9 Untold Reasons To Try Out Kayaking West Palm Beach Area

kayaking west palm beach

Kayaking West Palm Beach has been a Treasured Secret for Many Years, Here’s why.

Summertime is calling you! As the temperatures rise and days get longer, you may be craving an adventure out in the sunshine, preferably somewhere warm and wild. Kayaking West Palm Beach is a perfect summertime activity to help you experience truly life-changing things. 

Whether you have never put a paddle in the water, or you have spent years behind the oars, kayaking around West Palm Beach has something to offer you. New sights, new critters, new memories; there is so much more to explore!

Still not convinced? Continue reading to learn about 9 untold reasons that kayaking West Palm Beach area may just be the adventure you need to shake off those lingering winter blues.

kayaking in west palm beach


kayaking in west palm beach

1. See a New Side of Florida when Kayaking West Palm Beach

When you think of Florida, what kind of imagery comes to mind? You might think of glamorous city landscapes and white sandy beaches, but there is a whole other side of Florida just waiting to be discovered.

Far away from the manicured golf courses and the urban concrete jungle, the true Floridian wilderness is just waiting to be discovered. Explore the long, winding rivers that are speckled with serene campsites, the lush multi-colored mangroves, or the bright sparkling springs that are one of Florida’s best kept secrets. 

These places are not always accessible by roads or larger boats. You need a smaller vessel, light nimble, to really get into the heart of the Floridian wilderness. Kayaking is a great way to access and truly appreciate these natural treasures, and the best part is, you will literally have these gorgeous sights at your fingertips!

2. Get Up Close And Personal With Wildlife on a Kayak

What fun is the wilderness without seeing a little bit of the local wildlife? Florida has creatures great and small to catch your fancy, some of which you can not see anywhere else. Many of them call Palm Beach home, and if you want to see them with your own two eyes, they are merely a paddle away!

You can always find an alligator or two–this is Florida, after all. However, there is also a whole plethora of creatures to encounter, from iguanas, pelicans, exotic bass, dolphins, and one of Florida’s crowning jewels, the friendly manatee.

Kayaking with manatees is truly a life-changing experience. These sociable sea cows swim right up to your boat, merely inches away as they roll and roam by you to show off in all of their squishy glory. Where else can you encounter such rare critters in their natural habitat? 

3. Soak In The Stunning Views of West Palm Beach

If you have only ever seen Florida’s city and beach views, then you have much more to discover. Kayaking in Palm Beach lets you see how the rich orange sunsets reflect off the water up close and personal. You will see dazzling floral backdrops, and deep teal rivers that look like they have just jumped out of a painting. 

The best part? In a kayak, all of these sights are mere inches away. Photographers will love the unique angles, and all sightseers will relish the tropical colors that literally surround you. These are great additions to your Instagram feed or photography portfolio.

palm beach kayak


palm beach kayak

4. Enjoy Superior Stress Relief on a Kayak

We live in such a noisy culture. Sometimes, in order to get some relief from our busy 9-5 schedules, what we really need to do is unplug. Getting out on the river is a great way to do that! No buzzing phones, blaring laptops, or bustling crowds: just you, the paddle, and the water (and maybe one or two friends!).

Nature has a way of helping us reevaluate our priorities, and after a good trip outdoors, many people come back to their everyday routines more relaxed and ready to go. On the river, all the stress of the last few years can easily be left in the ripples on the water behind you. 

If you need a break, try something new, and you may come out of it refreshed and renewed.

5. The Rental Options Can Save You Money

Maybe you want to try some new adventuring options, but don’t have the cash–or the time–to buy and maintain all of the equipment involved. Even if kayaking has appealed to you, the sticker shock of the kayak, oars, lifejackets, and gas money to lug everything down to the water is sometimes more than enough to derail an honest attempt to try it out.

The good news is that this does not have to keep you from kayaking in Palm Beach! Local companies have everything you need; all you need to bring is yourself and your desire to explore. This locale features a wide array of kayak rental options that supply you with everything that you need to get out on the water in no time.

This is a great cost-effective way to help you truly enjoy your trip without worrying about purchasing expensive equipment. The local experts help you select your vessel, your supplies, and sometimes even guide you through the area to help you find the best places to go. Save on money and stress, without scrimping on the experience.

west palm beach kayaking


west palm beach kayaking

6. Kayaking is A Great Low-Impact Exercise For The Whole Family

There is no replacement for physical exercise in the great outdoors, but not everyone can be a hardcore outdoorsman right off the bat. Newcomers may want to just put their toes in the water first; others may have pre-existing injuries that make rigorous exercise an impossibility, and some people want to enjoy their exercise as a family.

Thankfully, kayaking is a low impact workout, which makes it accessible to those who are still working on their athleticism. You can get a good workout for your shoulders, lats, chest, and core. You get a good mix of cardio and strength-training, but you do not have to be a marathon runner or bodybuilder in order to enjoy it.

Because it is low impact, adventurers young and old can try it out at their own pace. Enjoy it with your partner, your siblings, or in a whole group; there are options for paddlers of all ages and ability. Best of all, you do not need to tackle whitewater right off the bat–you can just as easily enjoy a peaceful row through the lake and slow-moving rivers and get all of the enjoyment out of the experience. 

7. Try Out Some Other Sports On The West Palm Beach Waters

It may sound odd to bring up other water sports when we are talking about kayaking, but jumping into your kayak can help you access a whole other world of water sports. Reach remote places and try out something new like paddleboarding off of Riveria Beach for a fun twist on kayaking in Palm Beach!

This broadens your horizon, not only physically, but mentally as you explore Florida’s backcountry in style. You can reach remote springs and beaches for a good dip in the swimming hole, or even snorkel to find schools of fish and dolphins. Kayaking in itself can be fun on its own, but combine it with other activities, and you have an adventure that you will never forget.

8. Reach Unique Fishing Grounds on a Kayak

Any fisherman knows that fish do not usually like to hang out where it is easy to get them. They prefer remote, vegetated places that are not always easy to reach via boat or foot. Getting their on foot can be nearly impossible, and even if you can just walk or boat to it, you will often have to share the space with crowds of other fishermen just as eager to hook into their catch.

Luckily, hopping into a kayak allows you to maneuver to some pretty cool nooks and crannies where fish are likely to congregate. Not only does this eliminate some of your competition–who wants to rub elbows with others fishermen on the shore?–but it can sometimes help you reach species you may not have encountered otherwise.

kayaking in west palm beach florida


kayaking in west palm beach florida

9. Discover New Parks and Trails around West Palm Beach

Some of Florida’s best parks and trails are found off of the beaten path. Because you can paddle a long way in a kayak, your options are as wide as the horizon. Whether you want to go somewhere remote and wild or somewhere local and bustling, there are places just waiting for you to discover them.

Some gems you should check out are in Palm Beach are:

Loxahatchee River

This beautiful mangrove area is great for birdwatchers! While paddling through, you can see nesting pelicans, blue herons, osprey, and even the occasional manatee. There are historic tours available for those who want to learn the story of the area, including the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse.

The Loxahatchee River kayak trail also takes you through one of Florida’s designated Wild and Scenic Rivers, including the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. You can encounter wildly different ecosystems, from lush cypress jungle to open sawgrass marshes.

Peanut Island

This remote location is a favorite for kayakers and snorkelers alike. Many report having the island all to themselves once they arrive. You can sit back on the beach and enjoy some quiet time with the warm and clear water, or if you are feeling particularly energetic, you can swim and snorkel nearby. You may even see a manatee or dolphin passing by!

Snook Islands Natural Area

Snook Island is truly a marvel in that once upon a time, nothing lived there. No animals, no plantlife–the area was abandoned and deserted. After the intervention of a few heroic county workers, however, the area is now full of new life. You can now find plenty of fish, birds, oysters, and meandering manatees. This place is truly transformed, and worth seeing with your own two eyes!

Boynton Beach Intracoastal Waterway

This area is like a watery highway that can bring you to several equally beautiful destinations. Check out the bird sanctuary and the amazing mangroves, or enjoy an easy-going trek through the canals. If you want to be around more of a community, you can check out the luxurious homes that dot the shoreline. 

kayak rentals west palm beach


kayak rentals west palm beach

Ready to Get Started?

There you have it–9 reasons to try kayaking in West Palm Beach! Of course, there are a few things you will want to remember when you go on your adventure.

Those things include:

Prepare for the heat.

While some areas are nice and shaded, you can quickly reach wide open spaces with no protection from the sun. Remember to pack lots of sunscreen and water to stave off sun stroke. 

Research your locations.

Florida features many different ecosystems, each with their attractions and dangers. Some areas may not be safe for swimming, others may be great to explore solo. 

Explore your rental options.

Local kayak rental companies have experts who have explored the area for years, and their combined experience can help you tailor your trip to get everything that you want out of it. Some may even feature guided tours, so make sure to see what they offer. 

Be honest about your abilities.

If you have not kayaked in the area before, you may want to look into locations that are better for beginner paddlers. Remember that while kayaking is a low impact workout, it is still a workout. Take it slow and build up over time to get the most out of your experience. You don’t want to be exhausted on your first day!

Bring plenty of supplies.

You may find yourself in remote areas without any cell signal or other businesses. Make sure to bring plenty of snacks, water, layers of rain-resistant clothing, and even a satellite phone, if you are able. 

West Palm Beach Is Waiting For You! 

Kayaking in Palm Beach can be an incredible experience that you will remember for years to come. If you come prepared and eager to learn, this unforgettable adventure may be one that you come back to summer after summer! 

Have you kayaked in West Palm Beach before? Where was your favorite place to go, and what would you want to see next time? Tell us in the comments below!

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