5 Unbelievable Things to do at Plantation on Crystal River 

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Don’t miss these exciting Things to do around Plantation on Crystal River 

There are many beautiful places to stay in Florida, but if you are staying at or near Plantation on Crystal River, you are in for a real treat. Crystal River has a little bit of everything, so you and the whole family can enjoy an incredible vacation in Florida. If you’re not sure where to stay, you have to look into the Plantation on Crystal River. Plantation on Crystal River is in an unbeatable location right on the water. Ready to look into booking a stay in Crystal River? Here are the 5 unbelievable things to do when you stay at the Plantation on Crystal River. 

  1. Staying at Plantation on Crystal River 

If you are looking for the perfect location to stay in Crystal River, the plantation on crystal river is exactly the hotel for you. The hotel is located right on the headwaters of crystal river. It’s a central location in the town as well. There are views of the water right from the hotel and the crystal river is within walking distance of the resort. 

The resort is also surrounded by the springs of Kings Bay. This is a large part of the crystal river where tons of manatees live. Sometimes there are over 400 manatees at once enjoying the warm waters of the bay. Plantation on Crystal River is in a very central location. 

So if you’re staying in a different part of Florida, you may be wondering how long is it to drive to plantation on crystal river, Florida? Luckily if you’re in Orlando it’s only about an hour and a half drive. And if you’re staying in Tampa it’s just over an hour. Plantation on Crystal River is in a fantastic location so no matter where you’re staying in Florida it is a doable drive. 

Perks of Staying at Plantation on Crystal River 

Plantation on Crystal River truly has something for everyone to enjoy. If you prefer relaxing on vacation rather than going on adventures, the resort has a beautiful spa where you can book appointments. You can also lounge in one of their many poolside beach chairs and soak up the warm Florida sun. The resort has a heated outdoor lagoon pool and plenty of hot tubs. So you can always find a spot to relax and unwind throughout your stay. 

Plantation on Crystal River also has plenty of opportunities to play the sports that you love. Check out the 9 hole golf course if you want to get a quick game in before heading to the water for the day. Or if tennis is more your speed, there are plenty of courts to play on. You can even get a round of pickleball in with the family between activities. 

The kids can have a great time playing cornhole or giant chess and checkers while you take some time to lounge by the pool. Plantation of Crystal River has plenty of perks to relax and have fun. But are you looking for adventure too? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

2. Manatee Tours Near Plantation on Crystal River 

One of the best perks of staying at the plantation on crystal river is the manatee tour operators that are nearby. Many of them are right near the bay and has tons of activities for guests of the resort. The manatee tour operators is what sets Crystal River apart from other hotels and resorts. The center has every type of water activity you can imagine. Go on boat rides throughout the bay and see over 40 named springs. You can also book tours to go out in for a Crystal River manatee swim. There are plenty of guides that can help you find the perfect spot to see the amazing manatees in Florida throughout the bay too. 

The manatee tour operators in the area offer incredible opportunities for the anglers in your life. Crystal River is home to many different types of fish and mollusks.

From many of the resorts on crystal river, you can can find fishing charters to join. Be on the lookout for tarpon, redfish, and speckled trout. Plantation on Crystal River has many opportunities to fish in the bay, but if you’re looking for more adventure, you can take your boat out through the river to the gulf. Once out on the open water, there are opportunities to fish for snapper, smoker kingfish, and cobia. You can also go scalloping from plantation on crystal river. 

Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, sign up to become scuba certified. Plantation on Crystal River has it all when it comes to exploring the water. There are so many activities to do on crystal river, so be sure to check out all of the things to do near me to find the perfect one for your stay. Looking for other activities to do off the resort in Crystal River? Read on to find more!

3. Boating Near Plantation On Crystal River  

The best part about staying at plantation on crystal river is getting to enjoy the water. If you want to stretch your legs and explore outside of the resort, there are tons of water activities and rentals that you can find to fill up your days. Here are some ideas to get you started and out on the water. 

Boat Rentals 

There are so many different types of boat rentals you can take on Crystal River, it may be hard to choose just one. If you like going for more leisurely rides, you have to check out a sunset tour on Crystal River. Not only are these cruises guided, but they will show you the most beautiful parts of the river with an unforgettable sunset backdrop. 

Pontoon Boats 

If you have a large group, renting a pontoon boat is an incredible way to get everyone out on the water without having to split up. There are plenty of different pontoon boats to fit the needs of your group. Whether you want to go out all day or just spend a couple of hours on the water, a pontoon boat rental is a great way to do it. 

kayaking near plantation crystal river

Kayaks and Paddleboards 

Renting kayaks and paddleboards is a fun way to find things to do in crystal river on your own time. You get to set your pace and find spots that maybe you couldn’t see on a larger boat. There are so many different places to rent kayaks and paddleboards so you’ll be able to find a rental near you. You can also get a kayak from plantation on crystal river if you are staying at the resort. 

There are also kayak tours you can sign up for so you can make sure you don’t miss the best spots on crystal river. There are also sunset kayak tours so you can end your day with beautiful views right from the water. When you’re staying at plantation on crystal river there are endless ways to explore the waters around you. 

Fishing Boats 

There is tons of fishing to be done along Crystal River. From freshwater fish to saltwater catches a little further into the gulf. If you have your fishing gear you have to look into fishing boat rentals near plantation on crystal river. 

Crystal River is also known for having tons of scallops. If you want to try a different type of fishing and get a delicious catch for dinner, be sure to try scalloping. The whole family can go out and give it a try. Scallops tend to live among seagrass in shallow areas of the river. Even your smallest swimmer can pick out a scallop or two.


4. Diving Near Plantation on Crystal River 

One of the most unique water activities you can try on Crystal River besides is diving. Crystal River has beautiful diving spots tucked away throughout its waters. There are a couple of different ways you can get certified to scuba dive near crystal river. 

If you are staying at the Plantation on Crystal river, you can sign up for a scuba diving course through the hotel. There are plenty of other scuba options you can sign up for away from the resort as well. Consider taking your open water diver certification. After taking this course, you will have your safety requirements covered if you decide to try diving in other locations. 

Diving Tours in Crystal River 

Now that you have your diver certification, you can go out in shallow waters and enjoy the wildlife you can find. But another way to get the most out of diving in Crystal River is to try booking a diving tour. There are a couple of different spots where you can enjoy a diving tour near the plantation on crystal river. 

The first is the Blue Grotto, a clear spring. The Blue Grotto offers an underwater cavern that goes down almost 100ft with a guide rope to keep you on course. This is a great place to dive for beginners and people looking for a refresher before moving on to other spots. 

manatees near plantation

The second spot to take a tour is Devil’s Den. This is located quite close to Plantation on Crystal River and is a great dive for beginners and seasoned professionals. Devil’s Den is a gorgeous subterranean spring that truly feels otherworldly once you descend. 

5. Seeing Manatees Near Plantation on Crystal River

Finding things to do in Crystal River is easy because its bay have wonderfully warm waters, and the amazing, incredible Crystal River manatees! If you’ve ever thought about trying to spot or swim with manatees, staying near the plantation on Crystal River is an incredible spot to do so. There are tons of manatee tours that you can book for you and your family to enjoy. 

Manatee in the crystal river

Manatee Tours 

There are a couple of different types of manatee tours you can book near plantation on crystal river. So there will be one that you are sure to enjoy while swimming with these friendly creatures

Private Manatee Tours 

If you want to enjoy swimming with manatees with just your group, then a private manatee tour is the way to go. This tour includes all of the gear you will need to swim up close to the manatees. You’ll get a wetsuit, snorkel, and mask as well as a captain/manatee instructor. This is a sure-fire way to make sure you find manatees and swim alongside them in their natural habitat in Crystal River. 

Semi-Private Manatee Tour 

If you want to see manatees but have a budget to stick to check out the semi-private manatee tours. These swims go out almost every day and are guided to show you the best spots for manatees along crystal river. You may even make some new friends along the way. 

You can even book a tour to swim with manatees right from the plantation on crystal river. So if you decide to stay at the resort, it’s even easier to get into the water and explore. 


If you are looking for an incredible mix of adventure and relaxation, then you have to check out the plantation on Crystal River. There are so many activities in and out of the resort that you and your group will never get bored. Plantation on Crystal River is in a spectacular location only about an hour outside of major cities like Orlando and Tampa. It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax by the water. Make sure you get out on the river and enjoy all the amazing things to do in crystal river

From boating to fishing, catching scallops, and swimming with manatees, you’ll have no problem filling up your days with incredible water activities. And if you need rentals to make them even better, check out all of the different water activity rentals we have to offer at Rockon Recreation. If you can’t find the rental you’re looking for at the plantation on crystal river, you will surely find the perfect match with our extensive roster. Staying at Plantation on Crystal River will give you everything you need to have an incredible vacation. Now, what are you waiting for? The water is calling!

Things to do near Plantation on Crystal River

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    Things to do near Plantation on Crystal River

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