3 Unforgettable Rules for Jet Skiing with Kids

jet ski rental kids
You love Jet Skiing and take every opportunity to dust your vehicle off and get on the road to the nearest lake. Your Instagram account is loaded with evidence of your acquired skill. You crave the spray of foamy water on your face as you bask in the rays of the sun. It is your idea of the best time. But why go it alone every time? Take the kids and see what a difference a family outing can make. After one time, this pastime will be tops on everyone’s list.
There is no doubt about it. Children take to Jet Skiing like ducks to water. They love the speed and feeling of exhilaration. Who doesn’t? Don’t miss a great opportunity to bond with the little ones while you enjoy the ride of your life. But there are safety rules to follow. Take the time to be prepared in advance.
Every child needs a personal flotation device that fits them properly and is in good order. Now that this priority has been addressed, where do they sit? Between two adults is ideal for maximum safety, especially for kids under 18 pounds. The first ride should be on the calm side to see how they react. Go slowly at first and stay completely in control.  Then you can increase the speed and distance from shore. Don’t take them to rough water, and of course they should know how to swim.
Positioning children up front makes for more excitement as the waves will splash them, but they risk hitting the handlebars. Be wise and be safe. When you reach rough water or slow down abruptly, the chance of this is high. You make the decision and enforce basic Jet Ski rules. Remember that just being out on the water is enough.
Don’t panic if your child falls into the water. In fact, you should expect it and practice what to do ahead of time. Let the kid know the procedure: the adult in the back seat goes in to help get the child back on the Jet Ski. As the person swims, they keep their head above water to keep contact at all times.
The driver stops the engine immediately and remains on the vehicle. Everyone must check the nearby boat traffic before any action is taken: only a second and you are ready to react. There may also be potential dangers lurking in the water.
Now you know how to protect your child to ensure the most fun at your favorite watersport. The experience will be enhanced by your vigilance and care.
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