We help Tour & Rental Operators


Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence promoting the rentals you offer, to the right people looking for things to do near you.

And get rid of the worry and costs of marketing against Tourist traps, and Theme parks that are overshadowing your brand online.

Most Rental Operators

Waste money on Marketing to the

  • Wrong Audience (Cityguides)
  • Wrong Channels (Pinterest)
  • Wrong Media       (Magazines)
  • Wrong Industry   (Foodies)

Operators Experience:

  • Feeling anxiety and stress that marketing efforts aren’t working
  • Uncertainty about how to make ends meet in slow times
  • Doubting themselves as a Leader in the Digital Age
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"Having more control ought to be easier than that."

Rockon Guarantees

We apply our proven proprietary formula that works, to reduce marketing spend, and gain more sales. 

That means More Profit and Smoother Operations. Period

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It's Easy to Apply:

  1. Free to Join, No Payments Required
  2. Complete your Premium Vendor Profile (2 Minutes)
  3. Same Day Setup & Launch
  4. Payments within 48 Hours of Booking 
  5. Unlimited Setup, Support, and Training

Don't Miss Out

Don’t miss out on extra sales, we really don’t want to send them to your competitor. We have plans to work for all rental businesses.

All Plans come with Placement on our Rental Directory, Advanced fully featured Digital Booking System, Automated Emails, and Social Media Posting Service.

Let's Do This Together

We Don’t Win Until You Win, so we are Invested your Success. 

Let us team up with you: We’ll bring the customers, you provide the Experiences, you win the profits.

Avoid Being another Statistic

Be proactive in avoiding another one of hundreds of tour and rental store closings each year due to lack of online exposure, and customer reach. Customers expect it to be easy to find you, lets make that true.

Be the Hero:

Become the Well-Oiled machine that you always wanted.

Our robust marketing, advertising, and booking system guarantees more exposure and bookings than ever before.