The Coolest Orlando Paddle Board Rentals Near Me

paddle board rentals near me

Looking for paddle board rentals near me and coming up short? Orlando is a famous city in the US and the world. Also called the world’s theme park capital, Orlando is a location that everyone enjoys. That is because there is so much to see and enjoy in this beautiful and fascinating city.

If you have not been to Orlando before, you should consider seeing the place. But before you do, you might have to search for paddleboard rentals near me. Who knows, you might need one soon.

While the parks are good spots for relaxation, the true enjoyment in Orlando lies in the waters. The lakes of Orlando make it an exceptional place to visit. In Orlando alone, there are over 100 lakes that you can visit and have fun alone or with your loved ones. The beauty of these lakes is that every one of them is unique. Therefore, different activities are waiting for you on these beautiful waters of Central Florida.

However, to enjoy all the fun that Orlando and its lakes have in store for you, you need to equip yourself with the right fun equipment. One of those fun pieces of equipment you will need is a paddleboard.

What exactly is a paddleboard, and what does it do? Well, in this article, we will explain all those to you in detail. We also will tell you how you can get one.

So, whether you’re going on a trip to Orlando with your family, your significant other, or a group of friends, we hope this piece helps you.

stand up paddle boarding near me

What is a Paddle Board?

Paddleboard is a style of surfboard used primarily for surfing and occasionally for lifesaving. The common types have a rounded end, and the other end tapered to a point. To move the board, the rider propels it across the water, most times while standing, using a long-handled paddle. That kind of explains where its name comes from.

The art of surfing with a paddleboard is called paddle boarding. Paddleboarding is a popular water sport activity that is done on open water. To swim and move ahead, the rider uses a paddle or their arms while lying, kneeling, or standing on the paddleboard.

There are different types of paddle boarding depending on the position of the rider. The latest and the most common is the Stand-Up Paddle Boarding or SUP.

SUP is a newer type of paddleboarding that has only been around for about a decade. This water sport activity is very popular in Orlando because, unlike surfing, this activity is best done in lakes or rivers.

It’s like a cross between surfing and kayaking. However, unlike surfing, paddle boarding does not need the presence of waves. In fact, if you’re a novice, calm water like the ones you find in Orlando lakes is preferable.

Some benefits you get from paddle boarding include:

  • It helps you learn to balance
  • Paddle boarding can help reduce your stress levels
  • It helps you exercises your entire body as a low impact workout
  • It can also help you lose some weight
  • It can also boost your cardiovascular health

What’s the difference between the paddleboard near me and a surfboard?

Paddleboards are like a surfboard, but they have a few differences. The differences between both boards lie in the sport.

Firstly, it is easier to learn paddle boarding than to learn surfing. You stand most of the time when paddle boarding, and you can paddle on flat water or waves. That means you can quickly start paddle boarding after you find suitable paddle board rentals near me online.

On the other hand, when you’re surfing, you start lying down. As you go, you’ll need to fine-tune your sense of timing to appear amid the waves. Surfing also demands a high level of balance, power, and attention. All these make surfing a little more challenging to learn than paddle boarding.

More so, you can surf with a paddleboard, but it’s not the same as traditional surfing. Paddleboard surfers ride and catch waves while standing rather than lying down and paddling.

What are the types of paddleboard rentals near me in Orlando?

For experience paddle boarders, paddle boarding always begins with a search like a paddleboard near me in Orlando. If you are looking to start paddle boarding as a newbie, it is crucial as well that you know the types available to you.

That said, what are the types of paddle boards rentals near me in Orlando.

Inflatable paddleboard rental near me 

This type of paddleboard near me is trendy in Orlando because they are inflatable; as a result, you can quickly move and store them without having roof racks or a large garage.

When you inflate these boards, they become stiffer. Air fills the chambers and expands the paddleboards strands pull on each other via thousands of individual strands woven into the interior (known as drop stitching).

This intricate weave offers the board strength and rigidity while still light. Over the last several years, many of these sturdy, conveniently storable, and less expensive boards have been released.

Inflatable paddle board rentals near me come in various styles for various budgets. The costliest models are double-lined, making the board more rigid and stronger. That means more of your energy from each paddle stroke will transfer into forward movement rather than board flex.

These boards are usually heavier since they have two layers, unlike the single-lined boards that are less expensive. However, the single-layered types tend to bend a little more, making it even more crucial to pump it up to the manufacturer’s suggested pressure. Because they are single-lined, they will be more delicate and might not tolerate running up a hill.

All-round paddleboard near me

These boards are generally thick and wide, providing stability and suitability for almost anyone. Everything about them is intended to get you out on the water and enjoy yourself.

These boards are ideal for paddleboarders of all skill levels since they are sturdy and easy to use. They are typically 32″ – 35″ broad and 4″-6″ thick. The nose and tail of the board are generally broad, which aids with stability.

Some versions will have the option of adding a windsurf rig, allowing you to enjoy your paddleboard driven by the wind.

Touring paddleboard near me

Touring paddleboards are designed for flatwater, open ocean, and ‘downwinder’ paddling (that is, going from one place to another with the wind).

They are usually longer than all-around boards and feature a pointed nose to assist the board slice through the water smoothly, maximize glide, and go straight.

Most touring boards are broad enough for novices to be stable. Boards range in length from 11′ to 14′ and width from 28″ to 34″. The longer and thinner boards are, the more effective it is at cutting through the water, but at the expense of stability.

Race paddle boarding rentals near me

Race boards are built for speed, with comfort and stability taking a back seat to performance. They have a similar design to a touring board in that they are long and have pointed noses. However, they have a narrower width, typically 27″-28″ wide. Race boards are usually 12’6″ or 14′ long as racing standards.

Surf stand up paddle boarding near me

Paddleboards in this category are often shorter. They also have a smaller nose and tail but with more prominent curves. This type of paddleboard is ideal for people who spend a lot of time surfing.

paddle board near me

The narrow design makes the board considerably more maneuverable on waves. However, the trade-off is that they are slower and do not track in a straight line on flat water, and they are frequently less stable.


Crossover Paddle board rentals near me

Crossover paddleboards were created to make paddleboards as versatile as possible. They are all-purpose boards with a few more capabilities for different scenarios.

Some of these boards taper in towards the nose to provide a pointier, more streamlined form that is excellent for traveling longer distances. Similarly, some of the smaller types can be used for surfing.

What activities can I do with my paddleboard rental near me

After renting Paddleboards near me, there are a lot of fun activities waiting for your attention in Orlando, Florida. The following are some of those things you can do:


If you are looking for a place to enjoy the best of fishing, then Orlando, Florida, is one of the best places in the US. What other way to enjoy fishing than to do it on a paddleboard?

This is a new method to enjoy water fishing. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, stand up paddleboard fishing is the newest and best way to fish.

Today’s fishing paddleboard rentals near me are outfitted with everything you’ll need for a day on the water. You can obtain a paddleboard with Scotty mounts that let you attach rod holders, bait trays, downriggers, fish finders, and whatever you want.

The good news is that there are so many lakes in Orlando where you can catch different fish species. The most common species is the largemouth bass. You will also find sunfish, catfish, redfish, and redfish.


Yes, you read that right. Why not make your vacation in Orlando a memorable one by treating your mind to some outdoor yoga over water.

Compared to a regular yoga practice, the passing of birds and fishes makes things a little livelier. Furthermore, nature’s soft and calm sound will lull you into a calm trance.

yoga on paddle boarding rental near me

You may practice yoga on any paddleboard, but an inflatable paddleboard with a large deck pad is the most comfortable.

Besides yoga, you can also use your paddle board rentals near me as an exercise routine. It is said that paddle boarding can help you keep fit and active.


One of the most thrilling activities you can try with a paddleboard is surfing. When the waves are too little to shortboard, bring out a SUP, and you’ll get three times the wave count. Surfers consider it to be one of the finest cross-training exercises you can undertake to improve your surfing.

If you want to surf, consider getting a hard surfing paddleboard. These are the best options for surfing since they offer the highest performance in terms of speed and agility for catching and riding waves.

Some places where you can get the best surfing action in Orlando include Daytona, Cocoa Beach, New Smyrna, etc.

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving with paddleboard near me

With a paddleboard, you can explore beautiful snorkeling areas. Paddle around unexplored shores and find crystal blue seas teeming with marine life. Use your paddleboard as a resting place and an anchor for your snorkeling or scuba diving adventures.

If you are up for some adventure, head on to Blue Spring State Park, and you can have a day out with the beautiful manatees in the waters of Orlando.

Or, if you are new to snorkeling, you can visit Siesta Key. With depths of just approximately five feet, this is an excellent location for new snorkelers. Siesta Key is also known for having one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. The shores have fine sugar sand and a variety of shorebirds. The rocky region stretches about 300 feet from the shore and is home to various aquatic species.

Sunset Paddleboard near me tour

Paddle boarding is an excellent way to spend quality time outside with your loved ones. Most paddleboards have enough room for another person to paddle beside you. Some paddleboards can even accommodate 5-7 paddlers at the same time. These are sometimes referred to as multi-person paddleboards, and they provide enough area for your entire family to board.

Spend time with those you love while watching the sunset on any of Orlando’s Lakes. Bring your favorite beverage and music if you want.

The good news is the beautiful lake system in Orlando has no alligators. This is a freshwater spring-fed lake system. So, there is nothing to be scared about. If you want, feel free to take a swim in the water.

It can also count as a unique romantic date experience for you and your partner. After the incredible adventure, you can retire to any bar or restaurant on the shore to eat or drink.

Do I need prior experience to attempt a stand-up paddle board rental?

There is no need for prior expertise to enjoy your paddle board rentals near me in Orlando. Almost everyone who rents paddleboards like you is a beginner or first-time renter.

Besides, there are no special rules from the government that say you must have many years of experience to use a paddleboard.

renting paddle boards near me and dog

You should, however, be physically healthy enough to get to a standing posture on your hands and knees. You should also be in good physical and mental health. That will help you stay coordinated and have fun, so you do not harm yourself. 

How old must I qualify for paddle board rentals near me?

You must be at least 18 years old before you can rent a paddleboat. However, anyone under 18 who wishes to rent a paddleboard will have to do so with their parents. Some rentals may allow such persons to rent their paddleboards without the supervision of an adult if their parents/guardians are willing to sign a Release Form.

Even then, underaged persons below age 16 cannot engage in paddleboarding on the sea by themselves. Adults must accompany such persons. This is because paddleboarding on the sea is risky for young persons.  

Parents must exercise their judgment when taking boards away for freshwater usage, and anybody who may be utilizing the leased paddleboard would have to sign forms. An adult must complete a Rental Agreement for all rentals, and renters are liable for any damage or loss to the equipment.

Can my little child enjoy stand-up paddling?

The answer to that will depend on the child in question. It is hard to say at which age children can start paddle boarding. While most kids do well from age 8, a few kids do well even earlier than that.

paddleboard near me with kids

But then, your child should be strong enough to pull the paddle through the water. More importantly, the child should be able to swim well in water. It will make the encounter much more pleasurable for both you and them.

If your child is little or not very athletic, we recommend that you choose a warm and tranquil day to introduce them to paddle board rentals near me. You should be alright if you stay in Lake Nona. It is the cleanest lake in the Orlando, Florida region, providing a tranquil setting for relaxing and enjoying time on the water. This should work for you as a start point.

Final thoughts

Now you know what a paddleboard is and the number of things you can do with it. If you think of searching for paddle board rentals near me in Orlando, look no further. We have got you covered with some of the best paddle boats you can think of.

So if you are ready for some fun, head on to Orlando and start to see the beauty of this city. But don’t forget to book your Paddleboards.  

Paddle board rentals Near Me

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