Best Beaches in Cape Coral by Boat

aerial view of cape coral shoreline

If you are in the area of Cape Coral, and searching for things to do, great destinations, and the best beaches in Cape Coral to access by boat, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve packed this article full with information you are going to want to keep handy for your upcoming cruise. In addition, in this article, we will share, for your benefit and ours, the list of our most favorite destinations and beaches in Cape Coral.

Boats that can Access the Best Beaches in Cape Coral

We’ve been renting boats in Cape Coral for a long time! We’ve seen a lot, but when you are cruising the waters of the ocean of the Gulf of Mexico, you want to make sure the boat you are on is capable of handling the sometimes rough seas that you may encounter. You don’t want to venture too far away from land if you are on a kayak, for example. So whether you are boating out of Tampa, or Cape Coral, these are the boats that we feel is the safest to cruise around these waters safely, and give you the comfort in know that you can access these destinations with ease. And without running out of gas too soon!

When you rent a boat around Cape Coral, they’re all generally well equipped to get you to where you want to go, fast. Not everyone wants to be an angler however, so many people rent these boats because they love to check out the destinations and beaches that you can access directly from the Gulf of Mexico. Here are a few of our favorites:

List of Best Beaches in Cape Coral

We’ve been around the ‘Gulf’ per se, and we’ve noted our favorite destinations to stop at despite the many that exists. Here is our top 8 list of beaches to see.

Cayo Costa State Park

You can harbor on ICW, take tram to Gulf side. This fishing ground of the Calusa Indians is about nine miles of beach that has never been developed. Inland, there are paved trails that are used for bicycling and walking. You can even camp here to get a true glimpse of natural Florida.

beach view of cape coral sunset

North Captiva Island Southwest Florida

This is North of Captiva Island, next to Redfish Pass, and is mostly owned by the State of Florida, yet there are over 300 homes, and private owned land as well.

Sanibel Lighthouse Beach Park & Fishing Pier

This beautiful historic lighthouse was built in 1184. The park is surrounded by amazing things to do while you are visiting too, such as picnic tables, restrooms, bike racks, and an amazing fishing pier. Its not uncommon to find people fishing, shelling, kayaking, and more on these beaches.

shells for shelling on beaches of cape coral

Bunche Beach Preserve

Despite its unique name, this is a very popular wetland preserve with wonderful sandy beaches along the San Carlos Bay where you can see Sanibel Island and even Fort Myers Beaches. Photographers flock here for bird watching in the Winter. While there is not much beach in high tide, there is plenty of things to do on the water as well. From kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or just having fun boating around the Preserve.

bird watching on beaches of cape coral

Bowditch Point Park Nature Preserve & Recreation

Big Carlos Pass Fixed Bridge

On your boat, you’ll want to stay in pass, south side. This has been known as the “Gateway to Fort Myers Beach” The Nature Preserve is about seven acres of developed park surrounded by serene, peaceful, quiet waters. The park has grilles, picnic tables walk trails and more with beautiful views overseeing Estero Bay.

lighthouse next to beach cape coral

New Pass at Lovers Key State Park & Barrier Islands

If you are on your boat near this area, stay in the pass on the south side. New Pass Lovers Key is a State Park that was donated to the State of Florida so it can preserve the beaches and mangroves for everyone to enjoy.

sunset near sanibel island

Picnic Island located in Caloosahatchee River

You can approach on the east side, this seven and half acre island that is located near the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River but the Sanibel Causeway. Its an awesome destination for a picnic, and even camping with a camp fire! Although there are no facilities such as restroom, you will have to bring accommodations if you are going to be doing some primitive camping here.

sunset view from boat rental at cape coral

Without a doubt, you and friends will be amazed by these destinations. You get an incredible craving to get off the boat and feel these white sandy beaches, Parks, and Preserve with your bare feat. You’ll need to fight the urge to want to just hang out at each destination all day, because you will run out of time!

Wildlife around the Beaches of Cape Coral

When you are cruising along in your boat rental, checking out the water of the Gulf of Mexico from Cape Coral, or while you have your sites set on some of the beautiful destinations above, you may not want to forget to look down! There are tons of sea life just wanting to be discovered beneath you. Don be surprised if you see any of the following.

List of Wildlife around the Beaches of Cape Coral

  • Dolphins
  • Manatees
  • Stingrays
  • Tarpon
  • Sharks
  • Whales
  • Tuna
  • Turtles
  • Snapper
  • Corals
  • So much more!

Other Beautiful Views around the Beaches of Cape Coral

Better yet, look up and see flocking birds, and even enjoy front row seats to some of the most jaw dropping sunset views you may ever see in your life. Careful! Don’t drop that camera, but do be sure to bring one because you will not want to leave without capturing some of these memories.

Well, we hope that we’ve inspired your visit to Cape Coral from the Boat. It’s our recommendation that you plan to stay a few days in order to have enough time to embrace each of these breath-taking destinations and views.

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