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We make it simple to gain more Sales by using our all-in-one Directory, Booking, and Promotion Platform uniquely designed for Tour & Rental Operators

Easily create listing pages for each of your rentals on the Directory. Manage, update, and boost those listings at any time, then Accept payments when Outdoor Enthusiasts book your listings. It’s free!

Without Rockon, Operators:

  • Overspend on Marketing,
  • Overspend on Advertising,
  • Overspend on Booking Systems,
  • Overspend on Unnecessary Overhead Costs
Because Rockon offers this without any additional charge.

Operators Experience:

  • Panic  with no Customers
  • High Stress, and Uncertainty 
  • Thinning Profits
  • Feelings of being Inadequate 
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"Having more control ought to be easier than that."

Rockon Guarantees

More Profit and Smoother Operations. Period

Vendor Profile Application

It's Easy to Apply:

  1. Free to Join, No Payments Required
  2. Complete your Premium Vendor Profile (2 Minutes)
  3. Same Day Setup & Launch
  4. Payments within 48 Hours of Booking 
  5. Unlimited Setup, Support, and Training

Free & Paid Plans

You Can Select a Plan Option after Applying. 

All Plans come with Placement on our Rental Directory, Advanced fully featured Digital Booking System, Automated Emails, and Social Media Posting Service.

Let's Do This Together

We Don’t Win Until You Win, so we are Invested your Success. 

Let us team up with you: We’ll bring the customers, you provide the Experiences, you win the profits.

Avoid Being a Statistic

Be proactive in avoiding another one of hundreds of tour and rental store closings each year due to lack of exposure, and customer reach. 

Be the Hero:

Become the Well-Oiled machine that you always wanted.

Our robust marketing, advertising, and booking system guarantees more exposure and bookings than ever before.