5 Important ATV Rental Safety Tips

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We care about your ATV rental safety!

If you’re planning to rent some Land Rentals like ATVs for your next excursion, here are a few suggestions that will help make your trip easier and safer for you and your family.

Wear DOT-Compliant Gear

Most states have a list of tips for ATV riders. There is even specific equipment suggested for, you guessed it, safety.  What things are encouraged?  Helmets, gloves, goggles, long-sleeve shirts, long pants (no shorts), and over-the-ankle boots. This may sound like a lot, but when you are zooming along on an ATV, you can be torn up by rocks, branches, and other seemingly harmless debris. In the event of an accident, you will be in more danger than you would in a regular car accident. That helmet and those heavy clothes could save you or your family’s life.

Avoid Paved Roads

ATVs are constructed for off-road experiences only. When driving around in one, you have to stay off the streets for two big reasons: first, the ATV is not meant for pavement. It will shred the tires. Secondly, a car or truck carries a great risk of not seeing you or a family member on your ATV, and you may get hit. This can be deadly. You put yourself at danger of being struck if you’re moving around a curve or up a mountain, especially since the ATV is slower than regular vehicles. The only time your ATV should touch a road is during crossings, at designated areas. This is the law.

No Driving Under the Influence

No rental agencies permit their clients to run an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Motor skills and your perceptions are crucial if traveling through rough terrain around the hillside, in the forests, through a field, or to water.  Alcohol restricts your ability to act quickly in circumstances that are hazardous while impairing your judgment. When you drink and drive, you’re putting you and your fellow riders in terrible danger.

Single-Rider ATVs

Many agencies offer both double and single rider ATVs to their clients.  Do not share a single-rider ATV with another passenger.  By doing this, you are risking quite a few things; Too much weight in addition to the ATV can make it tip over in turns. Your handling may become worse.  If you have more riders than ATV’s, it is important to rent ATV’s for double-rider models.

At Rockon Recreation Rentals, we believe an ATV can be a great experience, but if you spend the rest of your trip in the hospital, then it will ruin all the fun. Same goes for any thrilling sport, like Jet Ski Rentals. Please, consider these rules, they will not make your ride any less exciting.

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