Tour & Rental Operators


Personalized digital marketing service for Tour & Rental Operators only. Specifically designed to make you more money. We charge the customer when we bring you a sale.  So go ahead, unlock instant access to thousands of people searching online for experiences you offer right now.

We help Florida Tour & Rental Operators
who are Looking For:

More Predictability

Automated Growth

  • Wants to Fill Unused Equipment
  • Frustrated by Lack of Marketing ROI
  • Fears of Inconsistent, Volatile Revenue
  • Needs Reliable Marketing Partner

More Sales

Automated Exposure

  • Wants to Increase # of Transactions
  • Frustrated by Marketing Complexity
  • Fears Competition is Winning
  • Needs Powerful but Simple Solution

More Simplicity

Automated Outreach

  • Wants to Get Clear ROI on Marketing
  • Frustrated Maintaining Social Media
  • Overwhelmed by Digital Marketing
  • Low/No Budget for Marketing

Most Operators

Lose the effectiveness of their marketing spend by marketing to:

  • Wrong Audience (Cityguides)
  • Wrong Channels (Pinterest)
  • Wrong Media       (Magazines)
  • Wrong Industry   (Foodies)
And it results on very little, to no Return on Investment.

Operators Experience:

  • Feeling frustrated that marketing efforts aren’t working
  • Uncertainty about how to make ends meet in slow times
  • Doubting themselves as a Leader in the Digital Age
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"Having more control ought to be easier than that."

Rockon Guarantees

More Sales, and Less Effort.

Our Activity Booking Software, and Tour Operator Software is the perfect mix of Marketing and Booking All in One. We apply our proven proprietary formula that works, to reduce marketing spend, and gain more sales. This Software for Rental Company was designed by Tour & Rental Operators, so we know you’ll love it too.

Just Turn On: Rockon

Its simple, its affordable, and you can cancel anytime. Thats what makes it the Best Online Booking System on the market.

Why not?

Tour & rental company closings are on a rise, due to decrease in demand, and lack of a strong digital presence. 

Rockon can help! No contracts, just more revenue. Period.

Be the Hero:

Become the Well-Oiled machine that you always wanted.

Our robust marketing, advertising, and booking system guarantees more exposure and bookings than ever before.