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party boat things to do in central florida this weekend

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Without a doubt, theme parks are great. They are the reason why Orlando receives thousands of visitors every year. However, if you visit Orlando only for the theme parks, you will be cheating yourself. The truth is, Orlando and Central Florida have lots of authentic and wonderful experiences that are just as comparable to theme parks.

Besides, theme parks have their limitations. For instance, when there are heavy rains, theme parks are not the best place to have fun. On such days, people start to seek unique things to do in central Florida that are not theme parks. You might be surprised; some of these experiences may offer you even more thrilling adventures than the sticky churros of theme parks.

Another possible issue might be the problem of finding something thrilling for everyone. In fact, it’s also a great place for those lovebirds who are spending their honeymoon in Florida. While most people find theme parks amazing, some adults may not find them as amusing as kids. So, it might be worthwhile looking for alternative fun things to do in Central Florida when it rains for adults.

If you ask an Orlando resident the most popular free things to do in Central Florida, they’ll most certainly give you a lengthy list of activities that aren’t in the amusement parks or tourist areas.

The truth is, a lot is going on outside the guarded parks of Orlando. You need to stroll around Orlando’s historic districts to see the beauty. You might need to take a boat tour and explore the wonders that this beautiful city has in store for you.

This article is for people looking for something fun to do in Orlando other than roller coasters and theme parks. The list we have below is different from any you have seen elsewhere. The list is carefully curated to help you find the best homegrown experiences in Orlando. These experiences are well selected for all age groups. So, you can enjoy almost all the activities on the list with your friends, family, pets and most importantly fun activities for kids near me that prevents them from boredom!

Here are some of the best suggestions if you are looking for things to do in Central Florida this weekend.

Airboat Tours in Central Florida

Did you know that the headwaters of the Florida Everglades are located in Orlando? Most people do not know because of Orlando’s unusual location in the state. Most of the fun locations like the everglades are located in the swamplands of Orlando.

airboat tours and things to do in central florida

Sadly, most of these locations are not accessible by cars or even boats. But that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. If you are here for some thrilling sights like the headwaters of Florida’s everglades,  you can also take a 30 or 60-minute airboat trip across the swamp.

Each journey is conducted by an experienced captain who will assist you in spotting anything from alligators to birds. You’ll view alligators in their natural environment and colourful wading birds and other native Florida species while travelling in a thrilling airboat piloted by professional guides.

Those who have had these airboat tours in the past attest that it’s a one of a kind experience. The trip takes about up to six people at once and can accommodate people of all ages. Plus, safety is not a concern as life jackets and rain gear would be provided, making it one of the best fun things to do in Central Florida this weekend.

Please note that you might not bring babies for this trip because they might not be able to wear ear plugs. Also, wear long sleeves as you may encounter flies and sun in the swamp. 

ATV Rental things to do

ATV is the short form for all-terrain vehicles. These vehicles look like bikes, but they have 4 wheels. They are rugged enough to take terrains that regular cars or bikes will not take, making their riding fun and thrilling.

atv things to do in central florida this weekend

The good thing about ATV rentals Florida is that almost anyone can ride them. You can teach your children to ride the bike once they are old enough to understand how things work. You can learn too if you have not been on one of them before. Learning should not take you so long.

This counts as one of those unique things to do in Central Florida for many reasons. First, it’s one of those adventures where you won’t be on the water. It is not an adventure that takes you to a regular road, instead you will be riding through 2,600 acres of preserved Florida forest in croom ATV park, with lots of different terrains from hills, to straight-aways, to weaving through the woods.

So, if you are in for some adventurous fun, grab yourself an ATV rental and zoom off for some wild fun. But then, remember to use your safety gear, which is always included within the price of the atv rentals Orlando.

Unique Party Boat Rentals

Who does not like parties? Almost everyone wants to take some time to celebrate their small or big wins with friends and family in an atmosphere of fun. But then, that fun can even be more exciting if you are willing to take things on the water.

party boat things to do in central florida this weekend

With a party boat rental, you can get a large boat to contain all of your friends. You can celebrate anything on water from your graduation, wedding anniversary or anything else. Depending on how much you have, you can decide to use a pontoon boat.

The boat works well for parties and can take up to 12 people. The good thing about pontoon boats is that they are stable on water. So, even your seasick friends would enjoy a comfy ride in these boats. Also, they are safe for everyone, including children.

If you have a larger party, or are looking for a pontoon boat cruise with chef-prepared hors d’oeuvres, you should check out a food service boat charter which can fit up to 16 people at a time! Complete with a tour guide, fully covered, and food and drinks provided, prepare to be treated like royalty. This boat typically hosts small family gatherings, all the way up to corporate events Orlando, and as a unique baby shower venue.

Besides, this can work well as one of those fun things to do in Central Florida when it rains. That’s because Party Boats usually have large cabins to house you while the rain is falling.

So, if you are ready to celebrate, the waters of Central Florida are ready to party with you.

Fishing Boat Rentals in Central Florida

If you visit Orlando or any other part of Central Florida frequently, you will notice that fishing is a common activity. If you find your way to places like Epcot, Kissimmee and some other lakes, you will find a handful of fishing boats taking a cruise around the canals in these areas.

fishing in central florida this weekend

That tells you something, Orlando is one of the best places to fish in Florida and the United States. You may not know, but Orlando is known to have the largest population of Bass Fish in the US.

So, if you have a fishing boat rental, this might be a good place to visit. Besides, you can enjoy fishing by Disney World’s canals to get that theme park vibe while on your fishing expedition. If you were born prior to January 1, 1988 you will be required to to take a boaters safety course in Florida. Good news, is that they are available online, and they are good for a year!

The sweet part is that numerous fishing guides are waiting for you in all the fishing locations in Orlando. They will explain fishing techniques to help you catch fish in numbers. It is a good activity for everyone, whether you are new to angling or you have been doing it for a while. This would also be an excellent opportunity to introduce your children (or anybody else) to bass fishing while on vacation in Orlando.

Craigcat rental things to do

CraigCats are fast, spacious, and well-built watercrafts specially designed to give you that luxurious comfort when you go out on the water. The kind of experience you get on these watercrafts is unique because they combine the speed and performance of a sports boat with the stability and floatation on water.

CraigCats can move at speeds of up to 25 mph, and when you are on them, you feel an all-around comfort. So much so, that many people search for the cat boat tours, but end up regretting it when they do because they lose the freedom and liberty to cruise where they want once they find how easy they are to operate. Although the boats are not as large as pontoons or yachts, they provide high-speed stability, comfort, unrivalled horsepower and cutting-edge handling. CraigCat rentals are the gold standard in aquatic entertainment, and you will not be disappointed!

You can use these boats for various things, including fishing, racing and even snorkeling. So, if you are up for some fun things to do in Central Florida this weekend, you might want to book your CraigCat rental now with Rockon.

Jet Ski Rentals in Central Florida

Jet Skis are one of the best Orlando attractions for water enthusiasts. Hire a jet ski from Rockon and get your pulse racing on any of the lakes in Orlando. The best locations include Lake Powell, Eagle Lake, Erie Lake and many more.

jet ski rental this weekend

The fascinating thing about Jetskis is their speed. The fact that you have that life action similar to driving motorcycles is just amazing. You get to drive the machines on your own, and some models allow you to carry passengers.

Another good thing about Jet Skis is that they are safe for aquatic animals since they do not use propellers. So, beyond the action, they might be the perfect vessel to drop you off when going snorkelling with sea creatures like manatees.

Small children may not be able to ride jet skis in Florida. However, children above 14 can ride, provided their parents can sign on their behalf. Even if after you sign as a parent, these children cannot carry passengers on their Jet Skis, Rockon is one of the best places to get your jet ski rentals in Orlando, located only minutes from Orlando, St. Cloud, Tavares and Kissimmee.  

Unique Kayak guided tours

There are not so many things you can do in Florida theme parks that beat Kayaking! It is an amazing activity that allows you to appreciate all of Florida’s aquatic species in their natural environment. Plus, there are so many intriguing spots that can only be reached by kayak, and Orlando is no exception.

kayak rental in central florida

On your trip, you will have the opportunity to see the best of Central Florida’s wild species and you will spot them playing and swimming back and forth beneath your kayak. As you go, you may also view fish, alligators, turtles, and several interesting birds.

There are many locations where you will find these wonderful kayak tours, including the beautiful Rock Springs. Rock Spring is just a short drive from Orlando and includes a knowledgeable guide and the opportunity to observe these wonderful animals in their natural habitats.

In most cases, these guided kayak tours will provide you with safety equipment and the possibility to swim in the warm spring water. You might also have pauses during the trip for wonderful pictures or wildlife watching.

Paddleboard Rental things to do

If kayaking isn’t your thing, why not try paddleboarding? Paddleboard Orlando is an amazing activity that you can enjoy with family, friends and even your pets.

paddleboard rental in central florida

Paddleboarding goes beyond an ordinary water activity. It is one of those unique things to do in Central Florida that can also be an exercise. Your rental should come with a paddleboard, a guide, and life vests. Plus, it is yet another one of those things to do in Orlando with kids.

If you’re not very good at paddleboarding, there is no need to be shy; there are many rentals in Orlando that will gladly offer you paddleboards and even show you how you can become a pro in the sport.

Private Pontoon Boat Rentals

Aside from amusement parks, the pontoon boat trips are one of the most popular unique things in Orlando. You sail through Orlando’s small canals and lakes and see its most attractive communities.

pontoon boat things to do in central florida this weekend

From small-group private pontoon boat rentals, you’ll be able to observe interesting birds and breathtaking scenery (and spectacular private estates) on these trips. You can also sail through the jungle-like canals in Orlando for an even more exciting trip.

One thing that makes pontoon boats stand out is that they are very versatile. You could use them for fishing, snorkeling, parties, sightseeing, etc. Especially if you are seeking a boat rental Mount Dora, which is rich in history, scenery and shops, just like the neighboring Tavares boat rental and experiences. Also, the boats can accommodate as many as 10 people per time, depending on their size. It’s safe for all persons, including children.

Plus, pontoon boats have roofs, so they are a good option for things to do in Central Florida when it rains for adults.

Slingshot rentals

You can also rent a unique Polaris Slingshot vehicle for the ultimate thrill adventure. There is no better way to describe this automobile other than fantastic. What’s more fun than riding what looks like a Batman’s car in real life?  

It’s an adventure that you and your kids will definitely love. You’ll enjoy feeling the wind in your hair as you go down the highway in this three-wheeled roadster. Also, prepare yourself because a car like this will be the star attraction on the road.

Remember to take pictures while at it because this is one of those unique things to do in Central Florida. Your friends who have been here in Central Florida have likely missed out on this one.

Explore unique art collections

Orlando is home to some beautiful art collections, if you don’t know. So, if you are a fan of art, consider adding a touch of culture to your day. You can visit Cornell’s Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College to see all the beautiful art pieces and have a great time. The gallery includes ancient art pieces, antiques, modern art, changing exhibits, etc.

It is one of those fun and free things to do in Central Florida since you do not have to pay.

Visit Disney Springs

Head to Disney Springs if you’re looking for an eclectic mix of unusual boutiques, one-of-a-kind eateries, and energetic entertainment. Don’t get confused, Disney Springs is a property of Disney, but it’s not a theme park. So if you are looking from things to do in Orlando besides theme parks, this may be one to consider. Plus, it is one of those places where you will find free things to do in Central Florida.

Disney Springs is a massive outdoor retail and entertainment complex featuring a variety of restaurants, Disney and non-Disney shops, a movie theatre, bowling spots, and much more! It is one of those outdoor activities near me that is literally free to walk around and enjoy. But be fore-warned, the restaurants and shops can get quite pricey!

Disney Springs is a nice place to eat and roam around! They often offer live music and a helium-filled “hot air” balloon that you may ride on! There are also magnificent vistas such as Riverboat Square and Waterview Park in Disney Springs. When you are done with the adventure, you can also buy gifts such as aromatic candles.

Take a Trip to The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum is a must-see for art lovers! The world’s most extensive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany works, including ceramics, jewel ry, and art glass, is housed at this museum.

It costs about $6 for adults to attend. However, if you plan your trip on the weekend, you might be able to get in for free between 4-8 PM on Fridays from November to April. This amazing museum is situated in Winter Park. Its proximity to other fun activities means you can plan your trip for even more fun when visiting Central Florida. The only problem is, you cannot visit them on a Monday because the Museum does not open its doors on Mondays. But then, it’s still an amazing option for people seeking free things to do in Central Florida.

Visit the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

The Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is a woodland paradise within a short distance from Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It is a county park with a small nature centre, butterfly garden, picnic area, and 3.4 miles of trails and spurs.

It’s a terrific area for the entire family to get some exercise while getting away from all the stress of city life. It’s also one of those free things to do in Orlando. If you love nature, you can visit this place with your family. Plus, it would be an awesome time to share some nature secrets with your children.

Things to do in Central Florida Roundup

As you can see, there is so many unique things to do in Central Florida, especially if you are looking to enjoy the best of what Central Florida has to offer. From things to do in the outdoors, or indoors, there is something for every party type. While kids love the thrills of the motor sports such as the jet ski rentals, the parents tend to enjoy the chill of the museums, shops, site seeing, and cruises.

So book one of these affordable experiences today, and before you know it you will be so glad that you did.

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