20 Extraordinary Things to do Near Me this Weekend

things to do on the water

Check out this guide intended to help with finding things to do Near Me this weekend

The world is slowly coming back online. People are ready to back outdoors safely, but there is so much pent up demand, many of us don’t know where to start. We find ourselves searching for things to do Near Me this weekend , and are finding that it is not so easy.

If you’re someone who is in search of “things to do near me this weekend,” you’re at the right place. The article below will lead you towards some of the most amazing activities that you can indulge in to make the most of your weekend. Here are our top suggestions, that we will elaborate on more below.

Renting a Jet Ski this weekend:

Wondering what are the “things to do near me this weekend?” Go for renting a Jet Ski. Riding a Jet Ski is all about letting yourself loose. It is the most adventurous sport that anyone can spend their time on and you don’t need any experience to do it.

weekend jet ski things to do
weekend jet ski things to do

If you’re searching for Jet Ski Rentals near me, it is a great way for a fun, fast adrenaline rush. It is a high-speed activity that will excite you at all times. With this, you can spend your time chasing the waves and have a closer look at the beauty surrounding the open waters.

However, just like any other sport, Jet Ski requires safety precautions at all times. It is considered a safe sport in many parts of the world, but it is essential to follow the instructions of your Jet Ski instructor to keep yourself away from possible injuries.  

You can rent a Jet Ski and have a fun time with your friends and family members. The sport is all about excitement, and a perfect way to spend your weekend. If you need an example, we highly recommend this Jet Ski Rental  in Tavares, yielding 5 star reviews, can accommodate kids, has a low price, and is honestly a perfect thing to do this weekend.

Kayaking is a wonderful things to do

Kayaking is a waterborne activity that allows you to swiftly float atop of water, and enjoy both luxury and peace at the same time. But there are many people who dont own kayaks, nor do they want the hassle or expense of buying and storing one. We got you covered though. Renting a kayak comes with all benefits. Its cheap, there is guidance, equipment is provided, and no experience is necessary.

things to do near me this weekend
things to do near me this weekend

It offers you a soothing experience, which is in many ways just like meditation. It is common for a lot of people to go kayaking to help ease their mind, and release the stress that had been captivating their thoughts. Because the activity is done in open waters, you often spend your time goggling at the jaw dropping views and surroundings.

Because the activity requires you to paddle, it works as an exercise as well. It is an excellent way of burning calories and gaining cardiovascular strength without putting excessive pressure on your muscles or joints. You can simply push the paddle through the water to steer your kayak, or keep it in the middle of the water.

The ultimate goal of kayak renting is to spend your weekend in peace and comfort. As a result, the answer to “things to do near me this weekend” is definitely kayaking. Bring along a kid in a tandem kayak, or some even fish from their kayak. Either way, grab a kayak rental, and enjoy the many pleasures and rewards it will bring to you.

Weekend snorkeling with Manatees:

The underwater world is full of mysteries, and snorkeling is all about exploring the treasure hidden beneath the water, especially when you can be up close and personal to wildlife; such as Manatees.

swim with manatee this weekend
swim with manatee this weekend

The moment you dive in the crystal clear springs in Central Florida, you will be mesmerized by the sight. It is one of the most authentic ways to connect to nature at a deeper level. It allows you to be a part of the world that you have only seen in pictures and documentaries before this.

A lot of people refer to snorkeling with manatees as an elevating experience. It provides a smooth, relaxing connection with nature and the creatures that live inside that world. Therefore, it is one of the best things to do near me this weekend and highly sought out for adventure, and people from all over the world travel to snorkeling locations to gain this enjoyable experience.

After having a busy week, you deserve to dive into the depths of peace and harmony while getting more connecting with nature and the crystal clear springs in Florida. Come swim with manatees, and make a memory we promise you will never forget.  In other words, it is a highly recommended thing to do this weekend.

Picking an Airboat ride for your weekend:

Going for an Airboat rental ride is the best option if you’re looking for something to do with your family this weekend. Your entire family can share the thrilling experience at the same time and you will not ask for things to do near me this weekend again for a good time.

airboat things to do
airboat things to do

Airboats, unlike standard boats, float on top of lower water levels. It has a huge fan attached at the back of the boat, that lets a boat float swiftly. Most importantly, one of the best things about this ride is that it is safer and more comfortable in comparison to other boat rides.

People from different parts of the world come to experience an Airboat ride because of the joy and nature trip that it has to offer. You can expect to come across different wildlife species that you will rarely find anywhere else.

If you have a large family and have an interest in wildlife, there is nothing better than an adventurous Airboat ride this weekend.

Make most of the unique CraigCat this weekend: 

If you have never tried a CraigCat rental, it should be the first thing that you should opt for this weekend. CraigCat has been serving as a tourist attraction for a very long time. It is a fantastic activity that people can perform in groups, and the first choice if you have guests to entertain.

ride a craigcat near me
ride a craigcat near me

One of the best things about this ride is its automated safety feature that refrains a rider from making drastic turns or anything else that can prove to be dangerous. The ride floats on top of the water, which adds to its speed.

Most importantly, the boat is super comfortable which makes it one of the most luxurious things to do near me this weekend because of which you will not be able to feel those jumps that make a ride feel uncomfortable. It is one of the best things that you can do with your weekend.

Riding Bicycle as wonderful things to do

Renting a bicycle is a very common activity. It is the ultimate route to staying fit, and an activity that people of all age groups can participate in. Renting a bike is perfect for destinations because you can hop on the bike when you get there, and drop it off where you got it when you’re done. No lugging it around, no maintenance, no ownerships costs.

bicycle rental near me this weekend
bicycle rental near me this weekend

There is nothing that beats the fun of exploring new places. By riding a bicycle, you’re letting yourself loose and opening yourself to new adventures. These adventures can be exploring a new area to compete with your friends or family members.

A lot of countries consider riding a bicycle is better than traveling through any other mode of transport. The health benefits are such that they make this hobby a significant factor in reducing the overall number of health problems a person is exposed to.

If you’re out of things to do near me this weekend, try getting the entire family to cycle with you. Consequently, there is nothing better than an exploration trip with your family or friends.

Weekend Stand-up paddleboarding perfect for things to do:

A lot of people confuse Stand-up paddle boards with surfboards. Besides, there is a massive difference between the two. But both of them are fantastic things to do near me this weekend.

weekend paddleboarding
weekend paddleboarding

Unlike surfboards, stand-up paddleboards are not meant to face the waves head-on. Instead, these boards are built to provide balance over water because of which people usually use them to learn how to balance themselves, or for numerous meditation purposes.

Stand-up paddleboard rentals have gathered a lot of attention in the past couple of years, and this attention is increasing on an everyday basis. There are numerous communities that bring fellow boarders together, so they can enjoy the activity as a group instead of an individual.

It is a peaceful activity and one that you must seek if you’re looking for a way to make the most of your weekend. If you haven’t tried it yet, check out our amazing 5-star rated paddle board rentals.

This Weekend is perfect for a Pontoon Boat Rental:

A Pontoon boat is one of the best options for any group to get out on the waters. It’s open boat with lots of seating and shade, is capable of hosting a considerable crowd. It often comes in useful when people wish to throw a party, and they can invite some guests to join them in the celebration of water. In this case, pontoon boat rentals are flying off the shelves.

party boat rental this weekend
 party boat rental this weekend

Because it is an open boat, it offers you a 360-degree view so you can look around and admire your surroundings. Additionally, if you wish to take a dive, you can jump right into the open water and go for a swim.

You can rent a Pontoon boat if you are looking for things to do near me this weekend to spend quality time with your friends or family.

One of the best things to do is live bar-b-que. You can simply catch the fish from the water, and prepare your meal on the boat. Not one to catch and eat? There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the Lakes that makes the Pontoon rental one with endless possibilities. You can bring your own coolers, food and drinks as well!

Hence, it is one of the best ways to make your weekend a memorable one. There are so many places to rent a pontoon boat near Orlando, here are a few of the most popular places.

A trip to the butler chain of lakes in Windermere:

The butler chain of lakes is 13 different lakes that are interconnected. These lakes have been serving as a tourist attraction for a very long time, and visiting them over your weekend is an excellent choice.

These lakes are widespread and make up a total of 5000 acre plus of land. They are an excellent source for sight-seeing, and will leave your mouth wide open is an understatement.

The lake is also known for other things to do near me this weekend, such as fishing, boating, picnicking, and enjoying a breathtaking view of the sunset. Here is one Windemere pontoon boat rental operator serving the Butler Chain of Lakes in Windermere.

There are a lot of facts that support the claim that the lake has crystal clear water levels. It is unlike any other lake and a significant reason why the tourists prefer visiting this lake over the others.

If you’re planning to spend your weekend at a lake, the Butler chain should be on the top of your list.

pontoon boat rental this weekend
 pontoon boat rental this weekend

A visit to the Conway Chain of Lakes in Orlando:

The Conway Chain is similar to the Butler chain. It is a chain of interconnected lakes and is one of the treasures of Orlando.

Since the lakes here are much broader and more in-depth, these lakes provide an excellent opportunity for water sport. Almost all kinds of water sports can be found at this location, which keeps the locals and tourists attracted to the lake at all times.

In addition to the sports, the lake is rich in marine life, which is why there are high chances of a great catch. Given that the rules are followed, people can fish in this lake several times a year.

The lake consists of fresh and clean water, which is why people are comfortable in choosing this lake as their adventure spot to rent a pontoon boat in Orlando.

One of the best things to do near me this weekend is to plan to visit the lake to enjoy the great weather and participate in water sports. In other words, it is an experience of a lifetime.  

Lake Toho in Kissimmee:

Lake Toho is also known as the den of recreational activities. The lake is a constant attraction for thousands of people, and not a single person has been able to participate in all the activities that the lake has to offer.

If you’re a water lover, there is no reason why you should ever think twice before taking a step forward towards planning a journey to this lake, so pack your bags to enjoy the things to do near me this weekend. It is full of scenery, which acts like its most significant asset as people from different parts of the world come to visit this lake to enjoy the landscape that it has to offer.

Most importantly, it is a hub of different water activities, such as a Pontoon Boat Rental in Kissimmee which makes it the first choice for family outings. If you’re planning to visit the lake for the weekend, you should visit when you’re able to indulge in the water sport to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun this weekend.

Lake Monroe & St Johns River in Debary

After a long tiring week, everybody needs some time off to relax with their friends or family members. A stress-free environment, great food, and a memorable experience are all that anyone of us would desire.

Lake Monroe & St Johns River is rich in family activities, and a must place that you should visit to help take the workload off of your chest. You can visit the lake with your family to enjoy things to do near me this weekend, and take advantage of the pleasantries that the lake has to offer.

The lake is not only rich in activities by itself, but you can also find a lot of supporting activities in the nearby area, such as Debary Pontoon Boat Rentals. When you visit the lake with your family, be sure to stop at one of these places on your way there or your way back. It will help you develop a better understanding of the area and enhance the quality of experience that you already have or are about to have.

Weekend adventures at Lake Minneola in Clermont:

If you’re searching for a romantic getaway, you don’t need to look any further. Lake Minneola is the perfect destination to spend your weekend with your better half.

Just like the rest of the spots, Minneola, too, offers recreational activities such as water sport, dining, beachfront, park, pontoon boat renting Clermont, and fishing. However, what makes this lake the perfect choice for your weekend or an occasion is the fact that this lake does not have a parallel in the scenery.

Imagine spending your time in the luminous, with stars reflecting on the water that surrounds you. It will be a perfect goodbye to a tiring week. To take it a step further, you can easily rent a ride and spend your quality time flowing with the water.

It is an excellent destination for couples who are looking for things to do near me this weekend, and the best choice to elevate your weekend.

things to do on the water
things to do on the water

A day spent at Lake Hart in Orlando:

What makes this lake stand out is the fact that there are tons of activities and things to do near me this weekend that you can find within a 500-meter radius of the lake.

A lake has a tendency to provide a calm and soothing atmosphere to anyone who visits it. However, Lake Hart does not stop at only that. Once you reach the destination, you will come across numerous activities that you can do to make your trip worth-while.

The place has a fascinating scenery that will captivate your mind in no time. Additionally, there are parks and other recreational activities that will keep your kids busy so you can spend some alone time with your spouse.

After a tiring week, it is essential to plan a family outing like renting a pontoon boat at Lake Hart. It helps rebuild the connection and strengthen the bond between all the family members. Spending your weekend doing just that is always the best decision.

Chain of Lakes in Winter Park:

The Winter Park chain of lakes is the ultimate place for tourism. It is all about spending your time kayaking or pontoon boat renting in Winter Park, through the lake and discovering the beauty of nature.

You can take a 3-4 hour tour of the lakes, which takes you through multiple areas. Each area has its own significance, like flowers and marine life for you to explore things to do near me this weekend. It is one of the most amazing experiences that you will ever have in your life.

The lake is big enough to keep you busy for a whole day. You start in the day, and you end your tour in the evening. Since there are a lot of things to explore, people prefer to pause their journey at a specific place to be able to give the detail the attention it requires.

Since the tour is done in groups, you can take your entire family along this weekend and make the most of this adventure.

Lake Orienta in Altamonte Springs:

Lake Orienta is famous for its boat ramp, which allows one to enjoy a thrilling boat ride along the coast. It has been subjected to tourist attraction for a very long time, and despite the difficult times, continues to serve the purpose.

A while ago, the boat ramp was closed due to low water levels. It raised a question of the uncertainty of the lake, but the water levels soon came back to the average level, and the ramp was open for the public again.

You can simply rent a boat in Altamonte Springs and take-off on a cruise with your friends and family members. Once in the water, you can spend your time catching fish, partying, diving in the open water, or whatever it is you would like to do to have a great time.

The lake has been a great source of adventure for amazing things to do near me this weekend and you should visit the site if you plan a boat ride this weekend.

Weekend plan at Johns Lake in Winter Garden:

If you’re close to the area, you must have come across this lake by now. It is a popular destination among everyone who knows Winter Garden.

John’s lake is an open lake that can be accessed through a forest. The lake is long and offers a fantastic opportunity to fish for food.

Once you reach the destination, you get lost in the nature that surrounds the lake. The lush green tree forest and the flow of water is a picture that you will never forget.

The place is open and offers enough space to turn it into a camping spot. When planning the trip, you can simply pack the essentials and spend time absorbing the positive energy that the open water transmits to you.

A lot of people have admitted enjoying awesome things to do near me this weekend and feeling a lot better after their trip to john’s lake. It allows them to spend their time reconnecting with the roots, which is the best weekend therapy after a long tiring week.

Adventure tour at Harris Chain of Lakes in Tavares:

Although mentioned previously, its worthy of noting that the Harris chain of lakes is known for its outstanding pontoon boat tours Tavares, and water sports. It is a popular destination for weekend escapes, and a lot of people come here to relax after a tiring week.

The lake is spread across a large area, and it takes hours to complete the tour. The lake has a lot in store, and with every step, you will find a new activity to keep yourself busy.

It is an excellent spot for family outings since the activities are of different age groups, and all the members can keep themselves occupied in doing what they like.

One of the best things about the lake is that it offers both camping and day trips, which makes it accessible even if you make a last-minute decision to visit the lake.

It is a great place for things to do near me this weekend and spend the weekend with your family.

Find things to do near me to satisfy your adventurous soul’s needs!!!

After a long week at work, everyone seeks a way out to relax. It is essential to let go of the load to maintain the mood for yourself and your family members.

Spending your time in some of the most adventurous things to do near me this weekend with water sports and adventure is a great way to gain mental and physical relaxation. Although most people hop on line and Google “Things to do in Florida”, most of the activities are exciting enough to turn your thoughts upside down. If you’re someone who has been stressed out lately, you should seek the things you can do this weekend and make the most of your time. Most importantly, it will help you feel a lot better.

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