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ATV Rentals in Florida – the Best way to Explore the Outdoors

Imagine this: the wind is in your hair, blood is rushing through your veins, and you’re gripping the handles before you. It’s exciting and invigorating and your adrenaline is pulsing and you’re going over bumps, through mud puddles, and flying over a gravel path—

How does that sound?

That’s the type of experience you can have while you explore the countryside in Florida. But how will you make this dream come true? If you’re wondering this, like many others, you’ve come to the right place!

That experience that I described is from my personal experience riding an ATV. Central Florida ATV rentals are the best way, and easiest way, to see the center of the state.  

ATVs are expensive.

Everyone from first-time riders to professionals can agree that ATVs are expensive to buy and ride. It gets even more expensive when you end up adding in upkeep costs, repairs, and gas! Take it from someone who has crashed several (and had to pay for repairs, new parts, and full models)! It is not cheap. So, how much do four wheelers cost? The average price for a new ATV hovers around 7,000 dollars. Talk about an expensive toy!

However, you don’t have to buy an ATV to enjoy one!

Try renting! Renting ATVs for a few hours can be as cheap as 175 dollars. Talk about affordable! Today is the day you should book your rental and get outside. You won’t regret it. ATV rentals Florida has many options, and you will surely find one to fit your needs. This is why I love renting! 

For those of you who would like to ride an ATV, but need someplace to start, let me give you the why, what, where, and how of ATV rentals in Florida. On top of that, Ive done all the research for you so no need to research all the ATV rentals and ATV trails near me. After doing all that research, I have compiled a list of everything you need to know to get the perfect experience renting ATVs! I’ll make your life simpler, because who doesn’t love that, and I’ll start you out with the why.

Endless Reason why Renting ATV’s is Worth it

There is an easy answer for why you should try out riding an ATV.

Because it is thrilling, daring, fun, breezy, and exciting!

ATV rentals in Florida provide an unforgettable experience for the casual rider and the adrenaline junkie alike. There is nothing like riding an ATV and the freedom it gives for exploring tough terrain, nature’s beauty, and the wilderness. You don’t have the limits of a normal vehicle, but you get a lot of the same power. I would not be deceived by the size of ATV—they are small and mighty. You will be shocked by the speed, maneuverability, and capability ATV rentals in Florida have.

The best location for Riding ATV’s

There are many places you can find ATV rentals in Florida, but be careful because not all of them comply with Florida State Laws for ATV riding. If you’re looking for ATV rentals in Orlando Florida, or ATV rentals in Miami Florida, the best place to go is Central Florida. In fact, Brooksville, Florida has 2600 acres of State land that you can access and explore.

If you need a day away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, or the slumber of your day-to-day life, think about trying something new. Try this! Riding ATVs is a great way to traverse through the countryside, getting some fresh air and sun, while doing so in a safe, easy, and fun way! It’s a fun activity that can be done almost the entire year. No matter the season, you can find places to explore with an ATV. 

Wide variety of Types to Choose From

Renting will make your experience smooth, easy, and simple. If you’re in the Brooksville area, check out how to get ATV Rentals.

There are several different types of ATVs you can rent. Each vehicle has unique features; it is important to find the best fit for you and your personal needs. I compiled a list of the top three ATV rentals in Florida. Each of these can be rented near Brooksville Florida, where you can find the best central Florida ATV rentals.

Top Rated ATV Rentals in Florida

There are many different types of ATVs. There are all kinds of transmissions, engine sizes, handling capacities, and other distinguishing characteristics. It can be difficult to find the right ATV for your personal needs. Try one of these!

#1 is the Adult ATV’s

Kawasaki Brute Force 300cc ATV

  • Price: $175 / 2 hours
  • This ATV is powerful with a 271 cc engine. An automatic transmission and the capacity to reverse is included. It is sporty and fast, and does extremely well on all kinds of surfaces, such as gravel, dirt, and grass. It is a mid-sized model and fits one average-sized adult. Grab this one for a fun-filled day!  

Arctic Cat Tracker 300cc ATV

  • Price: $175 / 2 hours
  • This impressive ATV is perfect for any adult. It has a powerful 270 cc engine. It can reverse and it is automatic. For anyone looking for a great deal, this is one of them! It seats one person.

Can Am DS 250cc ATV

  • Price: $175 / 2 hours
  • Versatile, mid-sized ATV with surprisingly powerful 249 cc engine. It has an automatic transmission and, like the others, can reverse. This is a great ATV for those with little experience. It also fits one adult.

Article Cat Altera 400

  • Price: $275 / 2 hours
  • The engine on this bad boy is powerful! It ranges around 355 cc. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much gumption it has.

Here are three great options. I would suggest looking at each and deciding which would be best for you. You can’t go wrong with any of the options: they are all useful vehicles with power, safety, and function defining them.  However, if you are not satisfied with any of these options, there are still 3 other ones you can choose from. If you’d like an even more powerful engine, a two-seater, something a little slower, or one for the kids, I’ll show you the other options below. You can find the biggest collection of ATV rentals in Florida in Brooksville. 

#2 is the Two- Seater ATV

Can AM outlander max 450 2up

  • Price: $350 / 2 hours
  • This vehicle is a two-seater! If you and another adult (or child) would like to ride together, check out this option! The Can AM Outlander has a powerful engine that rivals many other ATVs.

#3 is the Children ATV Rentals

ATVs can be especially fun for children. If you’re wanting to bring along your kids, I have good news. There are options for your kids! This ATV is suitable for children as young as five years old. Bring along the kids!

Can Am DS 90cc

  • Price: $175 / 2 hours
  • This ATV has an 89.5 cc engine. It can also reverse. It is important to note that adults must rent their ATVs when renting this one. Children must be supervised while riding.

Can AM DS 250

  • Price: $175 / 2 hours
  • This versatile ATV has a 249 cc engine. This is perfect for anyone who may be a little more hesitant behind the handlebars of their ATV.

Each of these vehicles will come with everything you need to ride! That means helmets, goggles, and fuel. You won’t have to worry about bringing gasoline along or finding some old goggles to use. Everything you need will be included with the price, making your day run as smoothly as it could.

Pro Tip: Looking to book multiple ATV’s for a group? Use this link to select multiple types and quantities of ATV’s for the same date and time. Group ATV Rentals – Self Guided

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Location for the Top ATV Rentals Florida

You are probably wondering where you can even go to ATV in Florida. The Sunshine State has some good news for you: it offers plenty of options with sprawling landscapes for you to explore on the back of an ATV. One of the most well-loved is Croom ATV Park.

There are enticing places all over Florida. You can run yourself ragged in the high-speed living of the sprawling cities or sit on the beaches with millions of other visitors. If you want swamps, forests, or suburbs, you can find it! There is always going to be something bidding for your time.

But one of the most overlooked features of Florida is its exciting backcountry. If you want some fresh air and an unforgettable day, head out to Croom. ATV rentals in Florida give you an easy way to start exploring.  

Croom ATV Riding Park

The park, actually named Withlacoochee State Park is located at 6400 La Rose Rd Brooksville, FL 34602.

This is the only state property that is set aside for off-highway vehicles. You won’t catch any cars, trucks, or vans on the same paths as you.

Brooksville is in the perfect location. It is just outside of the hustle and bustle of the busiest cities of Florida, right beside hundreds of paths in the great outdoors. It is 30 minutes from Tampa, 1 hour from Disney World/Orlando, 4 1/12 hours from Miami, and 3 hours from Naples, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. Whether you have a weekend or one day, you will have enough time to come and rent an ATV for a wild and fun adventure. However, I think you’ll quickly find that one day isn’t enough.

Croom ATV park is an enticing option because of the variety of terrains you can encounter. The park has hundreds of acres of trails for ATVs and dirt bikes, with everything such as scrubs, rich soil, jump areas, berms, and sugar sand. Sugar sand, the most notable feature of Croom, is a soft texture made of ultrafine minerals. If you’re looking to push your skills to the next level—or even start out—sugar sand is a great way to improve your abilities on an ATV. It gets even more fun in the rain! Make sure you’re wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting a little (or a lot) dirty! You must try ATV rentals in Florida out!

Accommodations for visitors

If you’re coming for a day, there are facilities that can accommodate you. Croom has picnic facilities, restrooms, and day-use areas available for your convenience. You can rest at a pavilion or spend the day hanging out with your family between rides.

If you want to make a trip out of it, you have a whole array of other options to fill your time as well. Croom ATV park has a motocross pit, an area designated for BMX and mountain bikers, and the entire Withlacoochee Forest. You could spend days hiking through the gorgeous scenery or watching other riders practice their tricks. There is no shortage of things to do at Croom.

If you’re planning on staying for more than a day, you might need a place to stay!

Nearby Places to Stay while Renting Central Florida ATV Rentals

There are all kinds of housing options! If you are wanting to embrace the rugged lifestyle, you can dust off your old tent or RV and spend the night at Buttgenback campground. They offer hookups for water and electricity; they even have a wash station for your ATV or bikes! You can be right by the action here. This is a great option if you’re looking to spend as much time as possible outside on your trip. It also is a cheaper option for those of you who, like me, want to have as much fun as possible without breaking the bank.

But have no fear if you do not like camping! If you’re the kind of person who would rather have clean sheets and room service, there are many hotels nearby. Luxury is right at your fingertips by Croom. Here is a list of the top three hotels in the area:

Hampton Inn Brooksville Dade City —

  • Price: 133 $/night
  • Distance: 0.3 miles from Croom
  • Important amenities: Free breakfast, pool, non-smoking

Microtel Inn. & Suites by Wyndham Brooksville —

  • Price: 101 $/night
  • Distance:0.5 miles from Croom
  • Amenities: Free breakfast, gym, and pool

Sleep inn Wesley chapel Tampa north

  • Price: 118$/night
  • Distance: 21.2 miles from Croom
  • Amenities: Breakfast and a gym

All your needs can be met in Brooksville. The best kinds of food, entertainment, and fun can accompany your ATV trip.

Food Options while Renting ATV’s

There are plenty of food options available for you to enjoy. With everything from your typical neighborhood fast food (i.e. Waffle House, Taco Bell, Zaxbys, McDonald’s, Subway, etc.) to some fancier dinners, you can have it all.

I would suggest checking out Coney Island Drive-in and Monticello’s Pizza. Coney Island Drive-in offers an American spread with burgers, onion rings, and foot-long hot dogs. They’re ranked #1 by Trip Advisor. It’s a must-visit!

Monticello’s Pizza also has high ratings and delivers a delicious menu of all kinds of pizza. If you and the family would like to try out a locally loved restaurant, this could be the one for you. You won’t go wrong here.

There are hundreds of options for all kinds of foods. Ending a fun day riding your ATV rentals with a good meal is an experience that is hard to beat! It’s going to be important that you fuel up for the day.

Last, but not least, I will share with you some general guidelines to help keep you safe, prepared, and excited. Let’s talk about the how of ATV rentals in Florida.

ATV Rentals Florida Safety Rules and Advice

Once you’ve got your vehicle, your safety equipment, and hours of fun ahead of you, you might end up asking yourself—what do I do now?

There are a few things that every ATV rider must know. I’ll go over some basic elements of safety. If you would like even more information on how to safely ride an ATV, check out this website.

Rules for Safe ATV Riding

Here are four essential rules and guidelines for riding your rented ATV.  

Stay on the right paths!

This means you need to avoid public roads. ATVs are not made to drive on asphalt, nor are they made to drive around with other vehicles nearby. Keep your four-wheeler on grass, gravel, dirt, mud, and areas away from public roads. This is for your safety! You are in a much more vulnerable position than drivers of other vehicles. It is best to maximize your own safety and fun.

While you avoid busy asphalt roads, make sure you are also staying on clearly marked paths! You should be aware of where you are driving the ATV at all times. As the driver of these powerful vehicles, it is important that you feel comfortable using all the features. If you have any questions about using an ATV four wheeler rental, ask a professional before you head out on your own. Your comfort behind the will is important for your safety—and your fun!

It’s important to follow the marked paths. It may look like fun to create your own dirt paths and barrel through new terrain, but you never know what is before you! For all levels of experience, it is much safer to stick to areas that have already been created and manicured for ATVs. These are powerful vehicles with powerful engines that have the capability of putting you in dangerous circumstances! Those with experience know how sticky it can be when you leave the path. You will be putting yourself at risk of getting stuck, getting trapped, or injuring yourself. The best way to have fun is to maximize safety so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Wear your protective equipment!

Included with your rental, you will be given helmets, gloves, and goggles. Each of these will make riding a more comfortable and safe experience. By law, every rider must wear a helmet. Everyone 16 and under is required to wear goggles. Though a helmet and goggles are required, you can make your own choice about any of the other things you choose to wear. I would suggest choosing long pants and boots to protect your legs and feet. It can be hot on the sides of your leg when you are riding. In general, it is a safe rule of thumb to always wear protective clothing, because, depending on the speed, weather, and area, you should always want to be prepared!

Always keep your arms and legs in the vehicle.

Yes, you’ve probably heard that on every roller-coaster you’ve ever been on, but it applies here too! If anything happens, you want to make sure that you are keeping your arms and legs safe. You may be passing through trees and low-hanging areas or may have difficulty navigating your car. It will help to keep everything in the vehicle. If you’re the one driving, you need to be the one prepared to steer the ATV out of dangerous situations. You want to make sure that nothing snags, snaps, or breaks! Keep your arms and legs inside.

Lastly, be alert while driving!

This means no drinking and driving. Driving an ATV is just like driving a car. You have a powerful engine that has the ability to put you (and others riding with you or around you) in a lot of danger. Make sure you can think clearly by avoiding alcohol, drugs, and other substances that may put you at risk.

It is important that you are always aware while you are driving. Refrain from texting and driving, falling asleep at the wheel, and distracted driving. It’s important to be mature and careful while on an ATV. If you are not in a condition to drive, feel free to take a break! That’s the beauty of having 2600 acres of ATV trails—there will be plenty of areas you can hop off and enjoy! Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the beautiful world of central Florida. Take some time to breathe in the wilderness you will be experiencing.

If you’d like to read more about safety while on ATVs, considering ATV safety tips or a beginner’s class. It is a great resource to help you feel more comfortable while you’re having fun. The class will show you how to properly ride, handle, and use ATVs with the help of an instructor who is intent on your safety. You can even learn some tips or tricks from him to use while you’re out!

ATV Rentals in Florida Summary

ATV rentals in Florida are the best way to explore. Don’t forget to savor the experience with tons of pictures too with this instagram ATV selfie guide! With the help of this guide, you are now prepared to tackle your first ATV experience. I have an inkling that it won’t be your last!

Already have a four wheeler and considering to rent it to the public? Check out the many options available to renters like, and you can get started here at our 3 ultimate reason to rent your ATV four wheeler.

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