, genuine experience. They also come prepared with safety equipment and knowledge of the local laws, which can be a huge help with you are face to face with a wild animal. (Pop quiz: can you touch a manatee with two hands? If you don’t know, you could be in trouble when one decides to get a closer look at your kayak!)

These guides do not just show you a good time–they get you home safe and sound, which means you can come back again and again.

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The best thing of all, of course, is the fun!

We hope that you are now excited to get your kayak rental in Boca Raton scheduled, but before you grab your paddles, there are a few things that you will want to check first, especially if you are new (and even if you are not!). Some of these are for your comfort, some of them are for your safety, and some of them are to make sure that your experience is as fun and stress-free as possible. 

The Questions You Always Want to Ask:

  • How far in advance should you make your reservation? (Some companies specify at least 24 hours.)
  • What is included in the rental package? Any other activities or special access?
  • When is check-in/check out?
  • Is the orientation included with the rental? Is it required?
  • Is a security deposit required? If so, how much, and is it refundable?
  • Are life jackets and wet suits included?
  • How far is it to the kayak access and docks? Does the company transport the equipment, or are you expected to?
  • What happens if there is damage to the kayak in the field? 
  • What type of clothing should you bring? Tip: the answer is usually lots of lightweight layers. Having long sleeve and long pant options are great to keep the bugs and sunburn at bay. 
  • When is the best time to go out on the water? Any safety considerations to keep in mind (like temperatures and tides)?
  • Is it safe to bring food out on the water? What sort of containers should I bring them in?
  • Is there cell reception in the location where I am travelling to on the water? Do I need a satellite phone for a backup? 
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Time to Hit The Water with your Kayak Rental Boca Raton!

Kayak rentals are a great way to try something new, even for the outdoorsman who thinks he has seen it all. Did we miss anything? What are your funnest stories from kayaking in Boca Raton? Let us know below in the comments!

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