Best Way to Protect a Phone on a Jet Ski

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Why even take that mobile phone on the water? Do you really think you need to check your emails and texts all day long? A chance to use your Jet Ski in a glorious, scenic location means idle time off from the hubbub of modern life. That includes pesky phone calls of people trying to track you down and spoil your fun. No business deal is so urgent that you have to go ashore.
But if you really must take it with you, at least try to keep it dry and unharmed. Then you can go home and catch up for as long as you like. Surf the Web to your heart’s content or watch a slew of the latest YouTube sensations. The only excuse for a phone at all while Jet Skiing is to take wonderful Instagram pictures so everyone will be envious of your adventures.
Yes, there is a real purpose in toting the cell phone along because we guarantee some great snaps of you whizzing along with your tanned face to the sunny sky. Be sure to take videos unless you want a blurry, static mess. So there it is in your backpack, charged and ready to record your adventure with a selfie or two at the dock. 
But if you want to protect the phone and take it home intact, get a water-resistant case. They are everywhere and come in hot colors, some with patterns and designs. If you didn’t have the time to buy one before your Jet Ski date, there is always the old-faithful Ziploc bag. It’s unsightly, but works. Any dry bag from a sporting goods store will do as well. The better bet is the case if you want the phone out through the day for photos.
Good waterproof cases cost a pretty penny, as much as a hundred bucks. Just check the descriptions and reviews online to get the right one. Don’t assume every case is resistant to water. You also want one that won’t scratch or become marred by sand. It has to be hard in case of flying objects. Ha! Or any kind of impact that can happen in a boat. The best cases are rated for resistance. You get what you pay for. You will need one that can work for sixty minutes or more in a depth of four to six feet. Hope this helps!

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