5 Easy Steps to Launching a PWC Jet Ski

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Launching a PWC Jet Ski

A lot of excitement is generated when it is time to take out jet ski PWC (personal watercraft). There is nothing quite like a day on the water with friends and in the sun. If your watercraft is streamlined and ready to go, you can expect the best possible recreational experience. It just takes a bit of maneuvering to get it launched. With these tips, you can be sure of the perfect time, every time.

 Everyone needs practice

Even the veteran driver of a PWC needs to practice as they can get rusty. Skills have to be honed in the off season. You can avail yourself of a nearby parking lot as a practice pad for launching. There are recommended techniques and you can bring along a buddy who clearly knows the ropes. What looks easy at first may surprise you at first. Don’t make the beginner’s mistake of not practicing before launching where it is very busy and congested. You can create lanes with objects like orange cones to help you learn to maneuver.

Prepare ahead

After sufficient practice, you should be comfortable with the new mindset of reverse steering as you are backing your PWC into the water. Some people like to use a technique of holding the steering wheel at the bottom with your palms up. Get used to this technique, and avoid sudden movements of the steering, and soon you will be on your way. BoatTests101

Watch out

You are now ready to reach the docking area. Be sure there is no hindrance to your launch. It is entirely possible to encounter some kind of ramp obstruction. There can be traffic on a busy day impairing a clear path for your watercraft. You may even have to wait in line if you didn’t beat the early birds.

Final Check

A good rule of thumb is to take advantage of any waiting time to finish your preparations. Continue to check the ramp width and any impediments, the water depth, and steepness. You should try to imagine how you are going to proceed step by step.

Easy does it

Launching starts with backing up onto the ramp after all covers are removed from the PWC. Of course, the rear tie-down straps must be released and the drain plugs be tightened. Any electrical hookups are now ready to unplug. You will have loaded anything you want to use during the day on the water such as food and drink. After the launch, it may be too late.

Fire it up

Next you test the watercraft’s engine to ensure a quick start, but there is no need to let it keep running while still on land. Most people have a four-wheel drive to make the launch a snap because backing up is easier. It is time to attach a rope to the handlebars of your vehicle.

During the launch

During the launch, with all signals go, you will keep your PCW running, yet not too deep in the water to prevent flooding. The backup position is straight while you are in neutral to avoid accidentally pressing the accelerator. Use your companion to help and, of course, all installed mirrors for this purpose. Once the PCW is in the water, your car or van will be placed in park with the handbrake on. Now the chain connecting the two vehicles can be undone and the winch let out—always in that order.

Tie it Off

Remember the rope you brought along? It will help prevent your watercraft from floating away. As you climb on, you take it to the closest tie area for securing. Your friend can run back to the car or van during this action. You always have to be mindful of other people and vehicles, so be vigilant and thoughtful. Try not to interfere with the on-going line as people waiting tend to get testy. A good launch is easy if done correctly, without rushing or risk to others. We hope you executed your launch well and enjoyed your time on the water along with others who love the sport as much as we do. There may be special tips and tricks, but our approach is basic and foolproof. As with anything, safety is the first concern. If you are looking to hop into some Jet Skiing fun today, check out our Jet Ski Rentals here, along with other Water Rentals. Find other Things to do in Orlando too such as Rent a KayakATV Rentals,  Paddle Board Rentals, and more. Want More? Check Out these related Blog Post: Rent the Gear, Own the Experience Top 9 Reasons to Hop on a Jet Ski Today Horseback Riding Rentals Become a Vendor 21 Sensational Memory Making Experiences at Wekiwa Springs 7 Awesome Activity Ideas at Hontoon Island State Park 7 Essential Etiquette Rules for Jet Skiers 5 Radical Reminders to Stay Safe on Jet Ski’s 3 Basic Jet Ski Rules for Beginners5 Incredible Features of How Jet Ski’s Work 5 Top Training Techniques for Jet Ski Rentals

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