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Take a Cat Boat Tour in Tavares-Mount Dora

Tavares, also known as “America’s Seaplane City”, offers up many exciting aqua adventures, including cat boat tours. While cruising around in a seaplane might not be for everyone, there is plenty more to do that will cater to any outdoor enthusiasts’ fancy in Lake County, Florida. One popular trend is taking a cat boat tour around the area. Tavares is located only a short distance from the hustle and bustle of Orlando city life. It rests within the famous Harris Chain of Lakes.

Further, it is conveniently located on notable Lake Dora. Its location on the lake intersects it with the quaint town of Mount Dora. Mount Dora is known for more than its charming boutiques and restaurants. It is also popular for its expansive amount of water activities, its marina, its canal, and the many lakes that make up the Harris Chain of Lakes. It is conveniently located a mere miles Northwest of Orlando City, Florida. The Harris Chain of Lakes is in and of itself a major highlight for locals and tourists in the Tavares-Mount Dora area.

The Harris Chain of Lakes covers close to 50,000 acres of water. This makes it the second largest lake in Florida. That’s right, made up of eight lakes, it is technically one! The Harris Chain of Lakes offers up plenty of space and water for everyone to enjoy the sunshine. The sunshine is an almost constant variable in the region. Offering up countless ways to enjoy the water, Tavares-Mount Dora is never a dull place to visit. It is worth taking a trip to visit the area to take a cat boat tour. Or simply head out of your own backyard, so to speak, for locals!

While there are many options for exploring the water around Tavares-Mount Dora, one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the water is via cat boat tour. A cat boat is an exciting way to explore the area! You may think you have experienced enthralling adventures on the water, or that you may have rented just about every water vessel available in the area. Pontoons, speed boats, fishing rigs, jet skis, and kayaks to name a few but that is not the case! The cat boat is an up-and-coming water vessel rental that is all the rage in the Tavares-Mount Dora region. Cat boats are often overlooked due to their two-seater status but can be an enjoyable experience for all. However, the fast little two-seaters allow users an experience that is not quite like other boat ventures.

What is a Cat Boat?

First, let’s get into what defines a cat boat. The catboat is a compact, two-seater powerboat with great safety features and is versatile in its uses. It is small and easy to learn how to navigate. They even have a steering system that is user-friendly and simple to learn. It is a motorised, fuel-energized water vessel. An added perk to the cat boat is that fact that it is fuel efficient. Fuel use is minimal, which is always a good thing! Compared to its typical speed boat relatives, the cat boat is miniscule in design but just as fun to drive!

However, do not let that deter you from choosing a cat boat to rent for your watery escapades. Its small design allows you to zip around waterways easily and in style. Style is not the only thing that is appealing about the catboat. Cat boats allow you to tour the many waterways with speed and finesse or allow you to slow down and take a leisurely approach to see the many outdoor adventure sites that make up the Tavares-Mount Dora area. Their compact design easily get you places that a pontoon or typical speed boat cannot and offer a more peaceful, if you prefer it, journey compared to that of one aboard a jet ski. The cat boats also have a sunshade unlike jet skis. This is a nice feature to have when taking your cat boat tour under the hot, Florida sun.

 It also allows storage for food and drinks, as well as minimal fishing gear so you can plan to spend hours out on the water without need to dock! There are many different places go and tons to see when you take your cat boat rental throughout the Tavares- Mount Dora region. A few adventures available to both local experts and fresh to the area tourists include visiting the Dora Canal, fishing on Lake Dora, dining and shopping your way through the marina and historic downtown, Mount Dora boat rentals cruising the Harris Chain of Lakes waterways, and fun activities for the whole family! Keep reading for some great cat boat tour adventures!

A Breath-taking Tour Down the Regal Dora Canal

The Dora Canal is widely popular due to its natural beauty and for its various wildlife. From flora to fauna, there is something for every nature lover to see while taking a tour down the Dora Canal. It is historically known as the Elfin River. The Dora Canal got its current name due to trade and settlement in the Tavares-Mount Dora region. You will begin by crossing the beautiful Lake Dora to reach the canal on your cat boat tour. You will then enter a world that has an entirely different feel than that of the bright, open lake Dora.

The entrance to the canal begins at an ancient burial ground that once belonged to the Tina Kwan Indians. The trip on your cat boat won’t be long, as the canal is only one and a quarter mile long. However, the amount of wildlife you see is well worth the short trip. Some of the wildlife that many outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy include several wading birds such as egrets and herons. It is also home to ospreys, eagles, and duck species such as wood ducks. Aside from the abundance of fish splashing around, you will also see otters, turtles, snakes, and yes, alligators swimming in the waters of the canal. Don’t worry though, you can zip right past the scarier species in your cat boat!

Furthermore, the canal is one-hundred percent natural. It is not man made as many canals are! The canal is a great adventure to take the cat boat as it allows you to visit foreign lands right in your countries’ own backyard. It resembles the African jungles so much so that a reshoot for a famous oldie, “The African Queen”, was shot in the very canal! The wildlife experience is not the only thing to enjoy from the comfort of your cat boat rental.

The flora in the canal is also worth noting. The Dora Canal is iconic for its Cypress trees and the Spanish moss that is draping elegantly throughout the waterway. It is swamp-like in definition, but you are momentarily transported out of the tropical buzz of Florida to the majestic jungles of lands far, far away. You can zip quickly through the canal for an exciting, curvy speed boat experience, or take your time. Either way, enjoying the diverse beauty and wildlife that make up the canal’s enchanting ambiance, is best via cat boat tour!

A Cat Boat Rental for a Leisurely Fishing Trip on Lake Dora

You can’t take your cat boat rental deep sea fishing, but you can take your cat boat out for a leisurely fishing trip on Lake Dora. There is enough space on your cat boat to store a small cooler for your bounty. There is also enough space on the little water vessel to store a couple of fishing poles for your day on the lake. Plus, a nice shade to keep the sun off your catch is a bonus! Furthermore, the Mount Dora Marina has a convenient bait and tackle shop. You can grab last minute things such as bait, tackle, sunscreen, or even a little souvenir to take with you on your cat boat excursion!

Mount Dora Marina and Historical Downtown Docking

Even the most adventurous of outdoor enthusiasts need a break from the rush sometimes. If you aren’t feeling extra adventurous and would prefer a leisurely cruise around the marina, the cat boat is a perfect choice. Being of smaller size, the cat boat is easy to dock and takes up hardly any of your rental time. Some restaurants on Lake Dora are convenient for the many water-farers in the area as they boast docks that are open to the public. Whether you are getting a bite to eat or a fresh beverage for your cupholder, the cat boats allow for quick access to food and drinks. It is easy to get refreshed and ready to get back out on the water. The Mount Dora Marina is also conveniently located near Historical downtown Mount Dora.

Furthermore, the Mount Dora Dock makes exploring the area easy in your cat boat rental. You can dock and go explore the renowned boutiques and charmingly antiquated downtown area. There is still a lot to see in your cat boat even if you don’t go far from the shore! A cat boat tour is very convenient in this sense.

The Famous Harris Chain of Lakes via Cat Boat Tour

Do not limit yourself to one lake as the Harris Chain of Lakes has several close by to explore. One of the major benefits of the Tavares-Mount Dora region is that it is centrical in the Harris Chain of Lakes. It is a major hub for tourists and locals. Aside from Lake Dora, the Harris Chain of Lakes also consists of seven more lakes which are Lake Apopka, Lake Harris, Lake Griffin, Lake Yale, Lake Eustis, Lake Beauclair, and Lake Carlton. These lakes are all connected via waterways that are easily accessible in your cat boat rental. While there is plenty to keep you busy with your cat boat rental in the area, it may be worthwhile to branch out on the many, many waterways that make up the 50,000 acres of water that are the Harris Chain of Lakes.

Family Fun in with Your Cat Boat Rental

Lastly, though the cat boats only seat two people per boat, the cat boat rentals are great for family fun as well. Cat boats are family friendly and safe for kids. Renting a few cat boats and taking them for a cruise with the family is a must when visiting the Tavares- Mount Dora area. Your little ones can’t operate the little power boat but can have a lot of fun riding shotgun next to you on your cat boat tour!

You can take them out for a site-seeing excursion that doesn’t cause a lot of wakes. Or, for the older or more thrill-seeking youth, you can race them across Lake Dora! Be prepared to get wet you speed across the water. Don’t worry, you will be happy for the splashes as they cool you off after some time under the hot, Florida sun. From seasoned pros to novice seamen to complete beginners (that is okay too!) cat boat rentals are a great alternative to jet skis for the little ones!

Book Your Cat Boat Tour

Finally, after all is said and done, cat boats are a great option for customizing your watery adventure. Don’t forget to bring your boaters safety course certificate if you are born after January 1, 1988. 

If you are bored of the Tavares boat rental, Cat boats allow you so much freedom to explore! With its super user-friendly design and varied uses, a cat boat rental is a terrific choice. It is a wonderful way to work your way around the many waterways of the Harris Lake Chain. The previously mentioned escapades will keep you busy but are only a few of the abundant things to do in Mount Dora area. From the seats of your craigcat rental, there is much to be explored in the waterways in the Tavares-Mount Dora in Lake County, Florida. Do not hesitate in the slightest or forget to plan your cat boat rental to optimize your visit to the Tavares-Mount Dora region. You will not regret booking a cat bat tour in this beautiful area!

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